‘Celebrate Freedom Week’ in Kansas rings hollow

08/14/2013 5:13 PM

08/14/2013 5:13 PM

The Kansas Legislature’s push to get schools to “Celebrate Freedom Week” is a noble concept.

Children in kindergarten through eighth grade will have to focus on the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence as they learn about the origins of the United States. The state school board in a 9-1 vote has forwarded the proposed regulations to the state attorney general and the Department of Administration, The Kansas City Star reports.

Freedom week includes Sept. 17 because that’s the date the Constitution was signed. It’s great to reiterate what students are already learning in school so that they know at least as much as what immigrants have to learn to become U.S. citizens.

But the Legislature needs to include more funding for schools to sweeten the deal. Conservative lawmakers want to put kids on a patriotic flatbed truck and wave the American flag, but they don’t want to pay for gas to make the vehicle really go places.

What lessons are schoolkids, teachers and parents getting from that?


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