Scammers try to capitalize on Obamacare

07/10/2013 9:57 AM

07/10/2013 9:57 AM

It had to happen. Scammers already are preying on people over the Affordable Care Act.

They are calling folks offering “Obamacare cards” and saying they will throw people behind bars for failing to buy insurance, The Kansas City Star reports. None of that is true.

However, people who haven’t been following the news closely might be taken in. The health insurance purchase requirement for 2014 has been moved back to 2015.

In addition, smokers, who would have paid more under the law, will catch a break so that penalties will be limited against their tobacco use. Fixing the computer problem cause will take at least a year, The Associated Press reports.

Meanwhile, the scammers are trying to get people’s Social Security, credit card and other personal numbers allegedly for Obamacare. The Federal Trade Commission reports that already more than 1,100 complaints have been received.

Don’t be fooled, and quickly report any call from scammers.


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