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Are Hispanics in danger of becoming white?

Researchers found that 2.5 million Americans who said they were Hispanic and “some other race” in the 2000 Census, a decade later declared themselves as Hispanic and white. Another 1.3 million people flip-flopped in the other direction. And more than a million Americans went from choosing non-Hispanic white to Hispanic white, or the other way around, according to initial findings being reported by the Pew Research Center. So what is up with these racial and ethnic switch hitters?

Mary Sanchez

Children at the border: An old story repeats itself

What’s happening at the U.S.-Mexico border is not a new phenomenon. Not by a long shot. Records of Ellis Island are filled with the stories of young children who arrived on our shores without parents. Those children were just as desperate as the Central American children today.

Steve Rose

For once, a debate with heat in Johnson County for commission chairman

Unlike many mushy political debates, the one last week for Johnson County Commission chairman was a doozy. There were differences on almost every key issue facing voters in the Aug.5 primary election, where one of the three candidates — Ed Eilert, Patricia Lightner and Ed Peterson — will be eliminated, with the remaining two facing off in November.

Opinion Columns & Blogs