Tea party, Boulevard beer, General Motors

11/03/2013 5:00 PM

11/01/2013 11:20 PM

Formalize tea party

Throughout our country’s history, political parties have included members whose views are at the extremes of their party’s ideology. A difference in Congress today is ultraconservatives have formalized into the tea party faction.

They believe they have purity of thought. They are thus able to secure more concentrated political funding than ever before with the new norm created by the Citizens United decision.

So we now have the Republicans vs. the Republi-can’ts.

One solution is for the tea party to become a third party. Its members could vote with mainstream Republicans when in agreement and diverge when it suits their purposes.

This new tea party would present itself to voters in opposition to Republicans and Democratics and let the voters decide who represents their views best. This would be a truer democracy.

Shel Roufa

Leawood Hollow promises

I will not trust President Barack Obama’s promises again. Period.

Ralph Hartner

Merriam Pope Francis’ call

How is Pope Francis to achieve a new balance in the Catholic Church when women are not allowed to become priests?

Sally Wolf

Kansas City Boulevard beer

I don’t believe everything I read (10-30, A1, “Sale may give brewer a boost”). The Star says the Belgian owner is good for Kansas City. Well, the way I see it, a company owned by Belgians means money and jobs go to Belgium.

It’s not Kansas City beer anymore. Ask other cities about foreign owners.

Frank Cascone

Gladstone Elite lawmakers

Congress (past and current) and presidents (past and current) continually pass laws and exempt themselves. They think they are the elite class even though they are our employees.

Their actions make us second-class citizens.

Wayne Miller

Overland Park General Motors trick

Would someone please explain to me how General Motors’ profits “exceed expectations, making investors happy,” yet the company can’t repay the government bailout that kept GM in business (10-31, A10, “GM profits beat expectations”)?

This investor/taxpayer is not happy with this return on investment.

This is just not right.

Marty Stanley

Kansas City Obamacare flops

The website for the Affordable Care Act is a mess.

There is never enough money to build anything right, but there is plenty of money to fix problems.

Open bids for all the work. Take the low bid to save money.

When the low bid result is not working, bring in all the power at cost-plus to fix it.

I worked in construction for years, and it was the same. They would scrimp and save upfront.

Then when the schedule was being pushed, somebody had to save the day. Just don’t record the cost overruns.

Health and Human Services spent millions of dollars for a website that did not work.

Now officials are bringing in all the best in the nation without bids. It is all at cost-plus.

If you buy cheap, you get what you pay for.

Just talk to the Kansas motor vehicle license department about that.

Richard Blaisdell

Kansas City Keep independence

More than 200 years ago, the people of this country rebelled against a tyrannical government. They were tired of overburdensome taxation and governmental intrusion into, and control of, individual destinies. They won freedom and independence.

People gained control of their lives. The resulting self-reliance, personal responsibility and self-determination built the greatest nation the world has known.

People were free to use their God-given talents and abilities to build personal wealth and the wealth of the nation.

This national wealth allows our nation to offer financial and physical assistance in times of disaster throughout the world, disregarding political, religious or ethnic considerations. It gives us the military strength to defend not only ourselves but weaker nations from outside aggression.

We are a generous nation. We contribute more individually and corporately than any other nation in the world. We fund literally thousands of local, national and international charitable organizations.

It is sad to see an increasing number of people willing to cede their independence and self-determination to the central government. It seems that some of us wish to turn the clock back some 200 years.

Mike Hanrahan

Cameron, Mo. Scuffed parkway

After several years of journeying on Ward Parkway, there are several places where the lanes are awkward. I find it a bit scary to see that the curb is littered with telltale signs of wheel-to-curb contact.

At 75th Street, while traveling north, the lanes become noticeably thinner. More than once have I been witness to a careless driver hitting that curb, adding a long, black streak to the plethora the curb is already home to.

That curb is practically painted in rubber. I have come to the conclusion that the lanes are used like those at the bowling alley a few streets down.

Ryan Zidar

Mission Hills Road work needed

Rush-hour traffic continues to be an issue around the Kansas City area. With the addition of many construction sites, commute times have become very lengthy.

An area that needs much improvement is Kansas 10 east onto Interstate 435, where traffic has increased tremendously in recent years. With the western expansion of Kansas City, additions need to be made for this route. Additional lanes are an option. But the construction would need to be swift and scheduled around the traffic.

I’d love to see changes in the coming years. It would be greatly appreciated by all.

Nile Cobb

Olathe Trouble in GOP

Something extremely dangerous has happened to the Republican Party. It has been hijacked by ideological extremists, the American Taliban, who are the front group for an even greater threat — extremely wealthy special-interest groups whose desire it is to destroy the very foundation upon which this republic was built for their own purposes.

I hope the public realizes how dangerous it is to not pay attention to what’s happening in our country. Don’t be like the sheep who didn’t realize the truth until it saw the flash of the knife.

Wake up before it’s too late.

Mike McCord

Olathe 2nd Amendment rules

I am so tired of hearing the argument or implication that because only single-shot muskets were available at the time the Bill of Rights was drafted that this is the only firearm to which the Second Amendment applies.

The founders were intelligent, well-educated men. They were aware of the technological improvement of arms over the centuries from rocks to rifles. They were laying down a principle that citizens should have the right to effective self-defense against others — and, if necessary, a tyrannical government.

It is as illogical to argue that the Second Amendment doesn’t apply to multiple-shot rifles as it would be to argue that the First Amendment doesn’t apply to radio, television and the Internet, none of which existed in 1787.

Reggie C. Giffin

Kansas City Citizens offer help

On a recent Saturday night at a Target store at 97th Street and Quivira Road, my wife fell in front of the doors and crushed her eyeglasses earpiece into her face and began bleeding very much. Her health condition prevented her from getting up by herself.

I was bringing the car to pick her up. Before I could get out of the car, a Lawrence off-duty police officer jumped into action, stopping the bleeding with pressure, and another man called 911.

Everything worked out — 18 stitches in my wife’s face. But it could have been worse.

The helpful citizens were there. Our profound thanks go out to them, the unsung heroes of the day.

Bob Horwitz

Overland Park

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