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October 10, 2013

Fear, Medicaid expansion, foreign aid

Sitting here marinating on this thing we call life, and this thought keeps gnawing at my soul. We shall never be able to live in peace with one another until we lose the fear of each other.
Evolving from fear

Sitting here marinating on this thing we call life, and this thought keeps gnawing at my soul. We shall never be able to live in peace with one another until we lose the fear of each other.

Within the last 150 years, we have gone from traveling via horse and by foot to the ability to travel more than 500 miles in a day in our aluminum wagons. And with the invention of airplanes and the Internet, we can travel the world in a day with everyone being just a tweet away.

Once upon a time, we knew only a few people who looked like ourselves, with many of them being kin. Now, we know of billions of people who are all distinct in their own special snowflake kind of way.

So, until we learn how to live with people different from “us,” we shall always have a fear of “them.” And as we live in fear we will continue to have conflicts.

We must understand one love for all, and then maybe we can evolve the scared animal out of its den.

Ken Welty

Columbia Obama as divider

How ironic that President Barack Obama received the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize “for his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples.” Do those alleged qualities apply only to international matters and not domestic?

I see this president as the great divider of America in his efforts to achieve a liberal, idealistic agenda at the expense of our tradition, Constitution and personal freedom.

The Republicans are being portrayed as the bad guys for efforts to enforce the Constitution and protect our children, grandchildren and generations to come from the reckless spending of our government (by both parties) taken to a never-considered level by the current administration.

The great divider is not willing to compromise one bit. He is taking his best efforts to politicize the sequester and government shutdown by making the worst possible scenario for the American people so he can further blame the Republicans.

He has divided the classes of this great nation by the creation of a welfare state and loyal “takers” of all nationality backgrounds. This is not because he cares about those people but because they will help him achieve his liberal agenda.

Where is the “diplomacy and cooperation” between the American peoples?

Paul Wilson

Leawood Medicaid expansion

Missouri makes it harder than most states to qualify for Medicaid.

Current legislation disqualifies men of any age who are not disabled, young women without children who are no longer covered under their parents’ insurance and people with lifelong disabilities who are able to work part time and make anything above the poverty line.

In these situations, even if a person gets a job, he/she is not guaranteed access to health insurance. This coverage gap harms the financial lives of individuals and the economy.

Medicaid expansion could improve lives with access to basic health care, especially for individuals with chronic and costly conditions. Individuals without children would be able to get preventive services or see a doctor without visiting the emergency room.

Although some organizations provide these services, they are out of reach for many and largely dependent on location.

Those with disabilities could seek part- or full-time work without fear of losing the medical coverage their lives depend on.

These things could benefit people and society overall. Expanding Medicaid and preventing these situations would enable people to give back to society, making Missouri a richer, healthier state.

Zachary Voss

Kansas City Diuguid column

I enjoyed reading Lewis Diuguid’s Sept. 30 column, “Fighting cancer begins unsolicited new journey.”

Yes, with exercise, humor is a big stress reducer, along with the social and emotional support from friends, family, co-workers and Gilda’s Club.

At Gilda’s Club, people can come and be with others, their friends and their families who are also on a cancer journey. Gilda’s Club is freestanding, not associated with any hospital, and is warm, welcoming and inviting.

My husband was diagnosed with bladder cancer that was also in his prostate in 2001. His very first chemotherapy treatment was on Sept. 11, 2001. That will be a day I’ll always remember.

We searched for support groups in the Kansas City area to help him and us as a family. We tried everything that was available at the time.

This is why I was drawn to help bring Gilda’s Club to Kansas City. It’s support for the whole family.

Frank started with me on this journey but died in 2007. He loved sharing his story with others.

I thinks it’s healthy and part of the healing process.

I invite people to come by Gilda’s Club and check us out at www.gildasclubkc.org.

Jolene N. Shaw

Kansas City U.S. foreign aid

I would like to know why, with all the starving kids in this country, U.S. authorities are raising taxes and are giving millions of dollars to countries that don’t do anything for the United States. But they take from us.

If we had all the money we have given to other countries paid back to us, we could pay off the national debt with a lot left over.

Maybe U.S. authorities should stamp foreign aid as repayable in so many years.

The money would be loaned to whomever only if paid back as agreed.

James R. Jacobs

Garden City, Mo. First Friday advice

On my last trip to the Crossroads District for First Friday, I noticed a couple things that could be improved to help the safety and convenience of visitors.

Crosswalks are not well marked, and both vehicular and pedestrian traffic are heavy.

Drivers are busy looking for parking spaces or can be easily distracted by goings-on. There was no police presence that I saw helping with traffic.

There was also a lack of public trash cans, which would help prevent littering.

First Friday is a wonderful public event that could be made even better with a few improvements.

Rosie Howlett

Kansas City Northland trail

Kudos to Kansas City Public Works and Kansas City Parks and Recreation for the beautiful and well-planned Northland trail adjacent to Metropolitan Community College-Maple Woods, tying into the Gladstone trail at Happy Rock Park.

Contractor Mega Industries has done a fantastic job constructing this trail through a beautiful wooded area adjacent to Shoal Creek, south of Barry Road. Minimal clearing of trees keeps the wooded area intact.

As the trail nears completion, I have been amazed by the use it was receiving even throughout the hot summer months. In the fall and winter months, we will discover something new on every walk.

Thanks again, Kansas City, for a project well done.

Brian McCrary

Kansas City Federal worker’s woe

Dear White House, Congress and Senate:

My husband and I are dedicated federal workers. We’ve worked for the Social Security Administration for more than 50 years combined.

We take pride in our public service, but to be honest, it has been hard with no pay raises, no bonuses, no awards and now being furloughed. We have two children and have never been unemployed in our lives.

I watch as my co-workers almost feel ashamed of working for the federal government when we used to be proud.

Do you know how many people I’ve helped over the years? They’ve been widowers, spouses, retirees, the disabled, employers and other agencies.

I’ve served with my heart, rising through the ranks.

I started as a file clerk at age 18 and went to college at night. I worked hard to become a GS-13 policy analyst, only to be told my hard work doesn’t matter. I’m nonessential.

I am a real person, as is my family. Will you please consider this?

In tears of the heart, I beg you. End this shutdown and reward us for the hard work we do.

Let us once again take pride in what we do each day.

Kelli Chappelow

Blue Springs

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