GOP snake oil, illegal drug use, tacky gun name

12/29/2013 5:00 PM

12/27/2013 5:59 PM

GOP snake oil

The Republicans in Congress are shedding lots of tears over the botched website for the Affordable Care Act. What a complete joke.

They have voted to repeal the law more than 40 times and shut down the government over it. Now the opining and posturing take place.

They are now concerned about how we poor middle-class chumps are being harmed. I completely agree that the Obama administration botched this rollout. What I don’t lose sight of is the number of people this law will help.

When my mother was ill, I spent many days in the emergency-room lobby and saw firsthand how many people with no health insurance come in with earaches, flu, colds and other ailments. Do we not understand we are paying for these people now? Come on, folks.

Now the party that hates the minimum wage, loves tax breaks for big business and Wall Street, sent our economy down the tubes and is still looking for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq is concerned about the middle class. Forgive me if I don’t buy what it’s selling.

Linda Christian

Greenwood Illegal drug use

I have never understood how in a free society someone can commit a crime in which that individual is the victim as well as the perpetrator.

When it comes to laws involving illicit drugs, we seek to incarcerate individuals who make choices as consenting adults such as using, selling or manufacturing narcotics.

However, if these are between a knowing adult or adults, why are these crimes? Prohibition based on morality has failed time and again in this country on one issue or another, so why continue to waste money and resources on acts that people commit against themselves?

On another note, how is it the government’s right to establish a moral code involving any act that does not affect the inherent rights or freedoms of another individual? I mean, are we really supposed to believe that my rights are protected if a bureacracy can decide for every individual what choices that person can make in his life if those choices have no victim but the individual consenting to the crime?

Kyle Crist

Garnett, Kan. Tacky gun name

A company called Double Tap makes a gun by the same name. This gun is new and different, at least to me, in that the gun shoots only two times and then needs reloading, and there is storage for two more bullets in the handle.

The United States is consumed by violence lately as there is a public shooting with multiple victims almost once a week.

Much has changed in the 50 years that I have been alive, and much has changed for the better, but the Double Tap gun is not one of them.

The reason I am repulsed by this company and this gun is the name. “Double tap” was something I learned about from watching gangster movies and detective shows on television.

The name comes from a victim being murdered by two shots to the back of the head, and on television I learned that the police called it a professional hit or a “double tap.” The gun is very affordable and could be known as a “Saturday Night Special.”

And, yes, I own guns and believe in the Second Amendment, but I do not believe we need a gun called Double Tap.

Kim Evans

Tarkio, Mo. Education whipsaw

I wonder how many times we must change our plan for educating our young people. It seems that I read about a new plan at the state or federal level once or twice a year.

The cost to our students and to our treasury must be great, and for what? The changes certainly must send a negative signal to the students and the public as a whole.

Could the basics still work in our high-tech world?

Calvin Wrege

Overland Park Push-button war

So often it seems as if the cries of violence fall mute to the push of a distant button.

The ravaged remains of collateral damage cry out. But cries are not heard. For the button-pusher hears only cheers from those nearby.

The cries of those far way remain far away. Much like a video game to be played and won.

Game over, when only cheers are heard.

How sad and how wrong.

Rev. James “Buck” Firth

Leawood Redefining GOP

The Republican Party today seems to stand for greed, oppression, obstruction and pollution.

Greed. Everything for themselves; less or nothing for the rest of us.

Oppression. Demean women and minorities and defund schools.

Obstruction. Impede our rights to vote and place roadblocks to keeping government running.

Pollution. Subsidies and carte blanche for polluters of the world.

I realize that spells “GOOP” instead of GOP, but maybe this is a better acronym.

Carol L. Neill

Overland Park Finding solutions

Most folks here in the United States are not extremists. As a group, we’re a little left or right of center.

Many of us have legitimate disagreements over causes we passionately believe in. Only a well-functioning government can help settle disputes that affect society at large.

To settle disputes fairly, it pretty much has to be a democratic form of government. Rather than helping solve the myriad issues that our nation faces, one party actively works against ameliorating them.

Sometimes I wonder whether folks paid attention in high school as to why the early U.S. gave up on a government based on states’ rights (Articles of Confederation) or even whether people took a civics class.

I try to respect the individual rights of most everyone. But I sure don’t respect anyone’s right to fight solutions. That’s un-American.

Earl Brigham

Sugar Creek White House line

Let’s see if I get this right.

In 2011, the White House denies the president knows or had ever been in contact with his uncle who has been in the U.S. illegally for 40 years. Then the uncle gets arrested for driving under the influence and plays the president card.

Then the White House says it never exhaustedly researched the relationship nor did it ask the president before making the 2011 statement.

Give us a break. Does the White House have that incompetent of a staff?

Now White House officials say the president did stay with the uncle for about three weeks and had monthly contact with him.

Surely the American public is not stupid. How can anyone believe anything that comes out of the White House?

Allyson Nutt

Grain Valley Obama’s big dramas

Why is it that when President Barack Obama addresses the nation on any controversial issue, he uses a staged audience in the background? I suspect these people are handpicked by his liberal party.

Ever wonder what we taxpayers are paying for this group of actors? I simply do not recall a previous president using Hollywood-type props in an attempt to sway the opinion of the American people.

A true leader admits to his mistakes. A true leader avoids putting the blame on others for his own failures.

Hopefully, our nation of voters has had enough and will realize the urgency to put a trustworthy leader back in the White House.

Larry Timberlake

Lee’s Summit Holiday surprise

I thought I’d report that I saw Santa Claus on Christmas Eve. She’s black. Should I notify Fox News?

Carrol L. Fry

Maryville, Mo.


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