Term limits for Congress, blaming President Obama, capital punishment

06/11/2014 5:06 PM

06/11/2014 5:38 PM

Term-limit Congress

Our country is in serious trouble. I think we are being governed by an administration with a socialist leader who hates America and wants to turn us into a piece of government-controlled Third World trash.

And we are being overregulated and harassed by government officials in uncontrolled bureaucratic agencies. Some of them would be fired or jailed if they were in the private sector.

The ones who could correct this situation are our members of Congress. But Congress is controlled by lifetime, career, self-serving politicians of both parties who represent the government and not the people.

One thing that might save us from all of this would be term limits. There are a few newly elected senators and representatives who know what should be done. But they are blocked by the old-timers.

At the next election, the new ones need to be re-elected and the old ones need to go.

Robert “R.W.” Yeager

Norton, Kan.

Helling column

While reading Dave Helling’s June 7 column, “Dear GOP: reasons to come here in 2016,” I shook my head in disbelief when Helling countered Cleveland’s offer of rock ’n’ roll to possible GOP conventioneers with Kansas City’s country.



Kansas City is one of the elite four cities (New Orleans, Memphis and Chicago are the others) that offer rich and deep histories and active cultures of jazz and blues.

Cleveland’s Screamin’ Jay Hawkins, James Gang and Nine Inch Nails can’t compare to Kansas City’s legacy of Count Basie, Big Joe Turner and Charlie Parker.

Jim Babcock

Robinson Kan.

GOP: Blame Obama

It seems Gov. Sam Brownback’s grand experiment has turned into a nightmare for Kansas. The huge tax breaks for the rich and businesses have caused a huge budget shortfall for the governor resulting in a downgrade on our bond rating, which will now cost the state even more.

It’s actually very simple math, governor. Less tax revenue means less money for the state. The very same thing happened to Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey.

But they have the same response, “It’s President (Barack) Obama’s fault.” This seems to be the mantra throughout the Republican Party.

No matter what happens, always blame the president.

Oddly, since raising taxes on the wealthy, the federal government has more money coming in and the deficit is falling at a very fast rate.

It’s no surprise that Republicans are taking credit for the deficit reduction because of their gutting of all the social programs.

When things fail, it’s the president’s fault. When things succeed, the Republicans claim the credit.

Gov. Brownback needs to stand up and take responsibility for his own failed policies and the warnings he ignored concerning the tax cuts he and the Republican-controlled Legislature enacted in Kansas.

Karen Lane

Overland Park

Death penalty issues

America is one of the few “civilized” countries that still practices capital punishment. We have a deplorable record of botched, nationally sanctioned executions.

Granted, some criminal monsters probably deserve what they get. But it should be swift and neat.

In China, it’s a bullet to the head, and the family is charged for the service.

On the other hand, can our nation afford to pay well in excess of $50,000 a year to keep these criminals alive in air-conditioned cells with nourishing food while some of our children go hungry?

As a teacher for 40 years, I taught in classrooms without air conditioning and ate homemade bologna sandwiches for lunch.

Could government money be more wisely spent on student scholarships and free meals for poor students or should we keep murderers and rapists alive in relative comfort for years at the expense of the taxpayers?

I don’t have the answer. It’s a matter of national conscience, I guess.

Thomas E. Dodson

Kansas City

Gun law gambit

I find it curious that whenever possible gun legislation is discussed, the pro-gun mania chants: “We have all the gun laws we need. Just enforce them.” Yet, these same characters champion legislation in every state that is devoid of legislators with independent, original thought.

Yes, the National Rifle Association Institute for Legislative Action fills those empty statehouse heads with bills that make it a crime for federal agents to enforce federal gun laws.

So what is it? Enforce existing gun laws or enforce existing gun laws and go to jail?

John Meyer

Blue Springs

Saving time at KCI

Let’s make Kansas City International Airport attractive as a unique airport for passengers and planes by extending the main runway south by 8,000 feet and north by 1,000 feet, making the terminal at the midpoint. KCI has the land.

When the wind is from the north, planes would land from the south and taxi directly into their assigned gates, eliminating lengthy taxiing. A departing plane would have a short taxi to the new midpoint and take off directly to the north.

Incoming and outgoing traffic would be virtually independent, thereby increasing capacity dramatically. In an emergency, the entire runway could be made available.

Short taxi times would enhance schedules and save fuel and everyone’s time. Pollution would be reduced.

No other airport offers this kind of efficiency. The result would be at least 15 minutes saved by every rider, every crew member and every airplane.

Irvin Patterson

Lee’s Summit

Re-elect no one

Did you ever notice how many times “the aisle” is mentioned in reports that the two sides cannot agree on anything? It’s the aisle that is to blame.

This side, that side, the other side, both sides. Let’s eliminate the aisle and mix up the seats in both houses so that these career politicians can concentrate on doing their jobs for us, their employers.

You want a better seat? Get to work early. God forbid you might have to sit next to the other party.

I am sick and tired of these do-nothing politicians, and that is why my motto for 2014 is “Re-elect no one.”

William Ramm

Overland Park

End sexual assault

The existence of the White House’s new Not Alone initiative produced a joyful “Finally!” from people around the country. The campaign’s transparency approach is inspiring.

It’s time for the government to face sexual assault and its causes for what they really are — huge problems.

Though the presence of men and public figures has been the most heavily publicized, I applaud the distributed material itself for striving to be equally instructive and informative.

The materials offer a plethora of administrative guidelines, such as proper resources for victims, detailed outlines for investigation policy and appropriate punishments for abusers.

But they also (thankfully) return to the issue’s origins, reinforcing core concepts such as a comprehensive definition of consent, improving prevention, acknowledgment and treatment of sexual assault.

The true test will be the contents’ application. This won’t work without full school and student support.

And, just because Not Alone exists doesn’t mean we can consider sexual assault and related education dealt with. However, this is the move forward everyone needs.

Anna Leach

Kansas City

Wasteful Congress

When I received a flier from U.S. Rep. Kevin Yoder of Kansas today about how recent Environmental Protection Agency mandates will supposedly raise my energy rates drastically, I just had to send him a little reply as follows:

“With every bit of due respect, you energy Neanderthals in Congress who are in the pockets of the fossil fuel industries should reap every last drop of pollution upon your own heads. May you and your party go down in infamy for your environmental crimes. And may God have mercy on your grandchildren.

“Yes, and go ahead and send me a reply. I’d like to hear your lame excuses one more time.”

Ron Philo

Kansas City, Kan.

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