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March 26, 2014

Obamacare, gender discrimination, gun laws

Apparently, a health care law that was passed by only a portion of our government and signed by the president is not only a U.S. law, it’s a law of God.
God, Obamacare

Apparently, a health care law that was passed by only a portion of our government and signed by the president is not only a U.S. law, it’s a law of God. That’s what the man said to supporters when he urged them to do God’s work in pushing Obamacare.

I hope the real God (if you believe) has a sense of humor, or maybe he has been replaced.

Richard L. Krevitz

Independence Gender discrimination

Our legislators are hard at work passing laws that name bridges and stretches of roads and bills that are certain to be deemed unconstitutional.

Sarcasm aside, there are issues that need their attention. However, many worthwhile issues are never brought to the forefront because of time being focused on minor ones.

One of those worthwhile issues is equal parental rights in divorce.

Who wouldn’t support equal rights except in cases of domestic violence, child abuse/neglect and similar ones? I have attempted to bring this issue up, only to be pushed aside with the standard, “Missouri law prohibits the use of gender in making custody decisions during divorce.”

As a divorced man, I have been told that if I divorced in another county, there would be no question that I would have more time with my two daughters. Why?

Because judges are just as human as the rest of us and have their own opinions about who is better or more needed as a parent. Therefore, one judge may believe two daughters need their mother substantially more than their father, while another may believe two daughters need both of their parents equally.

Scott Myers

St. Charles Worthless gun laws

According to Mayor Sly James and Police Chief Darryl Forté, Kansas City needs more gun laws in order to stop gun violence (3-24, Commentary, “We need new laws to stop KC gun violence”). One of their requests was universal background checks on all gun sales. I wonder whether they logically thought through their request.

Let’s say I’m a felon on my way to commit multiple felonies. Is breaking one more law by not getting a background check before buying a gun really going to stop me?

I’m already breaking multiple laws.

Ultimately, requests like these just reveal politicians parroting the standard gun-control lines without thinking them through.

There are two types of citizens in Kansas City — those who follow the laws and those who don’t. Illogical, unenforceable laws don’t cause law breakers to become law abiders.

They just cause law abiders to become law breakers.

Josiah Young

Smithville Distrust in Obama

Like most Americans, I am fed up with the Congress and Senate. But my displeasure may not be for the same reasons as others.

I am fed up because they have done nothing to rein in this incompetent president.

The man has twice taken the oath to honor and uphold our Constitution and to enforce the laws of our land. And yet he constantly works to go around the Constitution if it doesn’t fit his agenda.

And if he doesn’t agree with a law, he not only ignores it, he instructs his people to not enforce it.

He even goes around his own law, Obamacare, if it suits his and his party’s political needs. The fact that he does not have the authority to do it does not bother him. And Congress does nothing.

And his attorney general does not need instructions on ignoring laws because he not only does his own thing, he instructs others to also ignore the laws.

Both of them need to be impeached at the very least for dereliction of duty and violation of their oaths and for endangering the safety of the American public.

Together they have created a greater distrust of the federal government than ever in our history.

David Whitaker

Overland Park Sen. Reid must go

I was amazed that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid called the Koch brothers “un-American” in reference to recent ads about the Affordable Care Act. What does he call George Soros?

George Soros uses his money to subvert American democracy and put senators in his pocket.

I would like to have Sen. Harry Reid also explain to me how he accepts czars making decisions for Americans.

It certainly isn’t stand-up support-of-the-Constitution-at-any-cost Americanism.

Harry, go out and get a job like a decent American.

We certainly don’t need your ilk in our government. And take House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi with you.

Douglas Quackenbush

Blue Springs Accuracy on guns

The Star’s front-page, March 23 article on mental illness and guns states that “technically” a person under guardianship can buy a “Street Sweeper” shotgun.

These guns require federal registration and permit to own. They have not been imported into the United States for 20 years.

It does make for a scary sentence.

It would be helpful if The Star stopped printing anti-gun press releases as news. Anyone who desires accurate information on gun laws can contact the Western Missouri Shooters Alliance on our hotline or website.

Kevin L. Jamison

Board member

Western Missouri

Shooters Alliance

Gladstone Bad foreign policy

If it has not been clear before, given his recent handling of the Syria, Benghazi and Crimea crises, President Barack Obama's feckless foreign policy is now on display before the world. I would suggest that it can best be summed up as a variation on the “Chicago way,” from the film, “The Untouchables”:

“They bring a gun...we bring a speech!”

Don Holmes

Overland Park Corporate conscience

Recent advertising by opponents of the Affordable Care Act have depicted the government in the exam room in the form of Uncle Sam. I neither want Uncle Sam nor my employer intruding there.

Health insurance is a form of compensation, and an employer has no more business dictating the use of insurance, such as in Hobby Lobby’s challenge of a birth-control mandate, than it does any other part of my paycheck, regardless of any corporate conscience.

My medical care is a matter between my medical care provider and myself, with only myself allowed to share that information.

Perhaps this is one reason few if any other developed countries have employer-paid health insurance.

Jeff Perry

Kansas City Presidents’ critics

Have you ever noticed that the same people who harp about President Barack Obama's misstatement about keeping your health care plan are the same people who ignored President George W. Bush's misstatements of facts leading to our invasion of Iraq?

In the case of President Obama, America got better health care plans. In the case of President Bush, America got more than 4,500 dead and 30,000 wounded.

And yet, we continue to listen to these people.

John Meyer

Blue Springs Obamacare costs

How is it in my daughter's best interest that her husband’s company had to change its health insurance coverage to keep up with costs. Three prescriptions that were $20 each for a total copay of $60 now cost almost $800 total.

We are talking about necessary medications, not Viagra.

Marcia A. Rangel

Raymore Postal cellphones

Is it just me or has anyone else noticed their postal carriers constantly on cellphones while making deliveries?

Maybe, just maybe, if some (not all, by the way) of these folks would concentrate on their jobs instead of their personal lives I would not have to have my mail delivered by the neighbors to whom it was incorrectly delivered.

I would do just about anything to have a great job that pays as well as the U.S. Postal Service.

Instead, I’m offered minimum-wage jobs that require more customer service than I am afforded by these self-centered, self-involved people.

No wonder the U.S. Postal Service is having difficulty.

Rebecca Adkins

North Kansas City

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