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January 9, 2014

Slaughtering horses, teaching love, Robert Gates’ book

I’ve read articles about how horses are going to be slaughtered in Missouri and the meat sold for human consumption. As if we weren’t already lowest in just about everything enlightened and humane in this state, we’re now going to kill horses and eat them.
Slaughtering horses

I’ve read articles about how horses are going to be slaughtered in Missouri and the meat sold for human consumption.

As if we weren’t already lowest in just about everything enlightened and humane in this state, we’re now going to kill horses and eat them.

Then why not cats and dogs? There are a lot of stray cats and dogs all over Missouri, many of whom are misfits from puppy mills.

I belong to a dog-rescue transport group and drive from my house near Pacific to Rolla twice a month to pick up dogs that are going east to good homes. I deliver them to the next driver outside of St. Louis along Interstate 44, and off they go to be loved and cared for.

Imagine the gas and time I could save if we just killed all those extra animals and ate them.

If this seems disgusting to you, it should. So should killing and eating horses.

We are a culture that separates our food animals from our pets.

Horses are not food animals any more than cats and dogs are.

Susan Cunningham

Pacific, Mo. Teach kids to love

As I drove home recently, I saw a child around 12 years old holding a sign with a slur against people who are gay. He was with what appeared to be his mother, standing proudly behind him.

I am so saddened by this that I cannot seem to get it to leave my mind.

In a world where every parent seems to have to battle against outside forces to teach his or her children how to know right from wrong, make ethical choices and be a person to be proud of, there are actually people actively teaching their children to hate?

No child should be taught a word that stands for nothing but hate, let alone be allowed to put it on a sign and wave it around, stirring up more hate.

And as for how God stands on this, he is not impressed, at least not according to the Bible.

In 1 John 4:20, it says: “Those who say, I love God, and hate their brothers or sisters, are liars; for those who do not love a brother or sister whom they have seen, cannot love God whom they have not seen.”

Sarah Sahli Werner

Kansas City Gates’ memoir

Extremist critics are citing the new tell-all memoir from former defense secretary Robert Gates to slam President Barack Obama, or not so much, citing the memoir as cherry-picking (1-8, A2, “Doubts on war grew”).

These extremists quote Gates, “The president doesn’t consider the (Afghan) war to be his.” They seemingly reject a simple fact: American voters put President Obama into office by clear majorities, twice, to do precisely what he’s doing.

In delegitimizing free and fair American elections, extremist critics denigrate the American electorate.

American voters trusted candidate Obama to do what he pledged: move effectively from outside war critic to inside-the-White House commander in chief responsible for steering our military through complex foreign commitments.

While doing so, Obama also is crafting his own strategies for fighting worldwide fundamentalist terror by disrupting and dismantling al-Qaida remotely (in addition to boots on the ground), while ending one war and winding down another. He also got Osama bin Laden (for which Gates praises him).

Extremist critics should respect the American electorate’s majority vote for a commander in chief who did not “consider as his own” the wars of his predecessor.

Scott Michie

Overland Park Illegal drugs debate

In my high school current events class, we started talking about the issue of drugs in America and how it is getting to be a rather heated debate across the country as more and more people are rethinking their stances. More states are legalizing marijuana, and I cannot help but wonder what our next step will be.

If marijuana is to be legalized throughout the United States, we should first analyze the states that have already made it legal and better understand what it is like on a smaller scale. It is important to keep in mind that alcohol was and still is (by some) considered a drug.

Prohibition was a 13-year fight against alcohol that in the end was a huge waste of time and money. A lot more federal crimes were committed during those years than when alcoholic beverages were legal.

When something is legalized, the result generally is peaceful. I think that if marijuana were legalized but still restricted, tensions would deflate and less time and money would be spent by authorities than if we keep trying to contain the issue.

Brennan Kane

Kansas City

What is it about drugs that make them so appealing to people? Most people associate drugs with relaxing.

Why would we want to put trash in our body just to relax? People who depend on drugs have a higher risk of domestic violence, medical problems and death.

Drugs can cause liver damage, weaken the immune system, cause cardiovascular problems and greatly damage the brain.

I think society sometimes forgets just how amazing the human brain is. There are about 100,000 miles of blood vessels in the human brain.

Certain drugs prevent the brain from releasing neurotransmitters. Drugs can seriously damage the brain’s perceptual skills.

Why would we want to damage our incredible brains? Before you put something in your body, think about how it can help or hurt you.

The human body is truly amazing and very complex, and we should treat it the way it deserves to be treated.

Sierra Grimm

Olathe GOP polar vortex

The GOP polar vortex is steadily moving money upward to cram even fuller the already bulging coffers of the wealthiest 10 percent in the United States.

As a result of the frigid GOP tea party-minded vortex, the middle class is shrinking and the poor (including veterans, children, women and older people) suffer more day by day. In the middle of this cold, cold winter, the Republican leadership has managed to make it much more frigid and hopeless for millions by not extending unemployment benefits.

How can people in their right minds vote for these absolutely cold-hearted, money-accumulating vultures who are destroying if not eating the poor among us?

They are no better than rich cannibals. Republican congressional leaders and their GOP billionaire backers are truly terrifying.

Melvin (Mel) E. Becraft


Senior Master Sgt.

U.S. Air Force

Raymore Special treatment

The University of Kansas’ basketball elite gets a new dorm, and we get six games blacked out (1-9, A1, “KU plans dorm for basketball players”). What's up with that?

George Carson

Olathe Cheers to Brownlie

Peter Brownlie plans to retire as president of Planned Parenthood Kansas and Mid-Missouri. This Planned Parenthood, which he led for many years, has nine health centers that offer many services for women’s reproductive and sexual health.

Last year, this Planned Parenthood served 25,000 patients. Women got PAP tests, which helped them avoid cervical cancer. Fourteen-thousand young people received medically accurate sexual-health education.

Parents learned how to talk to their children about sex and sexual health. Young people got reliable information to make better choices and have healthier relationships.

Families got good information about family planning. Women got well-woman exams and received affordable emergency contraception and tests for HIV and sexually tramsmitted diseases.

Planned Parenthood has been in the lead in preventing legislation that infringes on women’s rights and on access to reproductive health services.

Polls indicate most people think abortion should be safe, legal and rare. So does Planned Parenthood.

As the father of a teenage daughter, I can’t help but remember 1971, when I was in college. A young woman I knew became pregnant, did not get helpful advice, had a back-alley abortion, and her life was damaged irreparably.

Join me in thanking Peter Brownlie, Planned Parenthood and its staff, supporters and volunteers.

Greg Patterson

Kansas City

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