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October 25, 2013

Pope Francis, Obamacare, good gun owners

Amen to Pope Francis for his simple, candid message to all of us that we members of the Church are called to be loving, compassionate and caring to all people.
Pope Francis’ call

Amen to Pope Francis for his simple, candid message to all of us that we members of the Church are called to be loving, compassionate and caring to all people. And while doing so, we should lose the urge to be judgmental of others and not so focused on “small-minded rules.”

Like so many lifelong Catholics who have questioned the issues involving the church in recent years, I am elated and feel blessed to welcome Pope Francis. Hopefully, the new balance he calls for will be seen and heard at all levels of the church.

Jane Grosdidier Regan

Lenexa Obamacare website

Borrowing words from former President Ronald Reagan, “Mr. Obama, tear down that site.”

Maynard J. Mitchell

Independence Missouri, Obamacare

Missouri lawmakers should take another approach in trying to defeat Obamacare. They should pass a law making it a crime to advertise, promote or make any public reference to Obamacare.

Those who violate the law will be subject to fines, and repeat offenders will serve jail time. Maybe then people will get the message that having anything to do with Obamacare will get you into big trouble.

Mike Woollen

Kansas City Good gun owners

I am a law-abiding National Rifle Association member.

It is unlawful to knowingly sell a firearm to any person not lawfully entitled to possess one. In general, that group includes convicted felons, people who are mentally defective, illegal immigrants and perpetrators of domestic violence.

How do I comply with the law without universal background checks? The NRA is wrong on this issue. My fellow NRA members are being played by the marriage of gun manufacturers and the NRA.

We are part of the problem because we continue to march mindlessly to this foolish drumbeat. We are part of the problem because we complain about politicians being bought and paid for, unless they are owned by the NRA. Sad.

John Meyer

Blue Springs Ugly streetcars

I read with disbelief about the streetcar extension in Kansas City (10-22, A1, “Streetcar expansion is already in works”). It is unbelievable that we are spending $2.5 million on a study of the streetcar system and its possible new routes.

I do not understand the endless fascination with this subject. Perhaps we could spend a portion of those study dollars on our bus system. Isn’t it better to rejuvenate and restructure something that has worked over the years than break ground on such a controversial and expensive subject? How about a study of peak/slow times on the bus lines and the need for smaller, more fuel-efficient buses on some lines?

How about some of those dollars going to repair our infrastructure? Plenty of areas still need repair. How about continuing our commitment to reduce crime, Chief Darryl Forté?

If city officials must throw these taxpayer dollars away, at least they should do so in a manner that suggests that they care about this community.

Light rail has been voted down innumerable times. Why does it keep rearing its ugly head?

Leslie Stockard

Kansas City Debt, foreign aid

Is this country stupid, or what? The national debt recently went above $17 trillion, and the country is still borrowing money to pass out in foreign aid. Is that stupid, or what?

John Lovelace

Olathe Statesmen needed

Whatever happened to common sense, as in Sens. Bob Dole or Nancy Kassebaum Republicanism?

They understood the essential constitutional obligation to compromise for the greater good of the republic (as James Madison so clearly argued in our nation’s formative years).

Instead, the word has become a mortal sin for the vociferous tea party wing that calls the shots for House Republicans. The tea partiers put their personal ideology above constitutional reason, to shut down our government if they don’t get their way.

It should be clear that their efforts to kill the Affordable Care Act by blackmail, when the Supreme Court ruling and the 2012 election did not go their way, are self-serving, not nation-serving.

Harold J. Schultz

Kansas City Abouhalkah column

Thank you Yael T. Abouhalkah for punching holes in the latest tax grab for Jackson Countians (10-24, Commentary, “Checking out supporters' claims”). We already subsidize the Kansas City Chiefs, the Kansas City Royals and the Kansas City Zoo for all our neighbors to enjoy.

Let's vote down this new 20-year tax. Of course, we would all like to cure every disease, but a half-cent sales tax is not the vehicle to raise those funds.

I suggest everyone send money to the cause that is closest to each individual’s heart, if people can afford such a donation. Let's not tax those who can least afford it.

Ginzy Schaefer

Kansas City Backward GOP plan

The near hysteria of the Republicans against the Affordable Care Act is understandable.

They oppose Obamacare (essentially Mitt Romney’s health plan that worked in Massachusetts) because President Barack Obama is a Democrat, because right-wingers hate innovation, because, as Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell remarked, they want Obama to fail.

What the Republicans hope voters won’t remember is they also stubbornly opposed Social Security and Medicare, both now so well accepted that many tea partiers forget these are federal programs that conservatives resisted with the same vehemence they show today against the Affordable Care Act.

Conservative opposition was so irrationally intense that they were willing to risk forcing the U.S. to the brink of economic catastrophe by trying to defund the new health program that Congress made the law of the land, in other words by refusing to pay for legislation Congress passed.

James Obertino

Warrensburg, Mo. Thief ruins plans

We would really like to thank the thief who cut the catalytic convertor off our church bus on a recent Sunday. We were supposed to drive a contingent of Burmese students for the next two weeks, but we can’t do that now.

I’m sure the thief needed this part much more than we did, and I hope he enjoyed the whirlwind of money received from selling the part. We are only out about $2,500, and our insurance will probably go sky high.

But the $30 or $40 the thief got for this part will hopefully sustain whatever habit he has for the next day or two. If he had come into the church and asked for money for food or gas, it would have been easier on both of us as he probably would have gotten some type of monetary compensation and we would still have our bus.

I hope the thief finds God someday. Then his moral ethics will be in line with caring for others more than himself. Have a nice day.

Ronald Fenton

Overland Park Medical heroes

We write to express immense gratitude for the lifesaving care that Children’s Mercy Hospital’s team of expert doctors and nurses provided for Brooklyn Murff (10-25, A4, “A call to heal the violence”). The gratitude also is for the personal touch added to the critical care that Brooklyn needed to live and recover.

The doctors and nurses worked from their hearts and performed each medical task as though they were caring for their own children. They provided comfort to us and our family and explained every procedure in detail, which eliminated much of the anxiety that comes with the type of trauma Brooklyn endured.

We personally believe that healing comes from God and that he chose Children’s Mercy’s doctors and nurses to be his instruments. We were honored to have had them care for Brooklyn.

The miracle of Brooklyn’s recovery will be talked about for years to come, and the Children’s Mercy team will be immortalized in the storytelling.

We thank you, Brooklyn thanks you and our entire family thanks you.

Farida Simmons

Brooklyn’s mother

Arthurine Simmons


Kansas City

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