Obamacare, charity, Kansas secretary of state

01/01/2014 11:02 AM

01/01/2014 11:02 AM

Obamacare success

I’m happy and excited to have successfully enrolled in a new health care plan for 2014 through HealthCare.gov. I’d been patiently trying to sign up since early October and was very frustrated about the website’s initial technological failures.

My tenacity finally won out. The site was fast, extremely usable and very understandable.

The available plans gave me a wide range of coverage and pricing. Most important, the very good coverage I will be getting is reasonably priced. Just four days after my enrollment, I received a confirmation letter from my new insurer.

Barack Obama is the only president who successfully prompted Congress to pass national health care. He’s a great visionary who can lead our country into the 21st century. Congratulations to him for implementing this program. Affordable health care for all has been sorely needed for our nation, both economically and morally.

Obamacare was not perfect in its rollout, and the website needed fixing. But instead of the political opposition calling to dismantle it, people should work to make Obamacare stronger and cooperate to make our country shine like the beacon of hope it should be.

This president makes me proud to be an American.

Reed Fletcher

Kansas City Charity diminishing

Next April will mark 25 years of my ministering God’s love and word. I have seen in this time charity diminish. Those who worship in buildings they call churches instead of houses of prayer are telling people this: “Since there is such a great need, we are only able to help those who attend our church.”

If it were not for a family from a church I sometime attend, I would be on the streets. Where is the charity in this world?

Rev. George Oten

Kansas City Doctors Inc. series

The series of articles on out-of-control health-care costs resulting from the facility fees charged by hospitals for their employed physicians made my blood boil (12-29, A1, “Doctors Inc.”).

All of us pay for health care by Medicare, Medicaid or through health insurance. To realize that we are being fleeced by the corporate medical practice owners — the hospitals — just because they can do it is disturbing to say the least.

I appreciate The Star pointing out the inequities between the private practitioners’ charges and the add-on facility fees when they become employed physicians.

My partners and I maintained a private practice until after I retired, but the young ones sold out to the hospital shortly thereafter. All of our efforts to maintain low fees or to give away our care have now gone the way of the dodo bird.

This week I got a letter from our cardiologists, saying that they, too, had sold out and that our bills would henceforth reflect the facility fee.

It’s no better care but a higher copay. I am pleased that some in the government are looking to correct this gross injustice.

Keith W. Ashcraft, M.D.

Mission Hills Tea party hypocrisy

As an aging African-American highly sensitive to the cause of those who fought and died to defeat slavery and racial segregation, I take issue with those in the tea party who insist on using references to slavery to support their misguided agenda.

I’m certain that blacks and whites who perished opposing servitude and segregation would not appreciate their deaths being exploited today for political gain, particularly by those ultra-conservatives on the far right who likely would have opposed their very existence back then.

The fact that many tea party members declare their hate for President Barack Obama in one breath, knowing that their attitude is racially motivated, and in another breath use the existence of slavery to support their warped agenda, is in my mind the epitome of hypocrisy.

Eddie L. Clay

Grandview Steve Rose column

I appreciated the Dec. 29 column by Steve Rose, “Predictions on politics, Iran, sports and more,” saying Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach would lose the upcoming election because of his poor job performance and outside activities.

The fact is his opponent, Jean Schodorf, would make an excellent secretary of state, and she understands the tasks required in the job. She does not have any hidden agenda, just a desire to fulfill the duties of the office — to make sure that properly registered voters have the opportunity to vote in Kansas.

After meeting Mrs. Schodorf, quizzing her on her history in Kansas and checking her record when she was in the Kansas Legislature, I think it is apparent that she has a solid record as a moderate Republican and that she switched parties to run in this race against Kobach but that her values as a moderate remain intact.

No, she is not a slick willy like Kobach. He could lie circles around her.

But she has substance, a truthful character, a positive Kansas job history and the desire to spend her time as secretary of state performing the duties of the office and not trying to be an immigration enforcer.

Vote for Jean Schodorf, deport Kobach.

Angela Ferguson

Kansas City Change Obama staff

The president needs to replace some of his staff members because they are not doing good work.

First we find out that staff didn’t tell him about the health-care website problems until they became public. Next, when the news media asked how well he knew his uncle who was at risk of being deported, staff members didn’t even ask the president. Instead, they “researched the public record” and stated the two hadn’t spoken.

Now we learn the staff “misstated” and the two actually lived together when the president was going to law school. This poor staff work leaves the perception that the president is a liar, whether true or not.

Jack Manahan

Kansas City More Detroits in U.S.?

America should learn important lessons from Detroit’s struggles. Detroit will have to make some hard choices.

Is it fair that city employees will be receiving reduced pensions? No, but what else can you do?

Do you cut city services, which will add to the unemployment rolls? Do you cut subsistence to the poor? Do you cancel learning programs for children?

These are tough questions, and somebody will have to make tough decisions.

America needs to make some of these same decisions. The longer we delay being fiscally responsible the harder these decisions will be and the harsher the impact.

William Gray

Overland Park Impatient motorist

I noticed the unusual car revving its engine in the right lane as we were both stopped at a red light. It was an unusual color and make, with a large decal in the driver-side window. When the light changed, the car raced to the next light.

This happened four times, with the driver seeming more impatient with each stop. Once past the lights, the car zigzagged through traffic and quickly disappeared down the street.

Unbelievably, that same car appeared several hours later in a different part of the city, where it zipped by in the right lane, cutting in front of me just as that lane ended.

I’m sure that window decal comes in handy. It reads: “Let me guess … license and registration.”

Carol Rothwell

Lee’s Summit Ringing in virtues

Most of the time, you hear only about dishonest people, but my letter is about some wonderful people.

I was shopping in Lee’s Summit recently, and when I returned home I realized my wedding rings had slipped off my hand. I called all the stores and gave them my name, telephone numbers and a description of my rings. I then retraced my steps to all the stores — Loft, Famous Footwear, Kirkland, Office Depot and Kohl’s.

Personnel in each store went out of their way to help me, but I came home thinking my rings were gone. Then the next morning Joanie from Kohl’s called and said a customer had found my rings.

I just want to thank this wonderful person and all the others who helped me that day.

M. Sue Light



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