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June 16, 2014

Energy costs, airports, Obama’s weakness

There are not just two energy alternatives. If we would each use less electricity, we would need fewer, or even no, new coal-fired power plants and wind farms.

True energy costs

There are not just two energy alternatives. If we would each use less electricity, we would need fewer, or even no, new coal-fired power plants and wind farms.

Conservation. What a radical concept. Conservation would address all legitimate concerns.

I would suggest that wind-generated energy is not all that clean. What about the pollution created by the plants that manufacture all of the concrete, turbines and wire?

The birds killed by windmills are a factor in Americans’ thirst for energy. All creatures play a role in our total environment.

It’s not just birds, and there are a lot of them, that are affected, but all the other animals native to the area where the wind farms exist. The effect to the immediate area ripples, negatively, into the surrounding areas.

What about the permanent damage constructing a wind farm (or a coal-fired plant) causes? Do we just ignore all of this, hoping the consequences won’t affect us while we’re alive?

Do we leave it to some undefined future generation to cope with the damage humans are doing to our planet?

Bruce L. Hogle

Overland Park

Single-terminal KCI

I can’t help but wonder whether any members of the Kansas City International Airport Advisory Committee have ever actually had to maneuver through airports at, for instance, New York, Denver, Atlanta or, worse yet, London (Heathrow) or Paris (Charles de Gaulle).

In just three words, here’s a comment on all of the above: They ain’t fun.

Last fall, while changing planes in one confusing airport, I had to ask two airport employees how to find my next boarding area — after plodding through acres and acres of shops that obscure directional signs to the planes. Lots of fun. Especially if one’s changing time is short.

Who would benefit from a new single-terminal KCI? The travelers? Or the commercial entities that presumably would flock to rent space?

But who cares about the travelers who have endless treks, first to the boarding areas and, when returning, to the luggage pickup areas?

Who’s going to win out here — travelers or grabby business people?

Eileen Lockwood

St. Joseph

Obama’s weakness

I am sure there are Ukrainians in this country who are disappointed in the Obama administration’s weak response to Russia’s aggression against their country’s borders.

As a model of democracy, our country could use its strength of conviction and resources to stop Russia in its tracks.

Show Russian President Vladimir Putin that we will bolster Poland and the Czech defenses. Develop a missile shield for Ukraine. Ship gas to the Ukraine.

These things cost money, but is it not better to lead in the defense of the weak with our power than to acquiesce to the bullying of our brothers and sisters?

Failure to act with strength and conviction on our principles of respect for nations’ borders, self-determination of a people’s future, human rights and the rule of law will diminish our standing as a civilized nation state to that of an honorless bystander.

Carl Stuart


Keep ‘WuMo’

I have seen several letters to the editor that ask you to do away with “WuMo” and reinstate “Shoe.” This is a vote to keep “WuMo.”

It is a clever strip, only occasionally losing something in the translation. I have nothing against “Shoe,” but don’t kick “WuMo” to the curb.

Linda Marcusen

Prairie Village

Adults’ bad habits

In February, a $115-million campaign to scare our youth into not smoking was launched. That money would have been better spent scaring the adults who are clamoring for the right to smoke marijuana despite having little information about the long-term effects or how it will react with all of our other bad habits.

Kids have an uncanny ability to recognize parental hypocrisies and will immediately get it that smoking cigarettes can’t be all that bad if it’s OK to light up a joint.

Keith O. Harmon

Kansas City

NRA not bad guy

The letters to the editor offer a constant harangue against the National Rifle Association, guns and violence. I have read how powerful the NRA lobbyists are.

The NRA is nothing compared with the drug companies. Some of the horrible mass shootings in this country are committed by gunmen on mood-altering drugs.

Do you realize that some soldiers in combat situations are given antidepressants? Could this have something to do with the high rate of suicides by our soldiers when they come back home?

The grandmothers (I’m a grandfather), doctors and others who rail against the NRA and guns should go online and find the testimony of Dr. Peter Breggin before the Veterans Affairs Committee of the U.S. House. Then start demanding that our legislators do something about the murdering zombies that are being created by the drugs proliferating in our society.

Patrick Pepple

Lee’s Summit

Convenience of KCI

I keep reading about people who want a single terminal at Kansas City International Airport instead of the setup we have now. I’m against the single terminal.

The people in power want their friends to build the single terminal so those friends can make money and donate some back to help get officeholders re-elected so they can rule in Kansas City longer.

I traveled for most of my life worldwide and have flown into a lot of different airports. Kansas City has one of the best airports to fly into or out of. So we don’t have a high-class restaurant or high-class shopping in our airport. So what?

We do have one of the best airports. Travelers want to get in and out of airports as quickly as they can. They don’t want a high-class restaurant in the airport.

It is about getting to their destination as quickly as possible, and most travelers want their travel to be as easy as possible — not have a place with a good sit-down meal.

Like me, they want to fly, not eat their way to their destinations.

Kenneth Langley

Kansas City

Medicaid expansion

Expansion of Medicaid is a joke. I recently called more than 30 family practitioners because I needed a doctor, and not a single one took Medicaid.

It affects their bottom line too much. I mean, we are talking about the difference between a used Audi and a brand new BMW.

Another reason is that people with Medicaid tend to be poor. Doctors don’t need that.

So it is wonderful how many are getting insured. Too bad the doctors couldn’t care less.

What is even more ironic is that some medical students get a great deal of tuition help to go into family medicine. It’s a nice way to pay back the favor.

Paul Lillie

Kansas City

Money and politics

I’m a big believer in freedom of speech, but after the Supreme Court’s ruling in Citizens United and in the recent McCutcheon vs. the Federal Election Commission case, I’m wondering whether my future elected representatives will even hear my voice. The power of my voice won’t match the power of others’ checkbooks.

Jim Sheldon

Westwood Hills

Royals’ broadcasts

Unfortunately, we are having to endure another season with Rex Hudler on the Kansas City Royals’ TV broadcasts.

I seriously do not understand why he has this job when there are so many ex-ballplayers who could easily do a much better job of color commentary.

Most people mention his inability to speak the English language, which is totally true. However, I could overlook that if he had something — anything — that would actually add to my enjoyment and understanding of the game.

His commentary on the game reminds me of the TV ad character “Captain Obvious.” For example, with runners on second and third and two outs, Rex said, “He really wants to get a hit here.”

Really? He is getting paid for this? I urge the Royals to please do the obviously correct thing and let him go.

Randy Odell


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