Police brutality, honoring veterans, government shutdown

10/06/2013 5:00 PM

10/05/2013 12:17 AM

Police brutality

I am a young, concerned citizen who is becoming more and more horrified by police brutality. Many cases of misconduct have been recorded, and some in this country were fatal.

I do believe the police provide a valuable service to my community and to our country, and I don’t want the police to feel threatened or to be attacked. However, police have been known to abuse their power and act indecently.

I had a friend run from the police. When he was caught, he was handcuffed, and then the officers proceeded to beat him, breaking his nose.

This is completely unacceptable from an officer of the law, and I would love to see improvements on this matter.

Drew Arling

Leawood Honoring veterans

On Dec. 7, 1941, I was 10 years old. My brother was 11 years older than I was and served in the Army. We were a World War II family as my father worked long hours on the railroad, moving military equipment and troops.

We followed the war on a daily basis, as my brother was in Gen. George Patton’s Third Army in the European campaign. My brother was my special hero. In fact, anyone from any branch of service was my hero.

Today, I still see World War II veterans as my heroes through those 10-year-old’s eyes. I am 82 now, and those feelings will never change.

I was absolutely honored to be World War II veteran Bob Hines’ guardian on the Heartland Honor Flight on Oct 2 (10-3, A1, “Veterans win another fight”). The flight was perfect because of the hard work of the Heartland Honor Flight Organization.

Bob Washburn

Kansas City Pain in shutdown

It seems the only solution to the government shutdown would be if some must suffer, all should suffer — including members of Congress and their staffs. However, many of the people in the House and Senate are independently wealthy, and going without a paycheck would not adversely affect their daily lives.

Not so for the rest of our population.

Carolyn Wheat

Knob Noster, Mo. Kindergarten lessons

My oldest daughter was in kindergarten and had a problem with sharing. Everything was mine, mine, mine.

I had a talk with the teacher, and we agreed the problem could be fixed. We told the child to share to help create an atmosphere that is fun and enjoyable for the entire class.

I encourage the lawmakers in Washington, D.C., to do the same. Share your thoughts and initiatives to allow what’s best for the country.

Stop the crybaby “mine” behavior and do what is right for the people who have elected you to serve their best interests.

Duane Grant

Raytown Represent disabled

Last month, I attended Rep. Emanuel Cleaver’s town hall meeting, enabling him to hear the community’s thoughts on the crisis in Syria. I went not only to listen about Syria but also because I wanted to talk with Rep. Cleaver about the fact that his office at 101 W. 31st St. isn’t wheelchair accessible.

I was able to talk with Cleaver’s chief of staff, Geoffrey Jolley, who told me that what people in the office do when someone in a wheelchair wants to visit is have the person call ahead so someone with a ramp can meet the individual and let the person in. I said I thought that was rather degrading because it interferes with my independence and equal access to the person elected to be a representative in Congress.

Mr. Jolley told me that he didn’t see it that way and didn’t believe my having to call ahead so someone with a ramp can meet me was degrading.

Make Rep. Cleaver aware that many of the people he was sent to Washington, D.C., to represent aren’t being given equal access to their congressional representative and changes must be made.

Mark Greene

Shawnee Efficient at KCI

There have been talks about rebuilding Kansas City International Airport. The plans would make KCI a single-terminal airport.

From experience, I can say that KCI is the most efficient airport I have been to. I have flown all over the country to more than 10 airports, and I have never seen one as efficient as KCI.

I have also talked to many people who agree with me. The multiterminal design is easy and quick. One is able to land and within 10 to 15 minutes be out the door. At KCI there are no long walks or outrageous lines.

There is no real need to remodel. In addition, the remodel would go over budget and cost taxpayers more money.

There is no need for a remodel. We have one of the best airports in the country.

John Jakobe

Lee’s Summit Oust Bishop Finn

The clergy sexual-abuse tragedy persists (10-3, A4, “Lawsuit trial is canceled”). And to date, Pope Francis has not ordered any new accountability measures.

He also has not openly removed a bishop for failure to act when children have been threatened and victimized. Perhaps it is time we in the Kansas City-St. Joseph Diocese petition Pope Francis to remove Bishop Robert Finn.

Bishop Finn failed to act decisively and appropriately when little girls were victimized by Father Sean Ratigan. How can this bishop, who has been convicted of a misdemeanor in this matter, remain an active diocesan bishop?

Isn’t it time he was removed?

Sister Jeanne



Kansas City Bad time in KC

Is having a moral conscience a thing of the past? Let’s summarize the news from the last few weeks.

A drive-by shooting kills one person on East 40th Place.

A girl is raped during school hours at Southwest Early College Campus.

A man steals multiple vehicles, leading to a home invasion, where the intruder is killed.

A 20-year-old mother is killed by multiple gunshots.

A credit-card thief crawls on his stomach to snatch items from a purse.

A driver kills a pedestrian on U.S. 50 and doesn’t stop.

A motorist is shot on Interstate 35.

A parent assaults a schoolteacher over false information.

I can hear it now from all the families of the accused. “So-and-so was such a good person who loved his/her family.”

What will next week bring? Is this a great country or what?

Tim Tomas

Kansas City Caring for teens

In all honesty, I believe that teens being locked up less is a good thing, although authorities in some instances should provide juvenile-detention facilities where teens can learn.

Sometimes home is not the best place for teens to focus on what they did wrong. Although teens are liable in most cases, the parents should help provide more instruction and control. If a kid is going out nights and getting into trouble, shouldn’t there be more control within the family?

Kids sometimes don’t understand the consequences of their actions, which could hurt them later in life or immediately.

Also, I agree with counseling and diversion programs. This would help counter the amount of teens in facilities.

But if teens are not getting more help and the states are trying to be cost-effective, what good does it really do? I know statistics have shown improvement, and I’m all for it as long as it actually helps provide better care for teens.

Sam Tanner

Overland Park Nuisance trees

Sweetgum trees can grow to 100 feet in height. They bear fruit, which are inch-wide, spiky green balls that turn brown with age.

They have prickly points that open to let seeds out. They are an eyesore and dangerous. Stepping on one can be painful. They are dangerous to young children.

Large quantities litter the streets in our neighborhood. We rake and shovel them constantly to get rid of them.

They are a source of contamination to our water-drainage system, not to mention a nuisance for walkers and runners. One neighbor slipped on one such gum ball and sprained an ankle.

What brilliant city leader arranged to have these gum trees planted in so many areas? Most likely they were cheap. But these fast-growing trees are a blight to our community.

Lawrence Aloisio

Kansas City


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