Valet parking planned at KCI seems like a throwback to luxury era of air travel

08/08/2014 11:33 AM

08/08/2014 11:33 AM

Valet parking at Kansas City International Airport seems like a good idea for folks who are running late or don’t have time to search the often crowded parking lots for an available space.

But a valet service like the one planned for KCI later this month or early September would seem to fit an earlier era of air travel when it was dominated by executives and wealthy travelers. Even those folks now are treated like schlubs by the airlines.

Peanuts and pretzels, anyone? The days of being served full meals on flights are long gone. And who hasn’t missed connections because of late flights and then faced airline agents who are unable to help?

The contrast of valet parking at the airport and that royal treatment it will provide will end with the automatic opening of the doors at the terminals, where individuals taking advantage of the new service will get in long lines, receive the shakedown by airport security, get in more lines to board flights and take often uncomfortable seats with the rest of the hoi polloi.


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