Washington impasse, nightmare in Maryville, Chiefs

10/16/2013 4:37 PM

10/16/2013 5:04 PM

Washington impasse

Whichever party “wins” the current impasse in Washington will be burdened with a Pyrrhic victory.

Sam Taylor

Kansas City No skill apparent

To our representatives in Washington, D.C.: A leader is a skilled negotiator, often resorting to compromise. A loser refuses to negotiate, often resorting to name-calling.

Bill Krumrei

Kansas City Wealth disparity

Recent news stories have focused attention on the widening gap between the rich and the poor. This travesty is nowhere more obvious than in the Kansas City area.

From the pampered residents of Leawood and Mission safe in their 5,000-

square-foot, single-family luxury motels to the huddled masses of ZIP code 64130 yearning to be free of violence-ridden streets, drug houses and government handouts, we daily witness the obscene economic distortions that plague the land where “liberty and justice for all” has become nothing more than a tired, worn-out cliche used to hide the facts.

Are there solutions? Yes, ultimately two quite simple ones. Either revolution, where might makes right and no one really wins. Or spiritual revival, where hearts are changed and godly love inspires and motivates all to help one another.

What’s going to become of Kansas City? America? Violent upheavals to narrow the wealth gap, a la Robin Hood, or peaceful renewals where loving your neighbor as yourself means sharing the wealth, a la Christ’s admonition in Matthew 6:19-21?

Folks, to have your souls just stirred at times at weekend church without action during the week is a non-starter.

Bob Tobia

Kansas City Maryville exposed

Thank you for your Oct. 13 article, “Nightmare in Maryville,” by Dugan Arnett. When are boys going to learn that no means no, and if the girl is drunk, then it’s always a no?

Shame on Maryville. It is sad that no one cares about the girls involved and the scars they will carry forever.

Had this happened in Kansas City, the boys would not have been so lucky. Not only would the charges not have been dropped, they would be in prison right now instead of enjoying college like nothing ever happened.

At the time, my son worked at the radio station on the Northwest Missouri State University campus. The station reported the story as written in the St. Joseph newspaper.

It received many nasty calls from friends of the boys and others who did not like the story being told. I knew Maryville was a tight-knit community, but your article proves how tight, and it all comes down to who you know.

Nodaway County prosecutor Robert Rice stated the charges were dropped because of lack of evidence. That’s hard to believe when he had dozens of witnesses, confessions and video to prove it.

Kristy Mizener

Lee’s Summit KC Chiefs victory

For our anniversary last month, I purchased my wife two tickets for this past Sunday’s Chiefs-Raiders game at Arrowhead and told her to take one of her girlfriends along.

The ladies had a wonderful time watching the Chiefs win and were very excited to have helped set the Guinness World Record for loudest football crowd (10-14, A1, “Record noise, perfect record”). My wife ended up losing her voice from all the yelling and cheering.

So I am seriously considering buying season tickets for next year. Thanks, Chiefs.

Michael Keizer

Independence Fossil fuel costs

With all the advertisements claiming oil and gas are cheaper fuels, why do I see growing numbers of wind farms and solar-powered roadside signs?

Maybe people are beginning to realize that the long-term costs of burning fossil fuels have to be figured in.

They aren’t cheap when you add taxpayer subsidies and the pump fees that are making record profits for the industry, even during the fiscal downturn. Nor do they include the billions of dollars the Navy spends to protect tankers from Somalian pirates and terrorists.

When the promoters of oil and gas say cheaper, they do not include costs to the environment, the resulting health expenses or oil-spill cleanups and fracking-site blowouts that destroy water supplies.

Personally, I prefer to pay for long-lasting fuel supplies that don’t do harm to our future. I really care about the health and safety of my grandkids and yours.

Larry Williams

Lenexa Half-cent sales tax

Jackson County residents will vote on a proposal to assess a half-cent sales tax to conduct medical research.

Missouri, however, is not a science-friendly state. How, then, can voters be assured that the powerful church-state amalgam will permit scientists to engage in the type of cutting-edge research that would make the expenditure of tax dollars worthwhile?

The Missouri General Assembly moved to restrict embryonic stem-cell research, even though it offers vast potential for solving complex medical problems. This is but one indication of politics at work to control scientific research.

Few, if any, top-notch experimental scientists would gravitate to a state where their work might result in legal action against them. There is no point in spending public funds on routine medical research that can be done by any private institution.

Kenneth Lee

Raytown No special treatment

I was thrilled to hear House Majority Leader Eric Cantor declare that the Republican Party insists on no special treatment for any American. I’m more than happy to give up my special status as a furloughed worker.

Mary Rogers

Kansas City Woman president

I think we should start looking for two women — one from each party — to run for president of the United States. If we could find acceptable candidates, the people would have no choice but to elect a woman president.

Wouldn’t that be a hit in the head? Why not start looking now?

Richard Bannister

Edwardsville Statesmen needed

The current Washington administration and Congress seem to continue to be going nowhere fast.

It will soon be five years since the president and many of our senators and members of Congress were first elected. Yet, one would be hard-pressed to find even one positive accomplishment.

The Obama administration and Congress both seem more immature than statesmen by continuing to play the blame game.

I would like to see less of the president and congressional leaders on television doing the “gotcha” interviews. Much more could be accomplished by President Barack Obama and Congress if they spent more time working on the important issues facing our nation and less time mugging for the cameras.

Edward “Gomer” Moody

Kansas City Other-world letters

Somewhere in the universe, there’s a strange, bleak mirror world of our own, and letters to the editor from there are somehow appearing here.

On one day alone, there were letters decrying attempts to repeal the Second Amendment and claiming that President Barack Obama was trying to abolish the U.S. government to set up a worldwide one.

Obviously, these are not letters from our planet because nobody here has proposed repealing the Second Amendment or the right to self-defense, although our Supreme Court has ruled there are limits on Second Amendment rights and the government can reasonably regulate gun ownership and use.

President Obama is not trying to abolish the U.S. government to set up a single-world government. He’s never uttered a single word about that.

Obviously, the letters must be coming from some other, dismal world and not the one we live in.

Let’s hope our scientists can figure out how these letters from another planet are finding their way to ours. Evidently, there is life in other worlds, although it’s impossible to tell from these letters whether it’s intelligent.

Rob Montague

Overland Park

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