Bandidos Motorcycle Club should enjoy the sights and food during their Kansas City visit

08/29/2014 10:54 AM

08/29/2014 10:54 AM

The Bandidos Motorcycle Club won’t likely get a chamber of commerce welcome from folks in the Kansas City area as all 2,000 of them vroom, vroom into town this weekend on their bikes. But they should be treated like any other tourists.

The bikers are gathering for a rally in Grain Valley for the long holiday weekend. Jeremiah Britt, president of the local chapter of the Bandidos, told The Kansas City Star, “It’s like a family reunion.” The OMG, or outlaw motorcycle gang, label is overstated, he said.

Let’s hope the Bandidos roll into town and enjoy the Kansas City Irish Fest at Crown Center. While there, they can visit the aquarium and swing by the Liberty Memorial and World War I Museum. That would be educational.

They can go into Union Station and see the King Tut exhibit. More knowledge for their helmeted noggins. From there they can bike to 18th and Vine streets and stop at the Negro Leagues Baseball and American Jazz museums.

Surely they will work up an appetite so they can crowd any of the many Kansas City barbecue restaurants. They can go a stretch farther down Interstate 70 to hit the Renaissance Festival and maybe even Schlitterbahm and Verrückt the world’s tallest water slide. That will give them stories to tell.

Heading back to Grain Valley, they can stop in Independence and enjoy the Santa-Cali-Gon Days Festival. What biker would want to get into trouble when there is so much fun they can have vroom, vrooming around town, enjoying their time in the Kansas City area?


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