GOP punts on immigration reform

02/09/2014 5:00 PM

02/09/2014 6:11 PM

Rep. John Boehner’s right-flank border patrol has gone rogue.

The speaker of the House conceded Thursday that the GOP was too fractured and the extremist forces too agitated for Congress to move this year on comprehensive immigration reform.

So close yet so far.

President Barack Obama has made immigration reform a priority, and it had appeared recently that congressional Republicans were making progress on addressing immigration issues, at least in manageable pieces. Business interests have been clamoring for action, and pragmatic Republicans have been hoping to attract Latino voters.

But now, after a Republican issues retreat and an apparent tea party uprising, which is threatening Boehner’s speakership, the GOP has only one thing to say: Blame it on Obama.

This position would be laughable if it weren’t so transparently cynical.

All calculations these days are made with the midterm elections in mind. Forget about real people. The GOP hard-liners want no distractions from their incessant election-year mantra: Nah nah on Obamacare.

Good luck with that.

“Fixing our badly broken immigration system shouldn’t be a partisan issue,” Sen. Claire McCaskill told The Star. “It’s a matter of economic common sense and of national security.”

And blaming the president is a far cry from solving a real problem.

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