Mayor James should rethink audit offer of water department

08/29/2013 10:22 AM

08/31/2013 6:08 PM

Kansas City Mayor Sly James should rethink the offer to have a state audit of the Kansas City Water Services Department.

The city has made many improvements in the department, which had been rifled with customer service problems and complaints. But an outside review couldn’t hurt.

Missouri Auditor Tom Schweich had offered in a July letter to do the audit after he had received complaints about the water department, and they sometimes gush like a water main break. James after polling the City Council told Schweich no deal, The Kansas City Star reports.

That is a mistake. If the city wants to win back the trust of residents and businesses for the water department, an audit is the way to go.

Of course once the audit is done, city officials can’t be defensive about the outcome. They will have to show that they will comply with whatever deficiencies the audit might raise in the review of the departments handling of funds and in its operation.

Anything less is an indication to the public that the city has something to hide and wants to continue business as usual. That serves no one well at all.


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