Readers sound off on ‘right to farm,’ Chiefs and cow town image

07/29/2014 5:42 PM

07/29/2014 6:36 PM

No on ‘right to farm’

Missouri Amendment 1 on the Aug. 5 ballot is a poorly written, vague amendment that should not be passed by the citizens of the state.

When I first became aware of this amendment, I contacted my state representative, Ken Wilson, who is a co-sponsor. He said, “We have to do this to protect our food sources from the U.N.”


I have also heard that it is to undo the “puppy mill” laws in this state. Other groups think it is about genetically modified organisms used by some farmers.

I am afraid it would protect farmers who put a feedlot next to their neighbors. You currently can have a feedlot containing up to 999 cattle if your land is zoned for agricultural use.

This amendment seems to protect the rights of farms to do as they wish in Missouri. If state legislators want to protect farming in Missouri, I think they need to go back to the drawing board and come up with laws that state exactly what they are really trying to do.

I believe this amendment is very misleading and deserves a no vote.

Mary Lanning


Faith in football

Although I commend the Chiefs’ Husain Abdullah for sticking by his beliefs (7-26, A1, “Faith comes first, then football”), I think it is very sad that you praise him after the press condemned Tim Tebow and Kurt Warner for their stands in their Christian faith.

Even though it is not politically correct to mention Christianity, I think the press should treat all faiths the same. If you are going to condemn Christian people for standing on their faith, then you should do the same when it is a different faith.

George Hook

Lee’s Summit

Cowtown image

The citizens’ task force recently recommended a more modern airport that would serve as a worthy gateway to Kansas City, with the hope that good impressions will bring an increase in business and tourist dollars.

Even if a new terminal is built, it will be in the middle of farmland without a view of the city.

I’ve sat next to people on flights who have only had layovers at Kansas City International Airport or who drove around the city to suburbs and back for business purposes. Hearing their impressions of Kansas City can be comical.

A modern terminal alone may not dispel the cowtown image that so many have lamented. If the task force recommendation goes through, the planners will have to bring the city to the terminal.

Is there a way to do this beyond hanging cityscapes on the walls? It’s a creative challenge to be sure.

Cathy Anderson


Abouhalkah cheers

Thanks for the professional work, Yael T. Abouhalkah, on your observations of Heritage Foundation economist Stephen Moore’s conclusions as published in his opinion article on July 8, “What’s the matter with Paul Krugman?”

I am continually astonished at the lack of professionalism by “authorities.” It seems that the esteem connected with my era of collegiate education wasn’t all that it seemed — exceptional.

I can’t help but conclude that Mr. Abouhalkah was being courteous in his analysis. No one with credentials from an esteemed university and representing the best of think centers could have made those mistakes simply because of incompetence.

That’s another old-school trick used by many lackluster propagandists.

Timothy McDowell

Platte Woods

No guns in theaters?

Recently, as a member of Grandmothers Against Gun Violence, I appealed to six movie theaters to consider putting “No Firearms” signage on their theater entrances. I wrote three letters to all six of them. None responded.

There is no signage on any of the theaters. I have checked each one.

As a grandparent, I would like to know that the manager of the movie theater cares enough to ensure the public that there will be safety within the building. Given the events in Aurora, Colo., and this year in Florida, it seems logical that a manager would want to offer a safe place.

I would prefer to take the grandchildren to a theater in which we feel safe.

The movie-going public is diminishing according to a recent Wall Street Journal article. It seems as if the sensitivity of grandparents would be considered on this issue and acted upon for the sake of public safety.

Mary Fran Zeller

Overland Park

Presidential skating

The president is refusing to answer questions or provide the information and documents on Internal Revenue Service corruption, Benghazi and Fast and Furious. The American news media have refused to even ask why.

It is a sad time for journalism in America. But it is far more sad for the Constitution and the liberties of the American people who no longer have the watchdog protections of the First Amendment.

Charley Morasch


Leavenworth VA tops

The news about the Department of Veterans Affairs’ troubles are showing a side I have not seen of the VA.

I am seen at the Leavenworth center. I will not say I have had no trouble, but none with my health care. Most has been with paperwork needed for my employer or insurance company.

When I needed to see a doctor, not only was I worked in within 48 hours, I was called twice by the nurse to be sure I was fully aware of what was going on.

I know no health system will be able to meet all needs, but the VA could be used as a standard for what health care could be for all.

I know all things can have bad apples, but that is just what they are.

I never fail to thank each person I deal with at the VA. The reply I always get back is thank you for your service.

I just hope the press keeps this in mind and does not overlook all the good these hard-working people do.

Paul Flanders

Kansas City

GOP solutions, please

The Republicans are trying to make hay from the inexcusable behavior at some Department of Veterans Affairs hospitals. Perhaps the system would have worked better had it not been for the avalanche of new patients and veterans created by the wars that President George W. Bush started.

Perhaps another cause is the Republicans’ constant unwillingness to adequately fund health care for veterans. Michael Gerson (former Republican speechwriter) in a column not only blamed President Barack Obama but claimed that this is another example of the inherent danger of centralized government power in health care. Gerson overlooks the difference between funding and providing medical care.

Republicans also overlook how wonderful a job the private health care/health insurance system is doing. We pay more for care than any other nation, yet our outcomes are no better than middle of the pack.

Medical bills are one of the leading causes of personal bankruptcy. The uninsured are billed more for a procedure than people who have insurance.

Where are Republican solutions?

It’s easy to merely complain and point fingers.

Steven J. Streen

Kansas City

Middle East conflict

How would you like to live your life fearful of death on a daily basis or worried that your children could be kidnapped and killed, as recently occurred? I would like to take credit for the following riddle.

“What do you think would happen if the Palestinians gave up all of their weapons?” Nothing.

“But what do you think would happen if Israel gave up its weapons?” I suspect the Israelis would soon be annihilated as is the much-repeated desire of their “neighbors.”

Michael Sweeney


‘Misfits’ misnamed

I am really disappointed that Time Warner Cable and Turner Classic Movies continue to show the 1961 Clark Gable and Marilyn Monroe movie “The Misfits,” claiming it is a classic. What it really is, is a graphic example of animal torture and abuse.

The horses in this movie were abused and tortured criminally. This movie is not fit to be seen and should never be shown on television or sold on DVD.

Classic it is not. I don’t care who the stars are.

Mary Lou Jurado


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