GOP convention, partisan timeout, health care changes

01/05/2014 5:00 PM

01/03/2014 10:11 PM

Lose GOP convention

You really have to admire the chutzpah the GOP shows when sending out its demands for the unlucky city that wins the right to host the debacle that will be the Republican National Convention.

This is the political party that demands cuts in entitlements to people they deem too lazy and unworthy of any public assistance. Yet, here is the laziest do-nothing group of congressmen to ever sully the halls of the Senate and House demanding that taxpayers fork over at least $50 million to throw a party for the GOP.

I, for one, hope and pray that Kansas City does not “win” this bid because I can think of a whole lot better uses for $50 million in hard-earned cash.

Even if it is to just keep those dollars in the pocket, isn’t that what the tea party is always telling us, that the individual knows better how to spend its hard-earned money?

Hard-earned money, that’s something the GOP knows nothing about.

Brian Marrs

Kansas City Partisan timeout

It’s nice to see an occasional nonpartisan political opinion on the opinion pages, whether from a Star editor or a letters contributor. I’ve often thought that newspaper opinions are mostly toned-down versions of hateful partisan Internet political blogs from both the right and the left.

I also am a partisan but long ago decided I couldn’t stomach the hateful chatter even from my preferred party. It’s amazing that we can’t see that my politician testified skillfully and truthfully but your political big-business sellout lied and covered up.

I want a tax increase to help people, especially the poor, but you want to tax us into a bankrupt client state of Red China status.

I think the do-nothing, bought-and-paid-for Congress or the previous lying president is to blame for all the country’s problems. But you believe the current president has proved to be the champion liar of all times as well as being our first communist president.

One could go on and on with these contradictory examples.

But why? The true believer will go on believing in his/her own brand of secular religion.

Robert Devine

Excelsior Springs Past time to fly

I was saddened reading the Jan. 1 guest column by Vanessa Waters, “The problem with being a ‘Gen-Y’er today.” She is a highly educated, unemployed 20-something.

She wrote: “The future is bleak. We can’t imagine owning homes, paying off mortgages or retiring. At this point, all my future holds is applying for unemployment.”

Where is that spirit embodied by a 20-something Charles Lindbergh, who flew where no one had before? Vanessa, if you don’t believe you can fly, you won’t.

So strap on those wings and soar. I think you can.

Tanna Guthrie

Leawood America is best

I love the United States and the basis on which it was founded, including individual freedom and universal responsibility, as a federation of individual states united for the common good as a nation.

The nation embraces both rule of majority opinion and responsibility for minority concerns. Success is not guaranteed, and opportunity to keep trying is an inalienable right.

It puzzles me when I read letters bashing capitalism and praising Marxism, as well as Vanessa Waters’ Jan. 1 column whining about “The problem with being a ‘Gen-Y’er today.”

Both seem to avoid taking individual responsibility to attain universal goals. The Jan. 1 letter writer is free to give his earnings or talents to whomever he pleases in the magnitude he is capable of achieving. Waters is free to move to where teachers are in demand to attain her desire to teach and benefit others. Neither desire is owed them by others.

We are individually and corporately responsible to decide the price to pay for our desired success. Stop expecting others to provide success to you.

Individually may we govern to remain free as a nation as God ordained.

Thomas M. Hawkins Jr.

Kansas City Health care changes

All federal employees, including all elected officials, should use improved Medicare For All single-payer insurance instead of using the most expensive medical-insurance industry in the world.

Yes, this is reducing the cost of government. This would be a frugal step in the right direction. Let’s encourage the president and Congress to get on with this cost-cutting single-payer approach.

Move disabled veterans under the umbrella of improved Medicare For All single-payer insurance as a cost-cutting venture with excellent service, which brings with it the absolute finest approach to reducing the cost of pharmaceuticals. Yet retain all VA medical-treatment facilities, possibly converting these to improved Medicare single-payer treatment centers.

Make improved Medicare For All single-payer insurance available to all who wish to move forward with this coverage. Leave Obamacare on the table for all who wish to move forward with this coverage.

Let the consumers decide where the chips should fall.

Richard Heckler

Lawrence Details aren’t obvious

A story going around is: “You can tell the president or a politician is lying if his mouth moves.”

I guess this could be called Washington, D.C., doublespeak, half-truths or smoke and mirrors.

U.S. citizens now have the Affordable Care Act, the Iran nuclear agreement, the Afghanistan security agreement and probably others.

Do the people know all the U.S. commitments in these agreements?

I was not aware of all the U.S. responsibilities contained in the Afghanistan security agreement.

For instance, there is an item that requires the United States to pay billions for the Afghanistan security force, equipment and their administrative (corruption) cost.

The U.S. wants this agreement to be signed immediately. The U.S. can better spend this money at home.

When will our president and members of Congress tell U.S. citizens the total truth?

Carl Antrim

Independence Broke and helpless

Why are so many people homeless and jobless in the United States? Is it because of those in charge?

Our lawmakers, bankers and oil companies want to tell everyone in the world what to do. We can’t tell them what to do.

What would happen if we put the children in charge of the candy store? Could we ever get a piece of candy again?

We watch our government telling the world what to do and see our people jobless, homeless, fighting in wars and helpless.

Many of us have paid income taxes for nearly 50 years, and we’re all broke.

William Leroy Elwood

Osceola, Mo. Belcher lawsuit

First of all, I am not a big fan of football. I read the story of the Belcher family lawsuit (1-1, A1, “Belcher’s mom files lawsuit against Chiefs”).

I’ll bet Jovan Belcher didn’t think of that when he signed with the Kansas City Chiefs.

He just thought of the money and fame.

Now his mother is blaming the Chiefs.

As usual, another is being blamed for his decision.

Nobody begged him to sign on the dotted line.

People sign up for military service knowing they might be maimed or killed. But nobody is suing the government.

Are we not responsible for our own actions? Guess not.

My heart goes out to Jovan Belcher’s daughter. I also grew up without my real parents.

Victor Turner

Kansas City Transparent dome

There has been a lot of discussion in Kansas about whether the new Capitol dome should be clear-coated to retain that shiny new-penny look or let nature take its course and allow a blue-green patina.

Personally, I would have preferred it to be transparent.

Armand Way

Topeka Hartzler’s economics

In reading about Rep. Vicky Hartzler’s views on economic issues, it appears that her viewpoint is:

• Everything for the employer.

• Little if anything for the employee.

• If you’re unlucky enough to be unemployed, forget it. You’re on your own.

Elwin McKenzie Jr.


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