Unstable in Kansas, promoting peace, Westport High School

05/04/2014 5:00 PM

05/02/2014 11:12 PM

Unstable in Kansas

It is time to do something about the failed income tax policies in Kansas.

I truly believe that the average citizen is willing to pay fair and reasonable taxes to provide services for the good of the populace. The current financial circumstances in Kansas should have all citizens shaking in their shoes.

I implore the Kansas Legislature to repeal the income-tax cuts and restore funding for education, social services and many other programs that are suffering from inadequate financial support.

The state’s tax revenue in April was down 45 percent from last year.

If a taxpayer loses her income, then she can’t pay her bills or taxes and will more than likely lose her home. With tax income continuing to shrink, the state will be in the same boat.

But instead of affecting only one family, the financial meltdown at the state level affects every citizen of the state.

Stand up and let your legislator know that you are willing to pay taxes to keep our great state great.

Lori Allen

Overland Park KCI isn’t crummy

How sad for the frequent fliers who are embarrassed because of Kansas City International Airport. Let’s spend millions of dollars so these classy people won’t have to walk through a crummy airport that doesn’t even have good shopping.

KCI’s convenience makes good sense for those of us who fly every five years or so. We didn’t realize it was crummy.

We’ve been worrying about things that matter. Geesh, I even have a daughter who works there.

How sad. No class, I guess.

Rosie Higgins

Kansas City Promoting peace

I still have the Fort Hood tragedy on my mind. I send my condolences to everyone involved.

Again I am reminded of our need for connectedness. A lack of connectedness and relationships leads to acting out in the form of violence.

Isolation cannot be underestimated. As a society, we need to promote peace and diplomacy, both of which start with connectedness and relationships.

It has become too easy to segue from sound bite to aggression and violence. We need to shift our collective consciousness to negotiation and harmony. We need to realize that dumbing down to aggression is a disaster and a short-term solution.

Money has been made from glamorizing violence. For some it makes good cinema.

We need to focus on the hero who averts war and violence. We need to glamorize promoting peace. We need to cultivate the next generation of negotiators and diplomats.

Bullying is never good leadership. We need to open a nationwide dialogue.

Let’s talk about peace and diplomacy. Our future depends on it.

Patty Petet

Independence Chrostowski column

Keith Chrostowski, in his April 29 column, “Low rates fail to spur hiring,” agrees that in this economy the Federal Reserve needs to stick with low interest rates. But why let our economy stagnate?

In the 1930s, President Franklin Roosevelt answered with federal action to make up for feeble business responses to the Great Depression. With Democratic backing in Congress, Roosevelt borrowed money and used previously idle workers to build infrastructure in federal parks, lakes, highways and bridges.

Then came World War II, with expenditures for weapons and manpower — all with borrowed money, war bonds. The nation paid its workers well.

We came out with an economy double the size that kept growing, easily paying down the debt.

Here’s the paradox. If there’d been no war, if we’d built those weapons and just dumped them into the sea, the result would have been the same: an economy doubled in size, workers with good wages and a debt easily paid down.

America is far from broke. An elite few are richer. The whole world is eager to loan us money at the lowest rates ever offered. We need a Congress that will use these advantages to spur a recovery.

Charles Hammer

Shawnee High school’s future

As a proud Westport High School graduate (class of 1967), I get an empty feeling in my stomach when I pass there and see my school, which was once a pillar of the neighborhood, now empty and deteriorating.

I fully support the plan to sell Westport High to Foutch Brothers Real Estate and turn it into a place that we all can once again take pride in

Go Tigers!

Eddie L. Clay

Grandview Be informed, vote

Midterm elections are coming up. You are obligated to vote.

If you don’t, try to explain why to the millions of people who gave their lives over the years so you have the privilege to vote.

Before you vote, do a little soul-searching.

Do you vote for a candidate because he or she is a member of a particular political association, group or race? If you do, you are jeopardizing your freedom, your children’s future and the future of this country.

Remember, the politicians work for you. You should check their experience, or lack thereof, their voting records and who is funding their campaigns. Remember, some tell you what you want to hear and feign compassion for the underprivileged.

They prostitute themselves to get your vote.

Some are trying to look out for your welfare, and others couldn’t care less.

Some use their positions to gain profit through insider trading, for which they cannot be prosecuted because of their roles in our government.

One suggestion, before they trash the Constitution, you should read Ben Carson’s book, “America the Beautiful.”

Please make an effort to examine the candidate’s qualifications and record.

Remember to vote smart.

Richard L. Lyman Sr.

Lenexa Great water, drink up

Safe and reliable drinking water is an essential part of a healthy community and a resource we often take for granted. National Drinking Water Week is May 4-10, and we’re proud to celebrate Kansas City’s high-quality and great-tasting drinking water.

While we often overlook the treatment plant, pump stations, and 2,800 miles of pipe that deliver drinking water right to our taps, this is an intricate system that water services has operated for more than 125 years. The Missouri River provides a reliable water source, allowing us to serve more than 460,000 residents each year.

We deliver an average of 113 million gallons of drinking water per day, and your drinking water is tested above and beyond Environmental Protection Agency requirements.

This week is an important time to remember the vital role water plays in our daily lives and to celebrate the quality product that Kansas Citians love. To learn more about National Drinking Water Week and life’s most precious resource, please visit us online at www.kcwaterservices.org or follow us on Twitter @KCMOWater.

Terry Leeds


Kansas City

Water Services

Kansas City Appreciating science

Much ado has been made over Neil deGrasse Tyson and the new “Cosmos” series. The angry winds blowing come from the extreme religious right supported by the Republican Party.

Cries of “religious freedom” and “fair and balanced” reporting scream that Dr. Tyson’s account debunks creationism. Science, in the form of geology, archeology, paleontology, anthropology and biology, did this decades ago.

Yes, Virginia, evolution is a fact. Dinosaurs did not live beside homo sapiens (don’t waste your money on the Creation Museum).

Would the narrow-minded feel better if Dr. Tyson were white? Imagine. An African-American astrophysicist leading white folks on a tour of the cosmos. In 1961, he couldn’t have ridden with them on a bus through Mississippi.

Times have changed, but unfortunately the myth of white supremacy, like creationism, continues as a blight on our culture — and religions — spewing fear, hate and divisiveness when we need to connect, accept and care for each other and our ill-treated Earth.

Thank you, Dr. Tyson. You are, like each of us, made of star stuff.

Rosemarie Woods

Kansas City


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