Southern Baptist Convention opposes gays in Scouts

06/13/2013 11:54 AM

06/15/2013 7:07 PM

It should have surprised no one that the Southern Baptist Convention came out against the Boy Scouts of America allowing gays to be Scouts.

The group approved a resolution Wednesday against the Boy Scouts’ policy, although it stopped short of getting churches to drop their ties with the organization, The Associated Press reports. About 70 percent of the 116,000 Scout units in the country are sponsored by religious groups.

The Southern Baptists Convention also sought the removal of Boy Scout executives and board leaders who tried to let gays be both members and leaders. Boy Scouts of America stopped short of allowing gay Scout troop leaders.

The action by the Southern Baptist Convention, though, fits its history. In the early 1800s, the Southern Baptists split from the Northern Baptists over the issue of slavery in the United States.

The Southern Baptists strongly believed that God intended for the races to be separate and defended the right of whites to own slaves. The northerners wouldn’t go along with that. Southern Baptists in recent years denounced racism and apologized to African Americans. Last year it even elected its first black leader, New Orleans pastor Fred Luter.

Nearly 170 years after the Southern Baptist Convention was established, gays now are the issue. Who says there is no comparison in the discrimination against blacks with the bigotry against gays?

Could a gay person even be a future leader of the church? Wait another 170 years. Anything is possible.

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