Anti-Mizzou license plates likely to turn heads

10/16/2013 9:55 AM

10/16/2013 6:51 PM

Most personalized license plates barely rate a second glance.

But Toby Gettler’s probably will turn more than a few heads especially after his fight to keep his plates went to the Missouri Court of Appeals Western District. Gettler, a University of Kansas Jayhawks fan, initially was allowed to have license plates that said “MZU SUX.” But then the Missouri Revenue Department tried to recall the plates, saying that “SUX” is obscene, The Associated Press reports.

Gettler, however, presented evidence that the offending word in current use means “subpar or inadequate,” which could describe an anti-fan’s feelings for a particularly sports team. So the courts let Gettler keep his personalized plates.

After the news stories and all of the University of Missouri-bashing attention, Gettler now will have decide with whether he wants to keep the plates and all of the ire they will bring him. Maybe he can get some fogged license plate covers so that he could be long past motorists before they notice that their favorite university or sports team has been dissed.


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