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June 22, 2014

Readers discuss Iraq, the VA and the Obama administration

The sovereign nation of Iraq represents a 7,000-year-old civilization. That civilization and the nation have been nearly destroyed, in large part, by U.S. military intervention.

End military option

The sovereign nation of Iraq represents a 7,000-year-old civilization. That civilization and the nation have been nearly destroyed, in large part, by U.S. military intervention, including a 10-year unilateral war based on lies and a betrayal of the American people, resulting in unspeakable horrors for the Iraqi people.

Too often, the U.S. conducts foreign policy through our military, with disastrous consequences. Joe Cirincione, president of the Ploughshares Fund, wrote: “We broke Iraq. We paid a huge price in lives, treasure and legitimacy. It is time to stop paying.”

The U.S. has thousands of employees at our embassy in Baghdad, our largest embassy in the world, as well as consulates in several Iraqi cities.

Yet, when asked on National Public Radio why this current wave of violence exploded, the expert analyst replied, “We just didn’t see it coming.”

I oppose any military intervention by the United States in Iraq, including air strikes and drone attacks. The military options will only escalate the violence and speed up the utter and complete destruction of Iraq with tragic implications for Iraqis and other nations in the region.

It’s time for the U.S. to develop a constructive foreign policy and stop relying on military options.

Rev. Michael Poage

United Church of Christ


Hype over cookies

Oreos are America’s favorite cookie, but what do you do when your favorite cookie lets you down?

With all the hype over the new cookie dough Oreos, they were the new must-have.

Naturally, following the release, I had to get them. As far as I saw it, there was no other choice.

Too bad. When I finally bit into the cookie, it was not up to par.

This seems like a recurring theme for food companies.

They build your hopes up only to bring them crashing down. The fact of the matter is that most of what these companies want people to buy isn’t that great.

With all the hype surrounding the products, there seems to be no way they won’t be the best thing since sliced bread. Unfortunately, when they aren’t, the customer is inevitably let down.

So I believe that food companies should not build a product up if they are unable to deliver.

Maddie Phillips


Great care at VA

I have been going to the Kansas City Veterans Affairs Medical Center for quite a few years. It bothers me a lot reading what’s going on right now with a few other VA locations.

All I can say is that I haven’t experienced anything like what I’m reading. So, I’d like to thank all the doctors, nurses and all the other people at the Kansas City VA hospital for the wonderful care they have provided me.

Steve Weber


Outrage missing

The Obama administration has quietly adjusted key provisions of its signature health-care law to potentially make billions of additional taxpayer dollars available to the insurance industry if companies providing coverage through the Affordable Care Act lose money.

Administration officials have denied the allegation of a bailout for insurance companies providing coverage under the new law.

This should have been expected. Otherwise, why would the insurance companies have taken the risk? After all, they are not in business to lose money.

But not to worry. They are only federal funds.

One would think the middle class would be upset but hardly a squeak.

Where is the outrage?

Carl Kent


Unforgettable war

Four Americans died in the attack against our embassy in Benghazi. Panels and committees were empowered to find the truth.

Yet the U.S. suffered more than 4,000 military deaths in Iraq.

Thousands more were injured.

Others suffer stress and emotional disorders.

All this at a cost of more than one trillion dollars and growing.

There were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

Saddam Hussein was not in league with terrorists, and the yellow cake/aluminum tube reports were bogus.

Where is the outrage? Where are the panels and committees?

When are we going to demand justice for those who gave their lives for a lie?

When are those who lied going to be held accountable?

Kenneth Paull

Overland Park

No on right to farm

In his June 14 story, “Is a ‘right to farm’ needed in Missouri?” Jason Hancock stated, “The ‘right to farm’ amendment springs from lingering wounds of the 2010 fight over a ballot measure enacting strict regulations on dog breeders in Missouri.”

The deceptively titled “right to farm” amendment actually springs from the American Legislative Exchange Council.

Funded by giant corporations, ALEC surreptitiously provides model bills for state legislators to take to their capitols and introduce as if those legislators had personally composed the bills.

The amendment language might appear to protect farmers and ranchers, but the actual beneficiaries would be the factory farms that fatten masses of hogs, chickens or cattle and produce rivers of noxious animal waste.

I think it stinks when huge corporations entice politicians into actions that are not in the best interests of their constituents.

I hope Missouri voters will get a whiff of this ALEC-backed manipulation and vote no on Amendment 1.

Anne McGregor

Kansas City

High-court vision

Breaking news: In a majority decision, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled 7-2 that Earth is indeed round and not flat.

The dissenting votes were, as expected, from justices Antonin Scalia and Clarence Thomas.

Amid pressure from the tea party, Scalia wanted to recuse himself because of ignorance of anything involving science.

But Thomas insisted that Scalia stay because Thomas would have no idea of how to vote if Scalia were not there.

Eddie L. Clay


Obama’s puppets

The U.S. Congress and the mainstream media just stand by and allow a rogue, lawless president to usurp Congress, disobey the law of the land and the U.S. Constitution and do whatever he wants whenever he chooses.

This man does not want to do the job he was elected to do as president.

His only objective is to push forward with his radical liberal agenda at all costs.

He is causing considerable harm to the citizens of this country and to the nation as a whole.

President Barack Obama has Attorney General Eric Holder and the Justice Department and the IRS to silence his opposition.

Add to that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and the mainstream media in the tank with Obama, and you see what is happening.

Obama, Reid, Pelosi, a host of Democrats in Congress, Holder and a huge number of people in the Internal Revenue Service and a group of people in collusion with the IRS need to go.

The sooner this happens, the better for the country.

Citizens need a call to action right now.

Scot Ewing

Blue Springs

Human trafficking

Coming from an all-girls Catholic high school, I never realized that human trafficking is as significant a problem as it is.

However, as I was sitting in my ninth-period psychology class, I realized what an issue it truly is for the Kansas City area and, more important, how little our city is doing to solve this problem.

It makes me sick to think that our city is incapable of addressing and solving this issue. Yet, I regularly see police finding new people to ticket for going five miles per hour over the speed limit.

And although driving the speed limit is something that should be dealt with, there are other, more complicated topics that could be discussed.

I am not blaming this directly on the police officers, but using their time to help direct a truck area or police stop that checks trucks for human trafficking before they move through the city could be argued as a more effective use of law enforcement.

If we are so focused on making our city a better place, why are we not focusing more on this topic?

Miranda Schultz

Kansas City

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