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December 10, 2013

Common sense void, Sporting Kansas City, tea party

It seems pretty apparent that Kyle Van Winkle was doing no harm to the vehicle he was in.
Common sense gone

It seems pretty apparent that Kyle Van Winkle was doing no harm to the vehicle he was in (12-5, A1, “Victim beaten outside stadium”). In fact, it sounds like he got sleepy during the game, went to take a nap and got into the wrong vehicle.

He was probably pretty sleep-deprived, being a new daddy and by all accounts very happily involved with that role. Are we so brutal and unthinking as a culture that we can conceive of beating a man so severely that he dies without taking the time to find out what was going on?

Where was the voice of reason, the voice of compassion, the common sense in those involved? How could there not be one reasonable person there able to put a stop to that madness?

My 17-year-old son and my son-in-law were at that Dec. 1 game at Arrowhead Stadium. It could’ve happened to them.

Look at all the lives so horribly affected — especially the little boy who will grow up without his daddy.

Neala Burnett

Bonner Springs Sporting KC snubbed

I was disappointed with The Star’s Dec. 8 front-page coverage of its Sports section, which featured a full page of and an article about the Missouri Tigers’ football game against Auburn.

Instead, I feel the first page should have been dedicated to Sporting Kansas City’s great achievement of winning the Major League Soccer championship game, instead of that story appearing on Page 3 to go with a short article on A1.

Not only would this layout reflect a tremendous victory instead of a saddening loss, but it also would indicate a great accomplishment.

Understandably, there are a lot of Kansas Citians (as well as others across the state and elsewhere) who have a true passion for the Missouri Tigers, but having a local sports team win a national championship and not receive front-page sports coverage?

Does that mean that if the Kansas City Chiefs would happen to win the Super Bowl (again) and if, for example, the University of Kansas basketball team would happen to lose a major game that same day, that KU would receive front-page coverage instead of the Chiefs? I doubt that would happen, but I do not like to see any remote precendent starting.

Daniel B. Dorsch

Overland Park U.S. overspending

We are about to reach another budget crisis. What to do, what to do (12-9, A1, “Budget deadline looms”)?

We have two options: reduce spending or write more IOUs. We are a broke nation. Our outgo exceeds our income.

The war on poverty has created generational dependence on government handouts. To exacerbate this problem, we import poverty across the Mexican border every day.

When President Bill Clinton signed the North American Free Trade Agreement, he said this would end the illegal immigration. Perhaps he misspoke.

Leadership in both parties has failed us. But the current administration is the grand champion in wasteful spending.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said that every dollar we give out brings back two or more dollars. This is as near lunacy as one can get.

At some point in the not-too-distant future, we must take control.

Robert Langton

Mission Tea party spirit

The Revolutionary War divided our country. Some were loyal to Great Britain while others fought for independence.

Gen. George Washington’s ragtag soldiers battled valiantly against the British. They sometimes marched barefoot in the winter snows of New England. They hungered, slept on the hard, frozen ground, often without blankets, and many froze to death. The army was poorly manned and poorly armed and pleas for help were regularly ignored.

Signatories of the Declaration of Independence pledged their lives and fortunes in their determined quest for freedom. They were despised and maligned by many. In fact, they were renegades, enemies of the British crown.

But “give me liberty or give me death” was the spirit that reigned in their hearts.

The Civil War was unpopular, but how indebted we are to those who fought against the cruelty of slavery.

We have watched our freedoms erode over the years at the hands of our government, thrusting us into another kind of slavery — that of the state.

The day may come when our government will silence our voices, but it cannot silence the spirit within — that inherent love of liberty.

This is the spirit of tea party supporters.

Mary Ann Brennan

Lee’s Summit Surveying Catholics

Regarding the artificial-contraception question contained in the new pope’s questionnaire to the faithful, the average Roman Catholic couple can respond only this way:

“Dear Pope Francis: When the moment is right, what are we supposed to do (11-12, Commentary, ‘The

pope would like you to answer a few questions’)?”

Bob Tobia

Kansas City Changing times

On a recent morning, I saw my neighbor’s 10-year-old boy. His T-shirt read, “35 years ago, we had Ronald Reagan, Johnny Cash and Bob Hope. Today we have Ted Cruz, No Cash and No Hope.”

Harold Koch

Leawood KC pet’s misfortune

Imagine my shock and disgust when I witnessed a marked police car run over a little dog at 77th Street and Ward Parkway one Saturday morning.

This little dog had been running in and out of traffic, obviously lost and confused. Several people had exited their vehicles and attempted to catch the dog, and many were attempting to control the traffic. Almost all the cars stopped or slowed down to avoid the dog.

All except one — a marked police car hit the dog, and then the officer continued on his or her way without stopping. The car did not have its siren or emergency lights on. It also did not return to the scene.

A man and a woman rushed the dog to the veterinarian at 73rd Street and Wornall Road. I was told they believed the dog had a broken spine.

I reported this to the desk sergeant at the Metro Patrol Division of the Kansas City Police Department.

John Coulter

Kansas City Precious resources

I would like to know what is going on with our elected officials in Washington, D.C. The government can send billions of dollars to Iraq and Afghanistan, but U.S. officials can’t give a decent cost-of-living increase to those of us who are retired.

The 1.5 percent increase we are getting next year is a big slap in the face. I worked and paid taxes for 46 years, and now since I am retired my government tells me I am not worth anything.

Also, Washington officials are not even trying to take care of our disabled veterans who were sent into those two 21st-century wars that we should never have fought in the first place. What the people in Washington don’t understand is that those countries have been fighting each other since Joshua led the children of Israel across the Jordan River, and they are not going to stop.

So I say, keep our young men and women at home and the money in our country and let those people over there fight if they want to.

Clarence Wilson

Independence Food stamp cuts

I thought about sending a sarcastic letter to the House of Representatives. It would be kind of like this: “Thanks a lot for your $39 billion in cuts on food stamps. Babies and children have a strange way of needing food and nutrition for growth.”

No way should help to the needy be shoved on nonprofit groups all the time. Some of their shelves are also bare.

Some groups say to come only four times a year. Some groups say no-show once and you’re out.

Where are the Sens. Bob Dole and George McGovern of today? Where are the Sens. Jacob Javits and Edward and Bobby Kennedy?

These lawmakers helped and worked together on feeding the needy, regardless of their party affiliation.

Thanks a lot, tea party. Thanks for ruining the Republican Party.

But a real honest-to-goodness thanks to the November Rolling Stone magazine for its penetrating article on the food stamp saga.

Viruth Lungren

Kansas City, Kan.

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