Overworked cliches, archbishop’s mansion, Fort Hood

04/10/2014 6:26 PM

04/10/2014 6:26 PM

Cliches overworked

OK, that does it. I am sick and tired of people using worn-out cliches and expressions.

The last time I checked that is an indication of a lack of imagination and writing ability. Why can’t we elevate our communications to the next level?

I mean, the thing is, what’s the deal? Are we forever relegated to expressions using this low-hanging fruit?

Are we out to lunch? Hello.

Is anyone listening, or are we asleep at the wheel? It sends a weak message when every other person posts about his “amazing” wife or her “amazing” husband or their “amazing” kids. Honestly.

You so-called writers need to give me a break. At the end of the day, even if mistakes were made, you have to own up to this.

You can’t just say that was then and this is now. I’ll grant you that, this being my humble opinion, I was at the end of my rope on this issue.

But let me get this straight. You will probably accept full responsibility, and then not even begin to cease and desist.

Go figure. But silly me. I’m probably engaging in a cause that is hopeless.

It is, what it is. Enough said.

Just sayin’.

Lee Orth

Greenwood Archbishop’s mansion

Regarding the $2.2 million mansion for the Georgia archbishop, shouldn’t someone have questioned the mansion being built in the first place (4-6, A4, “Archbishop to sell his mansion”)?

Peggy Licari

Overland Park Live better: Volunteer

This is National Volunteer Week. Do you have a few hours a week to help someone or help an organization you believe in?

Would you like to feel needed and appreciated? Would you like to make new friends and learn something new?

Volunteers live happier, healthier and longer lives.

Whatever your interest is, there is a need. You may want to work with children, veterans, older people or animals. You could volunteer at the VA, Safehome, libraries, animal shelters, a food pantry or Habitat for Humanity.

You could be a foster grandparent, literacy volunteer or a CASA volunteer. You could deliver Meals on Wheels or be a Big Brother or Sister to a child.

I have volunteered at several places, but I like the medical environment so I am a volunteer at Shawnee Mission Medical Center. As a volunteer, you are an example to your children, get exercise and enrich your life while you make our society a better place for all of us.

Be a volunteer and discover gifts you didn’t know you had.

Becky Pressly

Olathe Newborn safe havens

With the memory still in our minds of the recent tragedies of the babies found in the Kansas City trash truck and the Warrensburg, Mo., cave, the Safe Haven for Newborns Coalition of Greater Kansas City is geared up for April being National Child Abuse Prevention Month.

We are spreading the message by posting signs on city buses, saying, “No one ever has to abandon a newborn.”

All 50 states have some form of the Safe Haven for Newborns Law designed to prevent the abuse, abandonment or murder of infants and to allow parents to safely leave their newborn in the arms of someone at an officially designated Safe Haven location.

Missouri and Kansas Safe Haven laws require the child to be 45 days old or younger and show no signs of abuse.

Safe Haven locations in Missouri are hospitals; fire, police and ambulance stations; maternity homes; and pregnancy resource centers.

Safe Haven locations in Kansas are hospitals, fire stations, and city and county health departments.

The Mother Child Health Coalition (www.mchc.net) is proud to be helping share resources and information about this important child-abuse prevention strategy.

Susan McLoughlin

Mother Child

Health Coalition

Kansas City NRA, Fort Hood

The National Rifle Association has been strangely quiet about the recent Fort Hood killings.

Had the shootings been carried out in downtown Austin, Texas, for example, the NRA would likely have pointed out that not enough citizens were armed.

However, the killings happened on a military base, where leaders know the danger of carrying around loaded weapons.

On an Army base, many soldiers may be issued weapons, but they don’t get bullets.

Bullets are made available only for training or combat.

The weapon of destruction at Fort Hood was bought off base and carried in illegally.

Under current Texas law, nothing can stop anyone, mentally disturbed or not, from obtaining a gun.

Effective gun-control laws would have kept the killer from obtaining a weapon, or at the very least would have alerted the Army of the sale.

The NRA executives know when to keep quiet. They are also smart enough not to advise Army officials to arm everyone for their own protection.

Military leaders know from years of experience that gun control works. The NRA simply chooses to ignore the facts.

Keith Evans

St. Joseph Tax stock trades

Since President George W. Bush’s era of wars and market crashes, middle-class growth has been stifled while stock traders have prospered.

The Star’s front-page April 6 article, “Claim of ‘rigged’ market ignites debate,” was informative about the high-speed, computer-controlled, multiple-stock trading method, which games the system and which actual stock investors despise.

Investment in stocks and bonds for the purpose of financing broadly held corporations is the legitimate purpose of the stock market.

It is the appropriate time to enact a very small sales tax on all stock trades, say one-half of 1 percent on buyer and seller, and at the same time clean up, or at least place an appropriate cost on, doing this multiple, high-speed trade funny business.

A very small sales tax on one of America’s largest businesses, to be paid by those who won’t even feel it (including foreign traders), would generate much-needed new revenue.

It seems far more just to place a tiny tax on corporate stock and bond traders than it is to place a full 9 percent sales tax on all of our children’s breakfasts.

Lloyd Hellman

Leawood Leonard Pitts column

Leonard Pitts has wrongfully helped perpetuate the misconception that all Christians are narrow, judgmental, conservative, etc. by using Christians to reference that view (4-8, Commentary, “Christianity the last to get it right”).

The headline alone promotes that view, but Pitts presses it by asking “Why is Christianity so often so slow?” — as if only those like World Vision can claim that precious name of Christian and are thus slow to lead toward inclusion and compassion.

The United Church of Christ, for instance, was not slow but rather the first to ordain a woman in the U.S., to ordain an openly gay man, to apologize for colonial damage by missionaries in Hawaii, to stand for the Amistad captives and to affirm the right of same-gender marriage.

Speaking of Christians as if all are conservative and judgmental is a disservice not only to other expressions of Christianity but to the many who long for a faith community that is compassionate, inclusive and welcoming to all of God’s people.

Jane Fisler Hoffman

Raymore Kansas regression

You’re fired! Those words heard by teachers (usually women) in the 1960s were often followed by “My wife (or a board member’s wife) wants a job. Besides, you have a husband who supports you.”

With the Legislature’s repeal of due process for teachers, Kansas education has regressed 50 years (4-7, A1, “School finance bill passes”). Conservative Republicans are ruining our schools and our state.

Dave Peterson

Lenexa Stranger’s nice gift

One day my family and I were eating lunch at Jack Stack. As we were leaving, a nice gentlemen gave my sister and me an Eisenhower dollar for our good behavior.

It was a nice surprise, and I have added it to my coin collection.

Grady Vap

Overland Park


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