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December 27, 2013

Shiftless job creators, appealing to women, honest Kansas Citians

I voted for Ronald Reagan twice and thought he was a good president. Reagan believed that if you give a tax break to the rich they will create jobs. With more than 30 years of hindsight, I have come to the conclusion that it does not work.
Shiftless job creators

I voted for Ronald Reagan twice and thought he was a good president. Reagan believed that if you give a tax break to the rich they will create jobs.

With more than 30 years of hindsight, I have come to the conclusion that it does not work. We have a huge difference of wealth between the rich and middle class.

So tell me, where are all the jobs?

Thomas Galbreath

Independence Appealing to women

Elected Republican representatives are now being instructed on how to relate to women. They want to ensure they avoid a “Todd Akin moment.”

To me, the Republicans are saying that they must tell women what women want to hear and not really how the GOP candidates feel.

From a woman’s point of view, if you have to have training on how to talk to or about a woman, you really have a problem.

For those seeking re-election, let them explain their votes on such things as the Fair Pay Act. Let them explain why it is perfectly acceptable that women should be paid less than men.

On their neverending votes to repeal Obamacare, let them explain why men should receive Viagra for free, yet women should have to pay for birth-control pills, which are also used to treat other medical conditions.

As with anything, candidates can say whatever they think people want to hear — in this case, women. But their votes on women’s issues actually speak volumes.

I say end the training and let them say exactly what they believe, and let the women in this country understand that in their eyes it’s a man’s world.

Karen Lane

Overland Park Honest Kansas Citians

I was reading the “Christmas savior” letter (12-21, Letters) and was warmed by how honest Kansas Citians are.

On April 24, my husband was in a wreck at I-35 and Chouteau Drive. His truck burned in the accident, and he had third- and fourth-degree burns over 65 percent of his body.

The only thing I got when I went to the hospital was a ring he was wearing. His clothes had burned, and I thought his wallet probably did, too.

Somehow, though, the wallet made it through the fire. Someone found it and mailed it back to us, Priority Mail, and didn’t include a return address so I could say thank you.

There was $297 in the wallet at the time, and every bit of the cash was returned with the wallet.

So, thank you, kind lady (or gentleman).

Sandy Batesel

Kearney Goldberg column

Jonah Goldberg (12-22, Opinion, “Duck! This outrage is predictably artificial”) questions the firing of Phil Robertson from “Duck Dynasty” because he publicly called homosexuality a sin comparable to bestiality.

After quoting Sarah Palin, who said after the incident that “free speech is an endangered species,” he asked the question, “Isn’t the point of all these (reality) shows to demonstrate that there are lots of different kinds of people out there?”

The answer, of course, is no. The sole purpose of “Duck Dynasty” is to make money.

Robertson was kicked off his own show because his presence would reduce audience ratings, which in turn would lower the value of a commercial and might also cause some advertisers to cancel.

One of the great things about free speech is that it discloses stupidity very quickly. Remember “legitimate rape”?

Goldberg can assure Sarah Palin that free speech is not an endangered species. Rather, it is alive and well and doing its job very effectively.

Keith Evans

St. Joseph Proud American

I worked all my life, raised my family, had good times and bad, give to charities and support my church. I am a Christian, conservative, pro-gun, proud American who respects our military, our veterans and our flag.

I am tired of being called a kook, terrorist, radical, extremist, racist, traitor, wacko and any other vile name that can be thought of. I am in favor of limited government, a part-time Congress, term limits and no benefits.

I am tired of career politicians who are only interested in lining their pockets and the pockets of their cronies at the expense of the American people. I want fiscal responsibility and adherence to the Constitution from our elected officials.

I am tired of waste and fraud in our government. I believe in helping those who really need it but do not believe our government is the most efficient way to do this.

Government is too large and cannot or will not control all the waste and fraud.

In short, I am tired of being lied to by our government and want officials to start thinking of what is good for the American people. Being $17 trillion in debt is not good for any of us.

We all have rights guaranteed by the Constitution, and I want a government that will protect the rights of all races and religions and not pick and choose.

Marge Kassel

Lee’s Summit Obamacare apology

If I am banging on your head with a hammer and while still hammering I tell you I am sorry your head hurts and your skull is broken, that is not an apology. And if I assured you beforehand that it would not hurt you (period), that is not truthful.

Betty Langford

Overland Park No regrets

I agree with the letter writer’s comment about the sagacity of the saying “fool me once” (12-23, Letters). However, I was not fooled once or twice in voting for this president.

The writer asks that we liberals (I am actually a moderate) think about what we are passing to our children. I would ask that she do the same.

Think about the message sent by protecting the wealthy at the expense of the poor; think about the failures of the previous president. (And, to be fair, all previous presidents. Nobody does that job perfectly.)

Think about the mean, vulgar, trashy commentary that comes from those at the extreme right, the willingness to abandon all respect for the office, the individual, diversity or civil discourse.

I think about all of it, both sides, and I have no regrets for my vote, nor do I intend to change its direction.

Kathryn Moore

Manhattan, Kan. Unfair tax burden

If “Ajax Company” has five positions that are needed at five days a week and must be staffed eight hours a day, why do we allow companies like that to fill a position with two people working part time?

We allow this to happen to save the company money and increase profits by shorting the workers a standard of living.

You and I have allowed this to occur, and as a result most of the part-time workers are having to work multiple jobs and are receiving federal, state and local benefits with additional charities to support their income and families.

So, when we allow companies to place tax burdens on us, would you consider that fair?

Paul Miller

Peculiar Football helmets

With the spotlight today on football concussions and the cry for better equipment, my thoughts go back to the post-World War II times of my youth. Because it hurt to get hit in the head, Riddell developed the suspension helmet, which cut down on the pain of a hit. We still used our shoulders to block and tackle, and the helmet protected our ears.

Then helmet companies developed the facemasks, which eliminated the possibilities of face and nose bruises and breaks. Wonderful.

Then they developed the custom-fitting padded helmets of today, which make it possible to take a hit on the head.

Now, with all of this protection, the methods and techniques for blocking and tackling have changed drastically. They now teach players to lead with their heads, face up, and aim for the middle of the torso. The equipment has gotten too good. This allows a hit to the head on almost every play. Talk about unintended consequences.

We used to get the occasional concussion, but now they are too frequent. Take off the facemasks and change the techniques.

Sometimes “old timey” is better.

Jerry Overstreet

Overland Park

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