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10/26/2013 5:00 PM

10/25/2013 6:16 PM

Obamacare success

I would just like to point out to its critics that Obamacare, or the Affordable Care Act, is working. I got on the website this week and within a short time had signed up for health insurance from Coventry Health and Life.

And the premium I got was more than $300 less than the last quote I received before Obamacare. So, as much as the Republicans try to tell a different story, again, the facts just don’t support their disparaging remarks.

Anne McGregor

Kansas City Biblical times poll

I’m sure a poll in the ancient cities of Sodom and Gomorrah would be heavily in favor of same-sex marriage. But just remember, if we continue down this path, sooner or later all of our spouses are going to turn into salt shakers.

William Coffman

Lee’s Summit Confidence lacking

Congressional Republicans must think the “con” in “Congress” is a prefix meaning against. These ultra-conservative GOP members oppose legislation that would benefit a majority of their constituents.

Voters send lawmakers to Washington, D.C., to solve problems, not to oppose every bill for political or ideological reasons. It’s no wonder our CONfidence in Congress is at record lows.

Jane Toliver

Leawood Solutions needed

How can we look toward the future with sensibility when our present government limits its insight?

Money seems to be the energy of logic. The shutdown of the government was not a solution to a budget crisis.

I suggest we reduce the number of states. Instead of 50, let’s have only 30. Fewer states would mean a reduced need for federal tax dollars, less representation, less government, fewer laws and less of everything.

Everything in this country has transformed according to the people’s status. The country is overpopulated. Our resources are depleting. New technology uses a lot of energy.

People do not agree on many issues because of their cultural backgrounds. There are fewer jobs in the country.

We have more student debt and less classroom knowledge. Elderly people want to live forever with their daily 19-pill regimen. Crime will continue to go around and around.

Every country has its problems. The American people need to revise their values. We need solutions and not a pingpong game of false promises.

If our leaders cannot provide us with solutions, then it is time to form a new government.

Beatrice Okorie

Kansas City Krugman column

I want to thank The Star for including Paul Krugman in its opinion section. I can read his opinions and know if I take the opposite position I’m on pretty safe ground.

Robert Hurd

Warrensburg, Mo. Honesty triumphs

My husband and I had been through a rough month, from my accident in August to his losing his wallet and then the car radiator cracking while he traced his steps to try and find it.

While I was calling the credit-card companies to cancel cards, a good-hearted man stopped at our home with my husband’s wallet. Thank you, sir, for your honesty and making our day.

Judy Davis

Lee’s Summit Evolutionary thought

My high school tenure ran 1999-2003. In ninth grade, I took a biology class, during which my teacher instructed us on evolution.

She had the foresight to tell her students that this was a theory and answered all our questions in a concise manner. I would return home each day, excited to share what I learned in this class because it filled in a lot of blanks to where we humans came from.

My mom is the more religious of my two parents. While she was curious to share my studies with me in conversation, she did not care for the subject in practice. She did not call up the school, raise a ruckus or file a lawsuit against my school district.

I encourage the parents involved in this nonsense to read “The Allegory of the Cave” by Plato; that is, of course, if they are not too afraid of their hands being burned by such sacrilegious material.

Philosophy is the cornerstone of all sciences. In a sense, it started it all. Let your children make up their own minds, as mine did.

Megan Travelstead

Riverside School’s drug tests

I was impressed last spring when Rockhurst High School announced the implementation of random drug testing, and I am now even more impressed that the policy is being enforced. As a senior at a private high school, I would welcome this policy at my school.

Alcohol use by teens is a huge problem in high school. There have been extensive studies that confirm alcohol use may have long-term detrimental effects on the brain.

I believe that if a student knew he would be tested for drugs, it would decrease his drug use, particularly if he initially failed a drug test. Random drug testing may bring to the attention of teachers and parents those who have problems so students can receive the counseling and treatment they need.

What I find extremely sad is that the school has to take on this responsibility. The main reason I avoid alcohol use is that I know there would be severe consequences from my parents if I participated in it.

What has become of our society when a school has to deter alcohol use because parents are failing to do so?

Katie Daniels

Lee’s Summit Redefining words

Since moving to the United States, I have discovered a few new definitions for words and phrases:

Attitude, noun: The negative manner, body language or expression provided by one person to another regardless of ever meeting, knowing or otherwise seeing the other person before.

Discrimination, noun: A word used by a certain group, class or person when the treatment, result or consideration is not to their liking (regardless of the facts).

Dual tasker: 1. An individual who performs two tasks simultaneously, while maintaining the level of efficiency of each task at the same level as one of the tasks done separately. 2. Generally, a person who performs two tasks simultaneously is being rude and inconsiderate to one if not both tasks being performed.

Test: If you think this does not apply to you, try reading an essay while reciting poetry. Anything less is rude and inconsiderate.

Roger Burnett

Kansas City Tractor pulls

Could someone organize some good old-fashioned tractor pulls for some of the people in outlying rural areas to get interested in? I think that would be a good idea to build morale.

Marsha D. Doane-Frogge

Kansas City Half-cent sales tax

If only Jackson County residents are voting on the half-cent, 20-year medical research tax that is supposed to generate $800 million, then the researchers, medical doctors and all subsequent employees who are hired by the groups receiving the money should be required to live in cities and communities in Jackson County and pay property taxes, sales taxes and arena fees in Jackson County.

Their children should be required to go to schools on the Missouri side of the state line. That way our new residents would truly be invested in Kansas City and other Jackson County communities.

Susan Birt

Kansas City Republican control

If Republicans are correct and nearly all of America dreads the implementation of Obamacare, or the Affordable Care Act, then why doesn’t President Mitt Romney do something about it? And why don’t the Republicans use their newly elected Senate majority to repeal the whole thing.

Maybe it’s because the American people spoke most meaningfully last November when President Barack Obama was re-elected, Republican Senate candidates were rejected and more people voted for Democrat candidates for the House of Representatives than voted for Republican candidates.

If not for gerrymandered House districts, the Republican Party would be the minority in both houses of Congress. The apparent willingness of Republicans to destroy the nation if they cannot be in charge is beyond alarming.

Jeff Maloney

Glenaire, Mo.

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