Self-driven cars to make driving easier, less stressful

06/01/2013 5:53 PM

06/01/2013 5:53 PM

Self-driven cars being developed by Google and some carmakers would have had a tough time Friday channeling their way through the rainy streets and highways in the Kansas City area.

Human motorists mostly made it, but there were many herky-jerky moments, a few unavoidable car crashes and some cars getting swamped trying to go through high water. Self-driven cars are supposed to minimize the uneven speeds, sudden swerves and hard-on-the-brake instances — particularly when driving on Interstate 35 through all of the construction and through Johnson County.

Road rage also would become a thing of the past with self-driven cars. None of those cars will flash a middle finger, scream and yell out the window or give chase.

U.S. Transportation Department regulators want to speed up getting the cars on the showroom floor in hopes that they might prevent auto crashes that occur now. Auto safety officials also are pushing for vehicle-to-vehicle communications systems and brakes that hit without human intervention when a crash is likely.

In weather like Friday in Kansas City, the cars of the future will have to have duck or fish app on the dashboard to enable the vehicle to get people to where they want to go despite the heavy downpours.


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