Meet The Star’s 2014 Midwest Voices panel members

After more than 100 contributors to the Midwest Voices panels since 2003, we have gathered 10 alums for 2014. You helped us make these choices by responding in strong numbers to their previous columns. They bring a variety of backgrounds: farming, architecture, teaching, home-schooling, marketing, writing, military and more.

Kansas City faces a growing-pains challenge

Kansas City is coming of age. As our investments in the arts, culture and entrepreneurship bear fruit, life here is flourishing. This is great news, of course. But while we are enjoying the boom, we should also stop kidding ourselves. Life is about is trade-offs. With growth comes change, and being a world-class city also means having world-class problems.

To old annoyances soon forgot

While faced with geographic and historical divides, and differences in class and race and beliefs, we share a spirit of work and play and concern for others unique to Kansas City that binds us together and, if we embrace it, will guide us to better days to come.