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October 7, 2013

Guns, seeking GOP health care ideas, KC sewers

I am writing to talk to you about gun-control laws or perhaps making a change to a law.
Guns for authorities

I am writing to talk to you about gun-control laws or perhaps making a change to a law. There should be a law that states only authorized personnel shall carry firearms. By authorized personnel I mean police officers, the people in the military and other law-enforcement officers.

The Dec. 14 Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting massacre in Newtown, Conn., horrified the nation. It involved a lone gunman killing more than two dozen children and educators.

A lot of people have guns for self-defense. They carry guns so they never have to use them.

They say: “Having a gun/firearm is like insurance. You want to have it in the event you need it, but you don’t want to have to need it.”

Leave the firearms to the people who are by law required to have one. Just because you have the power to shoot somebody doesn’t mean you should.

Tyus Hafiz

Grandview Seeking GOP ideas

House Republicans successfully shut down the U.S. government to delay and/or defund Obamacare. Now what?

Paint a picture for me of what the GOP’s affordable care act would look like. During the last presidential campaign, Republican candidates recommended the sale of health insurance across state lines, encouraged use of health savings accounts and recommended malpractice tort reform.

All but one of these measures is already in place. The point is the Republicans have no plan except to stop Obamacare at any cost.

The Republicans must cast a vision for me and the rest of America for something new and better than Obamacare, something that will offer all the guarantees already in place with the Affordable Care Act, and people might listen to what Republicans have to say. But in the meantime, the GOP must stop putting my well-being and that of my fellow citizens at risk.

In other words, Republican lawmakers should do the job the American people expect them to do. They should work with Democrats to fund U.S. government operations, raise the debt ceiling and then let’s hear all about the GOP solutions to providing affordable health insurance for the millions of Americans who go without.

Ron Fugate

Overland Park Good news need

The news is much too negative. Some is important.

Personally, I think we should spend a lot of time discussing the proper way to deal with Syria and its government’s use of chemical weapons. However, the rest of the news is filled with constant arguing between news commentators, items on celebrity divorces, Kansas City area murders and economic troubles.

The bad news is getting a little out of hand. The news should mention some of the good things that are going on, such as the work of charities around the world or even a hero who saved a group of children and lived.

I’m not saying that all the news should be filled with daisies, kittens and sunshine. But a little good news never hurt anybody.

Andrew Maus

Kansas City KC’s bad sewers

As a Brookside resident, I know that local sewer-system problems receive some news coverage. Still, I want to add my personal experience, hoping that further pressure will bring action.

The fact that I can smell the sewer from my front porch practically every day is only the initial issue. Most houses on my block have had flooded basements recently, causing massive damage.

Often, my street is closed because of such issues. There is hardly a day when a Kansas City Water Services Department vehicle isn’t parked on our block and our street isn’t torn apart.

All effort is on repair versus replacement, which surely magnifies the cost of remediation. Repairs are so continuous that my family even took cookies to a crew working through the night on Christmas Eve.

Replacement of Kansas City’s sewer system is undoubtedly a massive undertaking but also a necessity that has been put off for too long.

Ciaran Fitzpatrick

Kansas City Too many dependents

If the federal government performed only the functions that the Founding Fathers intended it to do, very few people would notice the shutdown. It is a sad commentary on society that so many have become so dependent on the government for food, shelter and other things.

Even worse are the politicians who allowed and still allow this dependency to occur for their own personal gain. The founders must be spinning in their graves.

The country will become stronger only when there are fewer wards of the state.

Mike Sienicki

Farley Emerging Iraq

Our latest overseas construction project has promise because when you follow the verifiable progress Iraq is making you can’t help but see a bright future for this country.

In fact, economic sanctions are being lifted. Plans to alleviate debt have been instituted.

Iraq is the fastest-growing economy in the world. Funds are being unfrozen.

Iraq is emerging as an economic leader globally. The International Energy Agency recently reported that Iraq will lead OPEC oil-production growth over the next two decades .

General progress will lead to further implementation of necessary projects. Iraq has the premier emerging market not only in the Middle East but the world.

The oil industry claims Iraq has the second-largest oil and natural-gas reserves in the world.

Let’s give these people a chance like we did Japan and Germany.

Who knows, maybe we will get our $60 billion back sooner than you can imagine.

Jim Comfort

Belton Pull traffic light

Every day I take Ward Parkway to and from work and school. Also, every day when I am going north I am scared that I will get in a wreck crossing 83rd Street because there is a hill leading up to the intersection and many trees block the light.

Countless times I have seen people cross after the light has changed red because they cannot see the light coming down the hill. In fact, I have done it many times, too.

Luckily, 83rd Street is not that busy, which is why I propose that the light be removed because it not only is dangerous but is impractical. The east side of the light is a residential street and goes for only about 100 feet after Ward Parkway.

So removing a light and adding stops signs on 83rd wouldn’t cause any traffic buildups and would be a lot safer and less time-consuming.

John Bergner

Kansas City Morning traffic

I think something needs to be done to improve traffic backups on State Line Road between 103rd and 95th streets.

I am a student at Rockhurst High School, so I drive this stretch of State Line Road almost every day. Some mornings, it takes me close to 20 minutes to get between these two streets.

I think that widening State Line Road to three lanes on each side and adding a turn lane in the middle would drastically reduce the congestion. If there is not enough available space to make each side three lanes, adding just a turn lane in the middle would help.

If one person needs to turn left off State Line Road into one of the neighborhoods and there is a lot of oncoming traffic, this causes a backup of almost 30 cars.

I believe this is a large issue for commuters in the morning and afternoons and needs to be addressed.

Greg Keller

Leawood Donating paychecks

Wow. It must be nice to be able to donate a paycheck to charity or to not accept it and still be able to stay afloat on your bills and expenses (10-4, A1, “During shutdown, some in Congress spurn pay”). This is what the millionaires in our wonderful Congress are reporting they are going to do.

Is this supposed to make us feel good or make us see that they also are going to feel the pain that we the average citizens are feeling? I think not.

The political parties are so out of line in doing the right thing for the citizens of our wonderful country that it is sickening. Trouble is, vote out those who are in now and what do we get? Another round of “in it for me.”

Gloria Foster

Eudora, Kan.

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