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March 24, 2014

Fred Phelps, preserving U.S., Pope Francis

I abhor the method Fred Phelps used to take his message against sin to the public, protesting at innocent people’s funerals and preaching that God hates people. In reality, God hates all sin but loves the sinner and will forgive any and all trespasses.
Fred Phelps’ message

I abhor the method Fred Phelps (3-21, A1, “Westboro’s Fred Phelps dies at 84”) used to take his message against sin to the public, protesting at innocent people’s funerals and preaching that God hates people. In reality, God hates all sin but loves the sinner and will forgive any and all trespasses.

In the Apostle Paul’s writings, he always warned about sin and its effect on people in the coming judgment. He also preached love and forgiveness.

Probably, Fred Phelps believed he would further his message with protests and media exposure. Sadly, it was a message bereft of love and forgiveness. His message shared only hate and judgment.

He seemed to have forgotten that God, not Fred Phelps, will be the final judge of all of us.

Jim Buerky

Belton Preserving U.S.

In the world of playing games of any kind, two of the most important elements are the boundaries and rules. When we refuse to obey those rules and boundaries, it will no longer be a game but anarchy.

When we break the rules, we disrupt the harmony and possibly bring harm to others.

The family should be the building blocks of our society. If the family is destroyed, then society suffers and the nation can fail. And so in the game of life, we must obey and follow the good examples of our grandparents and those who came to America and brought those values that made us a great nation.

We need to remember why our forefathers came to this nation. They came for freedom of religion, freedom of speech, to work the land, to build churches and to start schools so their children would have a future.

Darrell Keefover

Waterville, Kan. Gun violence, truth

I read letters and opinions every week from uniformed individuals who somehow think that gun control reduces gun violence and then attack a rights-based organization like the National Rifle Association. Federal statistics have proved them wrong.

Statistically, the rate of gun murders is at its lowest point in years.

Assault weapons are involved in few gun-related attacks and most of them are gang-related. The media love to show pictures of military-looking weapons, but they are almost never in crimes.

Crimes committed by legal gun owners are almost statistically nonexistent. The overwhelming majority of crimes and gun-related assaults are gang-related.

If you want to really reduce gun violence, deal with the mentally ill and get rid of gangs. They will never register their guns or buy them legally.

It is a shame that the liberal media withhold these facts when discussing gun violence. Leading one to wonder: What is the real objective, if not the truth?

Frank Green

Kansas City Unwanted violence

There isn’t a day that goes by without some innocent people being shot. Yes, it is the person who does the killing, but that person couldn’t do it so easily without a gun.

Some people think that having a gun is a form of protection, but you have no protection from the people who randomly shoot innocents in a public area.

Our Constitution was designed to protect people. Things have changed a lot since it was written.

England and other countries don’t feel a need to let people arm themselves and don’t have the violence we face. The only people who gain by allowing people to own guns are the gun companies.

How many innocent people will have to die before this country says enough?

Pat Lanser

Olathe Pope Francis’ memo

How refreshing to read the comments of Pope Francis about the need to have a new balance in Christian priorities. I hope our local bishops got the memo.

Jim Siress

Olathe Accepting Obamacare

By now, everyone should realize the Affordable Care Act has problems, and with a $17 trillion national debt, so has the economy. Foreign leaders are losing confidence in our government, according to some news reports, yet the stock market rallies and the economy is better.

Thanks go to the federal stimulus programs, the continued printing of money and the government supplying institutions with capital by buying low-interest bonds.

Much of the pain of the Affordable Care Act will be the responsibility of the new administration in 2016 because of delayed mandates.

Subsidies keep enrollment going, and where do these subsidies come from? The Republicans will again offer their alternative plan, which addresses premium rates and encourages young people to sign up without mandates.

When it was presented in 2007, the answer was “We won.” This time it should be accepted.

James F. Westhues

Overland Park Tea party truths

Several times a month, opinion letters are published excoriating the tea party for various offenses, such as:

• Spewing illogical thoughts.

• Spewing hate and fear.

• Accepting money from international industrialists.

• Hating President Barack Obama.

• Destruction of the democratic form of government.

• Blackballing candidates who don’t agree with the tea party.

In response, I hope illogical thoughts are never illegal. A lot of people would be in trouble.

I have no idea what one writer meant by hate and fear. The tea party is not a monolithic organization.

Industrialist George Soros supports the Democrat Party. I doubt the tea party hates Obama. It hates the socialist policies of Obama.

The tea party stands for constitutional principles and fiscal responsibility. I fail to see how this would destroy the government.

I am certain the Democratic Party doesn’t support candidates who do not espouse its principles.

I enjoy reading the opinion pages of The Star and urge writers to be specific when making charges against the tea party.

John Lovelace

Olathe Love thy neighbor?

It is interesting to have our elected officials forget the voters who elect them and spend their time representing large corporations and wealthy citizens. As they continue to forget about the unemployed, the underemployed and the have-nots, we move toward becoming a society of classes.

The conservative politicians speak of their Christianity but act just the opposite.

What is Christian about gun-toting citizens killing one another?

What good is restricting abortions only to turn around and starve the children by not providing for their needs?

Everything these Christians do is so unChristian.

Until we understand “Love thy neighbor as thyself,” we will continue to live in a society that is full of chaos. It is time for everyday citizens to take control of their destiny or allow rich politicians to increase their wealth while overlooking the interests of those who elected them.

Rev. Gary R. Charles

Independence Climate-change truth

Those who claim that climate change and global warming are myths need to explain:

1. The fact that glaciers all over the world are disappearing.

2. That there are more, and more violent, storms such as hurricanes Sandy and Katrina, the recent unprecedented snowstorms and cold spells, droughts in Western states and unprecedented heat in Australia.

3. That Shell Oil surveyed the Arctic in 2006 and predicted there would be a Northwest Passage from the Atlantic to the Pacific by 2030 or 2040, but by 2007 a chunk of ice the size of Texas broke off and created that passage that had been sought by explorers from Columbus on.

Whose word should you rely on, the 98 percent of authentic scientists who are warning about global warming or politicians, political commentators and billionaires like Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Ann Coulter, Charles Krauthammer, the Koch brothers and Sheldon Adelson?

It’s time for conservatives to come to their senses and stop basing their opinions on political flacks and flakes.

Albert de Zutter

Kansas City

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