More must be done to ensure safety on Kansas City buses

07/26/2013 11:02 AM

07/27/2013 7:13 PM

The Kansas City Area Transportation Authority can’t seem to catch a break. Three Metro bus drivers have been attacked in recent months, and in an additional instance, a woman this month sprayed some passengers with gasoline but was unable to light a match.

Then about noon Thursday a gunman fired at a city bus causing minor injuries to three passengers at 31st Street and Prospect Avenue. It stemmed from a fight on the bus at a bus stop involving three males and a woman. Arrests have been made in all the cases, The Kansas City Star reports.

ATA officials are trying to pull together best industry practices to keep the violence from the streets from climbing aboard the buses. The city, police, businesses, and faith and civic groups need to be involved to help reduce the anger and frustration in the communities the Metro serves so all buses will be safe for riders.

That has to happen now before the $100 million, two-mile streetcar becomes operational downtown offering anyone free rides. To get passengers to board, the city will have to make sure people feel safe.

Otherwise, not even the lure of the ride being free will be enough to get people to use the streetcar.


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