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May 8, 2014

Closed adoptions, end hate, cheerleading

“That bill is not going any further. Had a hearing, and that is as far as it is going to go.” That is the same lullaby that has reached my ears for 11 years.
Closed adoption files

“That bill is not going any further. Had a hearing, and that is as far as it is going to go.” That is the same lullaby that has reached my ears for 11 years.

Some legislators are in the pockets of religious groups that still espouse the same dogma year after year about not giving adult adoptees the same civil rights as all others in accessing their original birth certificates. These groups are in the adoption business, and opening the very personal documents would affect their bottom line.

So be it. A birth certificate is a form that belongs only to the one whose name is on it.

It should be illegal for it to be impounded and locked up by the government. The current popular word “transparency” is never used with this issue by those at the Missouri Capitol who don’t want to be bothered with it.

As one assistant stated, “There is just too much drama with adult adoptee issues.” You bet there is and will continue to be.

Many other states are changing their antiquated laws to allow adult adoptees the basic right to know their heritage.

Ina Lewis

Lee’s Summit Time to end hate

When did the hating start?

I was born in the early 1950s outside Philadelphia. I watched the ’60s and ’70s unfold with race riots, Vietnam, Woodstock, the greasers vs. conservatives and turf wars.

Then finally we evolved into a blended, loving America with acceptance and peace. So when did the hating start?

My husband was career Army, which gave our children exposure to amazing diversity. We don’t understand.

What kind of Christian manipulates the Old Testament while preaching the works of Jesus? Jesus died for us to love all of God’s children.

What Christian preaches discrimination and hate? In the name of God?

Poor God. The devil is laughing.

Our politicians pass laws against hate crimes while passing discrimination and hate laws against people who pay taxes, go to church, go to our schools and hold professional positions. The people whom God created were put here now for this purpose in history.

Politicians, like reporters, are supposed to keep personal agendas separate to do what is right for society. Separation of church and state.

Civil unions are a basic right for anyone.

As for those hateful Christians and politicians, forgive them, Father, for they know not what they do.

Stephanie York

Gardner Cheerleaders’ pain

ESPN The Magazine recently featured an expose by Amanda Hess. It delved into the plight of Oakland’s Raiderette cheerleaders. It’s a sad tale. But not unlike conditions across the NFL.

Young women are lured into the glamor of professional cheerleading only to find that they must pay a Pandora’s box of expenses for a tiny paycheck. At a time when players and owners make vast profits, there’s something very wrong about this. It belongs in a pre-Gloria Steinem era.

There was a time when women burned their bras for equal rights. Now they’re pressured to get implants.

Becoming a professional cheerleader is an honor. It can lead to opportunity, maybe even a Playboy shoot. But you will pay your own expenses. You will attend three practices a week, cheer at the games, do photo shoots and attend charity events. You will maintain your weight within four pounds of your “perfect” weight.

There are side benefits, like making friends with your squad. There are also strict rules regarding social contacts and financial penalties when they occur. For an inside look, read Laura Vikmanis’ book “It’s Not About the Pom-Poms.”

The cheerleaders might be pretty, but their working conditions are not.

Mark Bender

Weatherby Lake Bring back ‘Shoe’

It was a bad move removing “Shoe” from your comic strips. What were you thinking?

“Shoe” has been a quality comic strip for years, having humor, pathos and relevance. It has not declined in content, yet The Star yanked it in favor of some silly imitation.

Enough already. Restore “Shoe” for your loyal readers who have paid you for worthy content and not pale imitations.

Pat Baker

Lone Jack Violence on TV

I have never understood why anyone would want to watch the television news channels reporting murder and mayhem and then sit back and spend the rest of the evening watching the same thing for entertainment during prime time — possibly with the kids.

Is it hot in here or is it just me?

Lost in the ’60s.

Tom Spath

Lenexa Faith challenged

I often find the term “God’s plan” to be amusing, if not puzzling. The question I would like to pose is: What exactly is God’s plan?

Was the Holocaust part of this “plan”? The Spanish flu epidemic? World War I and World War II? The Crusades? The Inquisition? The Plague? The AIDS epidemic? Malaria?

Assuming this “God” does exist (I do not) and has a “plan,” death, destruction, war, suffering and misery sure seem to be the main crux of it and “he” (another puzzler) is a raving lunatic. And countering my commentary with the claim that humans are the cause of all or most of these events is lame because an omnipotent being would have foreknowledge, therefore all of these events were in fact predestined by “God,” and he did nothing to stop them and evidently this is indeed his “plan.”

I would suggest The Kansas City Star consider changing the “Faith” column to the “Nonsense” column.

Mark T. White

Independence Conservatives’ refrain

For the umpteenth time: Conservatives do not hate President Barack Obama. We dislike his policies.

How many times does it take to say it is his liberal policies?

We do not hate people of different color. We dislike bad character of any color.

We do not hate government and taxes. We dislike excessive regulations, rules, laws and wasteful spending.

We do not hate gays. We dislike sinful behavior. It is God, not conservatives, who states homosexuality to be sinful.

While well-meaning individuals want to redefine marriage, God has not. God says to embrace the sinners, not their sins.

We do not hate the needy. We dislike civic irresponsibility, government dependency and punishing success.

We do not hate illegal immigrants. We dislike rewarding law breakers.

We do not hate women. We dislike killing innocent human beings.

We don’t even hate liberals. We dislike their misinterpretations, false accusations, name-calling and socialist policies.

So, liberals, please stop calling conservatives hate-mongers. We are law-abiding, moral citizens who love the United States for creating one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all— even liberals, who want to take God out of the Pledge of Allegiance.

Thomas Hay

Kansas City Reversing EPA efforts

The Environmental Protection Agency is releasing a proposal next month that will establish the first carbon-emissions standards for existing power plants. In advance of this release, Missouri lawmakers have introduced SCR 40, which would allow Missouri to weaken the standards on a state level.

Undermining these standards in Missouri would be a setback for the small businesses that not only support them but also think they help spur innovation and create market opportunities while helping them save money through reduced energy costs.

Small Business Majority polled small businesses and found that more than half support the EPA regulating carbon emissions from existing power plants, which cause climate change.

And six in 10 agree that expanded use of renewable energy sources can have economic benefits for small business owners.

As our polling shows, small employers believe a clean-energy economy that includes strong standards is good for business and the nation. Missouri lawmakers should take note of this support and act accordingly.

Mary Timmel

Missouri Outreach


Small Business Majority

St. Louis

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