Win by Chiefs unifies KC area and boosts local economy

08/08/2014 11:02 AM

08/08/2014 11:02 AM

Stores throughout Kansas City on Thursday could have just about given workers the night off. Few people were shopping.

Why? Because they were at home or with friends watching the Kansas City Chiefs steam roll the Cincinnati Bengals 41 to 39. The final score was a lot closer than most of the competition during the game.

The Chiefs dominated the play, and people loved it in Kansas City, where the local NFL team is worshiped. Every Chiefs win boosts community spirits and morale.

The Chiefs provide a unifying glue for the divided population. Cheering for the team generates an otherwise nonexistent equality between the rich and the poor, among different races, genders and people of different sexual orientations.

Folks in the Northland root for the Chiefs just as much as those south of the Missouri River, in Wyandotte vs. Johnson county and in eastern Jackson County. When the Chiefs win, people forget about their troubles and about the many divisions that exist throughout the Kansas City.

And when the game is over after a Chiefs win, people feel good about flooding area stores to spend money. What merchant would argue with that?

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