Kansas City police must act quickly to arrest suspects in assault on bus driver

07/20/2013 5:32 PM

07/20/2013 5:32 PM

Kansas City police need to jump on identifying and arresting the two suspects in the Saturday beating and stabbing of a Metro bus driver.

Two men boarded the bus about 9 p.m. near 31st Street and Askew Avenue and refused to pay the fare. The men sat down, cursing and harassing the driver.

He pulled over and tried to get the men to get off the bus. A scuffle resulted in the driver 52-year-old driver being beaten and stabbed, The Kansas City Star reports.

But it was all captured with incredible clarity by a video camera on the bus. Very clear pictures of the suspects were carried in the news media.

They should give police no trouble identifying the suspects. The tapes should prevent others from misbehaving or attacking drivers.

However, this was the third serious assault on a Kansas City Area Transportation Authority bus driver since October. The ATA reports that about 15 assaults against drivers occur each year.

If this problem isn’t corralled soon, people may be reluctant to get on a downtown streetcar, fearing outbursts or assaults.


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