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November 10, 2013

Veterans Day, KU athlete, third party

In World War II, our B-24 Liberator bomber crew flew 35 missions over Germany without being shot down, but the missions that I remember most were ones in which things didn’t go right.
Veteran’s memories

In World War II, our B-24 Liberator bomber crew flew 35 missions over Germany without being shot down, but the missions that I remember most were ones in which things didn’t go right.

Once, we were over the target and the bombardier pushed the button to release the bombs but the bombs didn’t release. The pilot pulled the red emergency handle but nothing happened. The pilot told me to go back to the open bomb bay and kick the bombs loose. I did so and halfheartedly kicked one of the bombs, but it didn’t release. I returned and told the pilot that nothing happened, and he made a mighty tug on the red handle and the entire wire came out of the casing and the bombs released.

Another time, I was taking a message at my radio desk. The flight engineer was coming down from the top turret to relieve himself. He saw me bending over, and he grabbed the hose to my oxygen mask and squeezed it. With the flow of oxygen, I quickly regained my normal posture. I had forgotten to clear the hose while I was taking the message, and it would have taken only a few more minutes and I would have been gone. Thank goodness the flight engineer had to go.

Finally, we were ready to take off on a practice mission when our pilot discovered that his radio didn’t work. He asked me to go to the plane ahead of us to tell the crew our radio did not work and we would stay close after we took off. I let myself down from the plane and took one step. Then I stopped because two or three more steps and I would have been decapitated by the whirling propellers. I circled around and delivered the message.

Frank Spurlock

Kansas City Obama’s rhetoric

I am amazed that half the voting population of this country has been so brainwashed that these people can’t see the real truth about the Obama administration. Aside from President Barack Obama’s liberal socialistic agenda that is bankrupting this country, his ultimate goal has always been to destroy the Republican Party any way he can.

When anyone voices any opposition, he resorts to name-calling and personal attacks. His record clearly indicates that he thinks he and his administration are above the law of the land and the Constitution.

Sadly, the media have encouraged this behavior by avoiding the real truth. Obama’s naiveté and lack of experience in foreign affairs could result in Iran becoming a nuclear menace.

Even after nearly doubling the national debt in the past five years, he states we don’t have a spending problem. His concept that big government is the way to go is crippling the economy, and he sees no problem in creating a massive government-run health care debacle.

Nothing he says can be accepted as the truth. In fact, it’s always just the opposite.

Scot Ewing

Blue Springs Refreshing athlete

How delightful to read a positive story about a college athlete, Keon Stowers, defensive tackle for KU (11-8, B1, “KU’s Stowers identifies with cause”).

This young man has taken on adversity in his life and chosen a hopeful future for himself and others. As an advocate for the All Players United movement, Keon rallies around what he calls the basic rights of an NCAA athlete while studying social-justice issues around the world as a sociology major.

How refreshing and encouraging for the future of all.

Katy Morris

Kansas City U.S. gun rights

Before anyone labels gun advocates ignorant or arrogant for exercising their right to bear arms, I suggest the accusers go to the library and read the countless books regarding the debate and ratification of our Constitution and Bill of Rights by our Founding Fathers.

People will find that they are wrong about the well-regulated militia and assault weapons.

The Constitution was written by people educated in 18th-century English. The terminology used then differs from modern-day words and slang.

It is also obvious that gun opponents do not understand the purpose of our Constitution and Bill of Rights. They are to empower the citizen and prevent tyranny.

It is up to individuals to act like responsible citizens and study history and what the Constitution is all about.

Tim Cintron

Trimble, Mo. U.S. foreign policy

Although I’m a “crazy” conservative, I don’t doubt the good intentions behind President Barack Obama’s foreign policy. I do, however, doubt the utility of a foreign policy that assumes nation states and rising militants are interested in good will above self-interest.

Much like the bad old days, international politics often involves choosing the lesser of the evils. Surely liberals, and The Star, can understand the utility of Ngo Dinh Diem in South Vietnam, the Shah of Iran and now Egypt’s Hosni Mubarak and Gen. Abdel Fattah al Sisi.

These men were and are ruthless. However, once these men were toppled, what changed?

Did social and economic freedoms flourish? No. Instead thousands died, albeit at the hands of different groups, and the U.S. lost influence.

If a diminished U.S. role in the world coupled with chaos is viewed as a good thing, then the current administration’s policy is genius. Of course, we might rethink this once gasoline reaches $6 a gallon.

Stephen Hall

Parkville Third party needed

Our two political parties have recently been dysfunctional and a disgrace to our country. We don’t have to be held hostage to our incompetent Washington politicians.

There is a solution: Create a strong national party to represent the middle believers.

Polls show that about 35 percent of voters consider themselves moderate. If one adds in those who don’t vote because they dislike our two parties, the moderates probably make up more than 40 percent of the people.

The American people are upset, so now is the time to make this strong national third party happen.

I think it is possible to get 40 million people or more to sign up for a strong national moderate party, which is a first step. I am going to find a way to get this movement started and the new party created.

With three parties, there will not be gridlock and the majority will once again rule. America is ready for this.

Alan Mohr

Olathe Global warming

Several recent news media articles have presented information on global warming. Here are a few thoughts for consideration:

It is called global warming, not Kansas City warming. Some spin-meisters thought climate change sounded less threatening than global warming.

Alternative theories other than human activity on causation have probably already been considered by climate scientists. Generally, fossil fuel companies want you to believe that using their products is not the issue.

What, exactly, is the downside to the preservation of the planet?

Stephen Meek

Leavenworth City logo

I agree with many others that the new city logo looks a lot like the one on my Kansas City Monarchs hat. With The Star’s encouragement, several other logos were submitted including one deemed the contest winner (11-5, D1, “How about these?”).

What strikes me about almost every one of these entries is the artist’s apparent need to explain the meaning or symbolism behind his or her logo.

As an English major, I read my share of literature. But I can’t recall any that was accompanied by the writer’s explanation of the work’s more subtle implications and symbolism. In fact, that became my task.

As I read the comments provided by the designers, I was often left looking again at the logo and wondering, “Huh?”

Bill Boley

Kansas City Honesty, kindness

I wish to thank the very kind ladies who found my cellphone and wallet while I was shopping at Costco recently. These ladies went out of their way to protect my property until I discovered it was missing.

Kindness like this deserves recognition and a hearty thank you.

Peggy Cook


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