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03/14/2014 11:06 PM

03/14/2014 11:06 PM

Bring back ‘Shoe’

You got rid of “Shoe,” which is one of the best comics, and replaced it with “WuMo,” which is one of the lamest. Please correct your transgression.

Tim Dwyer

Overland Park Evolution science

A March 13 letter in The Star says that evolution is not something you can test, and it is an inferred theory. The letter goes on to say that great scientists use the Bible as a textbook to learn about the world.

This is silly. Evolution has been proven science for more than 100 years. Living things evolve, period.

This has been proved in both the micro and macro world.

I also don’t know any scientist who uses the Bible as a guide for scientific research.

If you don’t want to believe this, it is OK with me, but don’t handicap children by taking them away from science.

And there is no such thing as an inferred theory. A theory has most of the facts but not all. That’s why it is called a theory.

Thomas Galbreath

Independence KC murder rate

My wife and I moved to Kansas City from Denver 11 years ago. Before moving, we gave serious thought to other parts of the country because of the high murder rate.

We located in Kansas City anyway and are happy with our decision.

The murder rate in Kansas City does not appear to be a new problem, yet whatever is being done seems to be having little if any effect, as The Star’s editorials point out.

As a follow-up piece, perhaps a study on what exactly is being done to combat the murder rate — what is working and what is not — might be informative. I am aware that a vast majority of the murders occur in a certain area.

Perhaps Kansas City should consider methods used effectively in other major cities that have successfully reduced violent crime including murder. New York City comes quickly to mind.

Ritchie Sayner

Kansas City Vets poorly treated

Instead of helping our veterans, some of whom have been injured protecting this country, the president of the United States has devoted his attention to other areas, such as easing the process of admitting illegal immigrants into this country.

It is really sad that Veterans Affairs, which is charged with the care of our veterans, cannot come up with programs such as the Wounded Warrior Project or the track chair programs for disabled veterans.

It takes private organizations to do what the government should be doing. But then look at the current shameful homeless veterans situation.

How to pay for it? There should not even be a question.

Congress cut military pensions. Where would the bureaucrats be if there were no military to protect them?

There is a backlog of cases at the VA. The delays are killing our veterans. How very shameful.

William J. Hahn

Mission Tea party idea void

I am tired of the right-wing tea party cult members who continue to attack the Affordable Care Act. The program is helping millions of people receive much-needed health care.

If people in the tea party cult really want to improve or replace the Affordable Care Act, then they should put their money where their mouths are. I challenge them to create a better plan and get Congress to pass it, with the stipulation that it will go into effect immediately upon the repeal of the Affordable Care Act.

I am 100 percent confident this will never happen.

Michael Hull

Lee’s Summit Real NSA service

I heartily agree with the letter writer who asked, “Why not have the NSA track down card services so I won’t be called every day to lower my credit card payments?”

I was called frequently to lower my credit card payments. One day I decided to play along.

After about 20 minutes, I ended it, saying, “If, as you say, you are looking at my payment history, then you will see that I pay off my bill every month.” There was a slight pause as he processed what I was saying.

Then he exploded in some vulgarities. I laughed uproariously and hung up. But Mr. I’ll Lower Your Interest Rate was still on the line.

He said some very threatening things. Here’s the scam.

They coax all the information on your credit card from the naive and unsuspecting. It is a ploy to steal your credit card.

Every minute of their time you waste is a minute they could be making a call to someone else. My calls have not stopped.

This project should be no hill for a National Security Agency climber. It would be a service to America and Americans.

Terry J. Snyder

Mission Hills Streetcar overreach

I attended a town hall meeting on the proposed streetcar for downtown Kansas City. Looking at the streetcars, they seem to be over the top.

The streetcars the city is purchasing seem to be designed to serve an urban population of 2 million to 3 million people. My view is toward something smaller and more historic looking, like New Orleans’ streetcars.

Give the route a name to reflect the area. It could become iconic. My suggestions are the Market Line or the Pershing Line.

Linda Starks

Kansas City Extend school year

Year-round classes are necessary if we want our youths to consistently meet our education standards and to compete with international students.

Missouri requires a mere 174 days in school.

The German school year is 240 days and the Japanese is 243 days, according to one website. Is there any question why our students perform worse than their European and Asian counterparts?

According to Malcolm Gladwell in “Outliers,” a longer school year has been proved to close the gap in test scores between poor and wealthy students, and students better retain learned material without the three-month vacation.

Our nation would be better off if schools extended their academic years. We would actually be making things easier for kids of all social classes as the world becomes more globalized and competitive.

The unwillingness to eliminate the hallowed summer vacation is not protecting our children. It’s harming them.

Sarah Kowiak

Olathe Medicaid expansion

Former Kansas budget director Steve Anderson’s op-ed arguments regarding Medicaid expansion in Kansas is full of half-truths and is blatantly misleading (3-12, Commentary, “The cost of Medicaid expansion”). This is the same Steve Anderson who oversaw the budget mess the state finds itself in.

After reading his commentary, can anyone have any doubt why Kansas is in such a mess?

Anderson fails to mention that there are 320,000 Kansans who would be eligible for coverage if expansion were allowed. Apparently, the “moral failure” of the Medicaid program he mentions sufficiently justifies withholding coverage and care from folks who really need it.

Incredibly, Anderson claims that Medicaid expansion would cost Kansas taxpayers between $822 million and $1.39 billion over the next decade to provide that coverage. It should have been easy for a budget director to calculate that amounts to only $256 at the bottom end or $434 at the top end of his estimates per newly covered person per year.

Kansas ranks as one of the most stringent states in the nation to qualify for Medicaid. I guess it’s Anderson’s and Gov. Sam Brownback’s mission to ensure that it stays that way.

Fred Lucky

Lenexa Bible’s direction

From the beginning of this country, the Bible gave us guidance in our lives. It was the basis of our law.

It was the first textbook in our schools and the foundation of our government. I know this is not popular, and I know I’ll be pounded for this stand.

There was a time when schools, government and churches all depended on the Bible for answers to life’s questions. We are now attempting to throw out the Bible and its teachings.

My Bible tells me that God hates sin but loves all sinners and provided a way for all people.

I know people wouldn’t want a bunch of scriptures, so I will only use one. Proverbs 14:12: “There is a way that seems right to a man. But its end is the way of death.”

Tom Swope

Kansas City


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