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Upset with President Obama, GOP punishes young immigrants

Missouri’s legislature slipped a wording change into a bill solely to target some immigrant students enrolled in the state’s colleges and universities, almost ensuring that many will have to drop out. The ACLU, immigration attorneys, high school educators, and the state’s colleges and universities are all seeking ways to mitigate the damage.

Steve Paul

A city planning episode serves to make a point

When the Kansas City Council took up an ordinance last month to establish an urban renewal plan for the East Crossroads area, Quinton Lucas, one of nine new members, spent a couple of minutes to announce his opposition. The plan was shortsighted, he’d concluded.

Midwest Voices

Brian Noland: Kansas City must empower silent citizens

As Kansas City’s government transitions to the incoming City Council, citizen satisfaction stands at nearly an all-time high. But if this council wants to succeed in cultivating an equitable, effectual government, it must actively engage the quiet 89 percent — the majority of Kansas City residents who did not vote.

Mary Sanchez

A keyboard Nazi who became a killer

White supremacist F. Glenn Miller Jr. slithered into the Kansas City area hunting Jewish victims and took three innocent lives in 2014. His trial this week illuminated disconcerting parallels with viewpoints that are common, unchallenged and flat out offensive in America.

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Rekha Basu: Is Hillary Clinton playing it too cool?

Hillary Clinton’s efforts on behalf of women, children and health care have demonstrated her empathy in a way that her presidential campaigns don’t. They come across as strategic rather than passionate. Even when she tries to fix that deficit by talking about her grandchild, it seems forced and beside the point.

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