Barbara Shelly

Chris Koster’s egg lawsuit busts its budget

When he embarked on his strange and opportunistic quest to challenge a California law regarding eggs and hens, Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster said he thought the case would cost the state less than $10,000. That was optimistic. Records from the attorney general’s office show that the state has paid $83,711 for outside legal services, expert testimony and other expenses.

Yael T. Abouhalkah

New jobs report shows Sam Brownback’s tax cuts still a costly failure

According to new figures released Tuesday, Kansas is still trailing about 30 states throughout the country in its rate of total employment growth since Jan. 2013, when Gov. Sam Brownback’s tax cuts took effect. In fact, look at the numbers closely, and they especially don’t look that positive for Brownback, as he tries to fend off Democrat Paul Davis in the governor’s race this fall.

Syndicated Columnists

Rekha Basu: Uncompromising Congress a threat to national security

Many of us around the country have had about enough of the intense political divisiveness showing up in campaign ads. But our angst apparently is nothing compared with the frustration being felt in the nation’s capital on both sides of the political aisle. There, members of the defense establishment believe the partisan divide is actually undermining our national security.

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