Helmet laws, burning Kansas, South Korea

05/02/2014 10:57 PM

05/02/2014 10:57 PM

Helmets, chases, cars

Thanks to the May 1 letter writer voicing her concerns for those who do not want to wear motorcycle helmets.

I would like to see them have to apply for exemptions from the helmet laws with their driver’s licenses and include a statement that they understand the taxpayers will not provide for their medical care if they are seriously injured in an accident.

Thanks to another letter writer that day for sharing that her car insurance rates went up because of uninsured drivers.

Perhaps that is a problem needing the same sort of solution.

If people are not going to buy car insurance, they should be subject to a tax penalty, as with the new Affordable Care Act, so the other party in an accident has a way to get help if needed.

Thanks to a third letter writer that day who wrote about police chases. I couldn’t agree more.

Get two or three of those famous drones.

They seem to be able to find people halfway across the world. Surely they can follow someone across town without doing as much damage as the car chases do.

Barbara Bever

Kansas City South Korea concerns

The death toll from the sunken ferry off the southern Korean coast is high and the cries of the anguished families of the victims are loud and clear in our hearts. Korean War Veterans Association president Larry Kinard’s letter to the Republic of Korea ambassador to the United States, Ahn Ho Young, touches those who read it — the local Korean War veterans and their supporters, including some South Koreans.

“Dear Mr. Ambassador: … It is heart breaking to see the ferry disaster … off the South Korean coast and not being able to help. As Korean War veterans we want to extend our sincere sympathies and condolences to the people of the Republic Of Korea.

“We feel a strong kinship with South Korea that has lasted over the last 60-plus years. We appreciate your care and support over the years, which helped us build a strong Korean War Veterans Association. South Korea and the United States are better countries (today) because of the strong alliance between us.

“As we go forward over the next few days with the rescue effort, we will keep the victims and their families in our thoughts and prayers.”

Therese Park

Overland Park Burn, Kansas, burn

Until real estate agents start selling houses based on how area educators and schools are kept under the thumb of the state government rather than the excellence of area public schools, I should expect the Kansas government to support public education, teachers and our students.

Instead, too many Kansas politicians choose to beat their chests as they reduce the stature of Kansas education and turn this state into a global punchline.

Although the worst of the lot hate music education, at least they are learning well from Nero’s fiddle lessons: Burn, Kansas, burn.

Eric Poe

Overland Park Reich column

Robert Reich’s April 30 column, “Proposal to keep CEO pay in check is worth a look,” concerning worker income inequities should have included a contrast of wage levels between workers and media moguls, movie stars and National Football League, National Basketball Association and Major League Baseball players.

He should have also included in this comparison how federal employee salaries have increased in the past 20 years compared with private-industry workers.

I would also be interested in how retirement benefits for former Washington elites and college professors have changed in the past 20 years compared with workers. Would that contrast be seen as wildly unfair as Mr. Reich claims when comparing CEO wages with the typical worker?

This rallying point for liberal elites of making CEOs bad people because of the money they are paid seems misdirected.

Dan Charpie

Lee’s Summit Koch brothers praise

The hypocrisy of President Barack Obama and his supporters is overwhelming. These people have decided to demonize the Koch brothers of Wichita as the cause of our nation’s economic problems.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, the biggest legislative obstructionist in Senate history, called the Koch brothers “un-American.”

The reality is that the Koch brothers are anti-socialist and anti-Marxist.

They have grown their business and prospered, and they employ thousands of people. Many of those jobs are in Kansas.

They give millions of dollars to charity and are successful.

If you are a Republican and successful in business, you are the “enemy.”

However, no such condemnation falls upon multibillionaire George Soros (who I think hates the United States), a powerful, cutthroat capitalist who bankrolls every radical-left organization and person from Move-On.org to Obama.

We need to look to Obama and his administration for our fiscal and legislative woes.

Obama has built his administration on one lie after another: Obamacare, the Benghazi cover-up, the Internal Revenue Service scandal and a disastrous foreign policy.

Obama and his supporters have sacrificed our freedom of religion and free speech on the altars of homosexuality and atheism.

The Democratic Party is responsible for this chaos. Remember this during midterm elections.

Bud Frye

Olathe Medicaid expansion

Many people in the area have received a mailing from an organization wanting us to lobby our state representatives to extend Medicaid to more people.

The federal government is going to give the state big bundles of money (all borrowed from China) for the first couple of years to make this happen.

What they do not tell us is that after this period of a free lunch, the taxpayers of Missouri are going to be on the hook for the huge amounts of money it would take to maintain coverage for these people.

Excuse me for not understanding, but wasn’t our brand new federal health-care program going to cover everyone?

This is a scam worthy of a whole boatload of Internet appeals promising to make us rich for a small investment.

Dick Davenport

Lee’s Summit Better TV news

Some letter writers have said that they find CNN's coverage of the disappearance of Malaysian Flight 370 to be redundant. My take is that any TV tuned to CNN or to goat-roping, mud-wresting or celebrity tiddlywinks is one less tuned to Fox News.

And that's a good thing.

Mike Brown

Kansas City


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