New smartphone confuses old movie standard

08/20/2013 6:03 PM

08/20/2013 6:03 PM

People generally can tell the age of a movie by the type and size of the telephone that an actor might use to make or receive a call.

In movies from the early 20th century, the telephones might have a separate hand-held ear and mouthpiece. Rotary dial phones show a film was from the mid-20th century. Push button phones dial us up into the last part of the last century. Phone booths started to vanish in the last 20 years with the proliferation of cellphones.

Cellphone size is just as telling. Cellphones in 1990s movies were as big as a NBA basketball player’s shoe even though they seemed impressively modern at the time.

Cellphones got progressively smaller in 21st century films. But Samsung appears to be confusing that size-and-age standard with its Galaxy Mega smartphone.

It is a massive 6.3 inches diagonally. Some computer tablets are only 7 inches. The Galaxy Mega enables people to watch movies and play games in addition to having conversations, The Associated Press reports.

So when you see someone on the big screen with a big cellphone, that actor will likely be talking as well as checking out something being sent, which hopefully will add to everyone’s viewing pleasure.


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