Glitter ban, rape injustice, pet care, KC schools

01/21/2014 11:24 AM

01/21/2014 11:24 AM

Glitter ban needed

Does anyone else hate glitter? I don’t know if you have noticed, but glitter on cards, clothes, makeup and whatever gets on everything.

It is almost impossible to get it off your hands, let alone everything else. It gets in our water because we wash it off our hands and clothes. Those teeny tiny pieces of glitter are impossible to destroy and could wind up in our drinking water.

Plus, glitter is toxic to our pets. Look on your floor; you might just find a speck or two of glitter. And if you can find it, so can your pets.

Please think before you buy anything with glitter on it. The Internet tells us that most glitter is made from non-biodegradable materials, meaning this lingers in the environment for a long time.

It has no recycling or recovery potential and can be ingested by other organisms. Finally, the small, hard edges of glitter can create problems for smaller organisms.

Please join me and boycott glitter. Thanks for caring about Mother Earth. We humans need to take better care of her.

Bev Allen

Riverside Jobless benefits

The argument over continuing to extend unemployment benefits misses or fails to emphasize a key point. When you have an economy where there are 10 to 20 good, meaningful jobs for everyone looking for work, and businesses are struggling to find help, that’s one thing.

But when you have an economy where every posted “help wanted” ad attracts 50 to 300 applicants and a flood of resumes, that is quite another thing. There is nothing as depressing and ruinous to self-esteem as being unable to find work when you desperately want to work.

Making it worse is being painted with a broad brush as lazy, good-for-nothings addicted to milking the public trough. Thousands are in this category through no fault of their own.

These are solid, hard-working individuals, heads of families and homeowners desperate to find meaningful work in an economy that offers them nothing. It doesn’t matter how hard and how long they try, or how many hundreds of resumes they send out.

They urgently need help. The measure of weeks or months they have been forced to remain in this unemployed limbo doesn’t matter. Their benefits should be extended until this economy finally heals.

Fred Lowell

Kansas City Better pet care

When I look around and see little dogs or cats just sitting on the street, I think, Why doesn’t somebody help these poor animals? I mean, a dog is supposed to be man’s best friend.

Sadly, I came to the realization that some people don’t understand that a dog or cat might be part of their lives, but we are that animal’s life. Think about it. We feed them, keep them warm, control when they’re allowed to relieve themselves and so much more.

If people would just realize that they mean so much to their animals, I wonder whether they would stop and consider treating them better. What did that poor, little puppy ever do to deserve being thrown out on the street and left for dead?

If people who actually cared took action, we could see this pet-abandonment problem go away and stay away.

Instead of buying that brand new puppy your child wants, try adopting one from a shelter. I’m sure the child would love the pet just the same.

If we all join together, we can help save these poor animals. You can make a difference.

Daryn Brown

Liberty Education regression

When attending the community meeting last week arranged by Kansas City Public Schools, my wife and I were impressed with the unity of purpose presented by district Superintendent Stephen Green and his staff (1-15, A1, “District offers its own reforms”).

They emphasized the district’s direction with stability, enhanced curriculum and intervention to move the struggling schools and students from their current unaccredited situation.

In contrast, the CEE-Trust and its plan place our school district in the hands of a series of nonprofit learning centers, similar to charter schools with promises of a survival of the fittest.

As director emeritus of the nonprofit Global and Multicultural Education, I should have been jubilant with the proposed possible opportunity. But with the teaching of our children, the future generation is not for individual or organizational gains.

At this juncture of global interconnection, with even big corporations merging to be competitive in the global arena, replacing an urban school district with a fragmented series of nonprofits has no unity of purpose, no universality.

An urban school district, with a diverse racial and socioeconomic population, will regress to schools of the 1950s instead of competing in the global marketplace.

Manny Pedram

Kansas City Missouri losses

Missouri had the opportunity to bring back taxpayer money to the state. Medicaid expansion would have added billions of dollars into Missouri’s economy.

If the Missouri House and Senate would have set up our own exchange for the Affordable Care Act and expanded Medicaid, we would be getting some of our money back to help our own state as well as taking the ethical and moral stand of helping people. Instead, states like Kentucky and Arkansas are going to get some of that billion dollars of our tax money.

I hope the Republican Party and those Democrats who don’t understand the way of the world are happy that Kentucky and Arkansas will get our money. Yes, I include some Democrats.

I believe that John L. Lewis was correct. We should have a Labor Party. Just look at our wages compared with the wealth of this country.

H. Lon Swearingen

Kansas City Right-to-work myth

The Republicans’ mantra of “less government” is as phony as indigenous elephants in Missouri. Their true goal is not to shrink government but to use it to pay back their big-business campaign donors by stripping labor laws and wages of the working class.

This right to work for less is legislation aimed at labor unions — a very thin slice of the Missouri workforce at 8.9 percent. The truth is it will have a negative effect on all Missouri workers.

Right to work, just like trickle-down economics, has never prospered the middle class.

Steve Morales

Blue Springs Northland speed

Some people learn the hard way what all of us who drive in the western part of the Northland have known for years. Never, ever go faster than 35 mph in Riverside or Northmoor.

And in Parkville, don’t go over 25 mph anywhere but on Missouri 45, where the speed limit is 45 mph. Main Street in Parkville is 20 mph.

These municipalities really enforce their speed laws.

Mary Hartman

Kansas City An enduring love

Love is so much a part of my life. It is love that keeps me going.

I give thanks for all that is a part of me — spiritually, mentally, physically and socially. And now with my wife, Twila, a victim of the terrible Alzheimer’s disease, resulting in the loss of a beautiful mind, my love and caring for her is even greater.

Twila is still able to express a love that is infectious — her sparkling eyes, her lovely smile, the way she squeezes my hand. And when she says, “You are my sweetheart,” a very special love is felt.

Love is an unselfishness in caring for another.

Doug Sutherland

Raymore Help at hospital

I was taking my mom to an afternoon appointment recently in the Providence Medical Center when she fell on the sidewalk to the entrance.

We would like to thank all the kind people who stopped to help us. Their offers to help in any way possible was very much appreciated.

A wheelchair was brought to us, and someone took us immediately to the emergency room. Lucky for my mom, all tests and X-rays came out fine.

Even though we never got any names, we thank you and all the doctors and nurses in the emergency room. You will always be in our thoughts and prayers.

Bonnie Baker

Dorothy Baker

Kansas City, Kan.


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