Millionaires union, Michael Sam, drugs

02/12/2014 6:28 PM

02/12/2014 6:28 PM

Millionaires union

Here’s an irony that says all you need to know about the current state of affairs in the American economy: The strongest union in this country (the Major League Baseball Players Association) represents millionaires.

And the players had to free themselves from legalized servitude to achieve that.

Herman Bonett

Lee’s Summit Liberal KC Star

Having looked over The Kansas City Star on Feb. 10, I was totally shocked and disappointed at what I was seeing.

The first thing to hit me was the main story and picture on the front page, “MU star announces he’s gay,” of an athlete declaring he was gay. Was this really front-page news?

On A7, the story continued for another half-page. The sports section front also featured a half-page on the story, and Page 4 was totally devoted to it.

After going through the complete paper several times, I could not find even one paragraph about the Missouri National Guard unit returning from Afghanistan after 11 months of service fighting for our country and the rights of our citizens to be openly gay.

Once again, The Star has proved how liberal and far left it really is.

What a shame.

Stan Brooke

Kansas City Keep drugs illegal

I am just going to give you my opinion on whether I think drugs should be illegal.

There is a lot of illegal drug smuggling going on in our country, and it has been an issue for a long time. It is the cause of millions of deaths in our society.

Therefore, I think that drugs should be illegal.

Haley Schroeder

Greenwood Zoo giraffe slain

Where is the humanity in Denmark? A healthy young giraffe was executed in front of the public and fed to the lions at the Copen-

hagen Zoo (2-10, A10, “Denmark giraffe”).

I have yet to hear a sound argument for why this was necessary. The lame excuse that the giraffe’s gene pool was well represented is not good enough.

Are we to believe that no zoo was in need of a giraffe? For that matter, where did the Copenhagen Zoo get the giraffe? Did that zoo breed that animal?

If not, how did it come to be in the Copenhagen Zoo’s not so safekeeping? If yes, what incompetent person let the parents breed?

Silly me, I thought zoos were designed to preserve animals for people to enjoy and appreciate. It seems to me that the Copenhagen Zoo needs to be closed and the animals sent to facilities that will better care for them and where they will not live in fear of becoming one too many and expendable.

Shame on Denmark. This is another sterling example of how mankind has failed at being a landlord for the Earth’s creatures.

I will never visit that country again.

Jeanine Wilson

Raymore Privatizing schools

The education bills of the American Legislative Exchange Council encompass years of effort to privatize public education through an ever-expanding network of school voucher systems, which divert taxpayer dollars away from public schools for private schools or the creation of new private charter schools, and even for private online schools.

The bills also allow schools to loosen standards for teachers and administrators, exclude students with physical disabilities and special educational needs, escape the requirements of collective-bargaining agreements and experiment with other pet causes such as merit pay, single-sex education, school uniforms, and political and religious indoctrination of students.

States where students score well on tests but where ALEC’s legislative agenda around school choice, charters, merit pay, de-unionization and alternative certification have not yet taken hold get low grades on ALEC’s report cards. States where elected officials are gung-ho for ALEC’s agenda but the students are not faring so well are still graded generously.

ALEC’s report card and its appendices weigh in at 130-plus pages, but it is markedly slight on evidence that school choice, charters or firing teachers improve student performance.

Beware of ALEC candidates everywhere.

Richard Heckler

Lawrence Youth’s hard life

What a lousy life, a child born today into a poor family might say. Right-to-life groups don’t care what happens to the baby once it gets here.

The child was hungry because food stamps for needy families were drastically cut. The baby’s mom was afraid to protest because she was already forced to submit to a demeaning drug test to continue to receive the little aid that was still available.

Because programs such as Head Start were cut and urban public schools struggled financially, the young person did not receive an education that was good enough to get a decent job.

When this person became old enough to vote to try to change his situation, he was forced to jump through all sorts of hoops just to register.

It’s enough to drive a person to a life of crime.

Dying can’t be worse than living, even though I hear nowadays, in Missouri, one might soon be put to death before a firing squad if some get their way.

Eddie L. Clay

Grandview TV weather scare

Weather reporting has gone too far. We know when it’s snowing.

And while these people tell us how dangerous road conditions are and that we should stay off the roads, they send reporters out to report on conditions, risking their safety. That’s not too hypocritical, I guess.

KMBC, Channel 9 blocked regular programming for two hours one night to tell us it was snowing. We are familiar with this kind of weather. We have had it before.

All of these news people are very self-serving. They spend nearly as much time promoting their websites as giving the news.

KSHB, Channel 41 is the worst. That is why I don’t watch it except for sports.

Charles Lundy

Liberty Common sense, work

To Tyler Allen and his generation, hardly able to get by, we in older generations were struggling when we were in our late 20s (2-8, Letters). My husband and I started marriage in a single-wide trailer.

As teachers with master’s degrees, we were making less than $20,000 between the two of us, and that was with him coaching year round. We had one car, and going to Taco Bell was a big deal.

For fun, we had Friday night after-game parties with other teachers who could not afford to do anything else.

Our parents did not have it any better.

My in-laws raised their family of four children with their parents living under the same roof. My parents had a run-down house and were as poor as church mice, trying to start a small business.

Your circumstances may be different than ours were, but there is one thing we had in common — not much money to spend. We know how it feels to do without.

Take heart. With hard work and common sense, you will look back on these times with gratitude and more in the bank.

Judy Jordan

Lee’s Summit Seeking bright future

A wise nurse once shared with me that she tries to treat every patient as if that person were her mother. By doing this, she is better able to provide the best, most complete care.

We are not always able to know what good things someone has done in his life or what his potential may be. I would like to extend this lesson to the institutions and employees that have faltered in recent years.

They include our schools, churches and social service agencies. Some of the most trusted organizations have been shown in the media to have cracks in their foundations.

A starting point in repairing these foundations may be to focus efforts on caring for each other as if we were family and then identifying areas that need to be improved — both on an organizational level and an individual level.

More safeguards will need to be put in place for organizations and staff to complete this task.

Maybe by treating everyone as if that person were family, we can create the hope of a brighter future.

Janet Griffiths



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