Letter writers sound off on Clay Chastain, Frank White, deer

07/16/2014 5:42 PM

07/16/2014 5:42 PM

Transportation waste

Let’s get this straight. Kansas City is in the process of installing a streetcar system, for ease of transit and other reasons.

Pay no mind to the fact that this rail is being built over parts of a system that was dismantled 50 to 60 years ago. City leaders back then deemed it unnecessary and blocking progress.

No worries. It has since been refunded and is a work now in progress.

Why is Clay Chastain still attempting to add a tax increase to the citizens of Kansas City with his light-rail plan?

We had a system in place, tore it out, are in the process of rebuilding it, and some non-resident wants to double tax us? What?

On another transportation front, we have terminals at Kansas City International Airport that work.

Yes, let’s rebuild it because ... because ... I don’t know why.

But I know my taxes will rise. I always had the belief that a responsibility of government was to ease the tax burden, not increase it with every shiny do-dad that comes along.

That is a big word, responsibility.

Look it up.

Paul Kelly

Kansas City

Chastain’s light rail

Kansas City, led by Mayor Sly James and Councilman Russ Johnson, obviously does not care about the 4,000 Kansas City voters who signed a petition to place before citywide voters a specific light-rail-based multimodal transit plan headquartered at Union Station.

A judge has ordered the city to place that initiative before voters in November. But the judge, because of a drafter’s error in the light-rail ordinance language, also had to approve the city’s fraudulent ballot language that will mention the taxes the light-rail initiative seeks to raise but omits the specific transit system the initiative seeks to build.

The city, if it were operating in good faith, could simply pass an ordinance to correct the flaw. Instead, the city has chosen to exploit the flaw to confuse voters and manipulate the election.

The city is afraid of its dubious bush-league streetcar plan being in a head-to-head competition with the people’s light-rail initiative.

Thus, the city has deliberately sabotaged the light-rail ballot language to give itself an unfair advantage.

But trying to play this dirty trick on the voters may backfire on the city, and voters may wind up hoisting the city by its own petard.

Clay Chastain

Bedford, Va.

Cheering Frank White

When you devote your life to teaching, your best reward is seeing your students succeed.

It is most gratifying when they not only succeed, but they also take time to give back to their neighborhoods and their communities as well.

Forty-six years ago, there was a young man who sat in the first row of my social studies class at Lincoln High School. He was respectful and polite.

He did his work on time, and he had the most gentle smile and disposition. His name was Frank White.

I remember how proud I was when I first saw him on television, playing for the Kansas City Royals.

I was even more proud when I would see him at church with his mother and signing autographs for the children afterward.

He was still humble and nice, even though he had become a neighborhood hero.

Over the years, he has supported so many local causes, especially the Frank and Daisie White Colon Cancer Awareness Program named for his mother and father.

Now I see he wants to serve the people of Jackson County as an elected legislator. I couldn’t possibly be prouder.

Good luck, Frank.

Florastine C. Burr

Kansas City

Override deer veto

It’s disappointing that Gov. Jay Nixon vetoed two bills that would have transferred regulatory oversight of private deer farms from the Department of Conservation to the Department of Agriculture (7-9, B1, “Nixon says that deer are wildlife, not livestock”).

Many states already regulate farmed deer as livestock.

It’s only logical because they are kept in private facilities and not in the wild.

But the situation is urgent in Missouri.

The Department of Conservation is pushing onerous regulations, way over and above existing stringent federal regulations, that would cripple deer farms in the state, such as prohibiting interstate transport of deer and prohibiting land owners from starting new farms in certain areas, even denying who can and cannot finance deer farming operations.

These rules are based on unscientific assumptions, and the effect of them would be to kill businesses.

Reasonable regulation is important to have, and it already exists.

Deer farmers across the country have been under state management programs for more than 12 years, and the U.S. Department of Agriculture has requirements for interstate transport of deer (which, ironically, the conservation department has exempted itself from).

The legislature should override Gov. Nixon’s veto and protect the property rights of Missouri families.

Sam James



Deer Association

Jefferson City

GOP responsibility?

So, before being rejected, Kansas City and area communities had pledged a lot of money to recruit the 2016 Republican National Convention. I thought Republicans were the party of fiscal responsibility.

Oh, yes, I forgot. They’re only for fiscal responsibility for the poor and working classes.

Anton K. Jacobs

Kansas City

Do away with IRS

Americans, are you slaves? Do you realize you consent to politicians using the Internal Revenue Service as their weapon to silence you and control your spending, while legally taking your wealth?

Why isn’t there a sea-to-shining-sea battle cry against tyranny of politicians able to silence millions of Americans with the power of the IRS, punishing opposition while skirting the law, thus remaining unaccountable?

The existence of the IRS is a freedom issue. Repeal the 16th Amendment. Pass the FairTax H.R. 25, which defunds and disbands the IRS.

As long as the IRS exists, politicians will pretend outrage at situations such as what we now face. But they will also continue using the IRS to silence opposition while reaping huge financial and political gains via lobbyist and loopholes.

The economic benefits of the FairTax over a flat tax or income tax have been proved.

The taxpayer’s bill for the investigation of the IRS is staggering.

However, economic issues of a tax structure must not be the focus of our attention. We as a nation must ensure that our children and grandchildren have the freedom of speech and private ownership now denied under the income tax.

Pass the FairTax. Repeal the 16th Amendment.

Or live in shame for tolerating tyranny.

Beverly A. Martin

Fulton, Mo.

Volunteer giving

During this year’s summer break, students of all ages have free time to explore recreation and self-expression and to get involved in something new.

Summer is an ideal time for students to consider the rewards of volunteerism — and the benefits are plentiful.

In addition to helping youths fulfill required community service hours, volunteerism offers high school and college students, in particular, a chance to hone their social skills, boost self-confidence, enhance personal accountability and develop new skills that will help them in the workplace.

Volunteering also has a positive effect on health.

According to the UnitedHealth Group’s 2013 Health and Volunteering Study, 76 percent of study participants who volunteered in the previous 12 months said that volunteering made them feel healthier and 94 percent reported the act of volunteering improves their mood.

This summer, encourage the students in your life to consider donating time to volunteering. It’s a wonderful way to start, or continue, a lifelong practice of giving back to the community.

The effect is immediate and the rewards are long lasting.

Bob Dusselier

Volunteer Manager

Crossroads Hospice

Kansas City

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