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September 14, 2013

Health care, Hereford House, Social Security

Members of Congress and their staffs will now continue to get their federal subsidy with President Barack Obama’s Affordable Care Act’s exchange system. Special concessions are again being granted to those in power.
Health care injustice

Members of Congress and their staffs will now continue to get their federal subsidy with President Barack Obama’s Affordable Care Act’s exchange system. Special concessions are again being granted to those in power.

How does Congress pass a law and then make concessions for the congressional staffs, along with certain other groups? The proponents who authored the Affordable Care Act should live under the same provisions they enact.

What happened to the adage, “What’s good for the goose is good for the gander”?

So much for equality for all.

Rosemary Soptic

Roeland Park Keeping U.S. aid

Does Afghan President Hamid Karzai’s strong desire to end America’s involvement in Afghanistan include our money?

Randy Maddox

Kansas City Syria and Obama

Why does President Barack Obama want to get us involved in some country’s stupid war?

When Obama took over after George W. Bush, he promised to remove us from all wars. Now look at how he has betrayed us. He turned into a war monger.

He wants to wage war against a country that poses no threat to us. How dare he pose as a dove and turn into a hawk.

Jesse Aguilar

Kansas City Hereford House

I was deeply saddened to hear of Rodney Anderson’s sentencing (9-10, A1, “Hereford House arsonist sentenced”).

In the early 1990s, when banks were being bought by larger banks, I lost my job. When the larger banks took over, it was popular to replace the officers. Doing this within the first 90 days meant they didn’t have to provide severance pay.

Anderson was a friend, and when he heard what happened he gave me a job helping in his office at the Hereford House. He allowed me to make my own hours working around interviews to get back into banking.

I personally witnessed his generosity to his employees.

Rod once was called at night by a kitchen staffer who needed help and Rod was right there for him. Anyone who worked for him was treated as well as his customers were treated. The phone rang several times each day with Kansas City charities requesting donations, and no one was ever turned down.

My wish is that the people of Kansas City remember Rod Anderson for the man he really is.

Jill Churchman Wall

Overland Park Fix Social Security

Social Security will get fixed when members of Congress include themselves in Social Security. They voted themselves a private retirement and insurance that we pay for.

Congress should be part of the Social Security program like the rest of us. Members of Congress are not royalty.

Make a political statement, and do what is right. Members of Congress can contribute to their own fund like the rest of do.

James McGuire

Kansas City Worlds of Fun ride

I enjoy amusement park rides as much as the next guy, but honestly I’m a little concerned about a 300-foot-tall swing carousel with a history of technical difficulties entering my local park (9-9, A1, “Missouri rules open door for new ride”).

Being stranded for three hours suspended that high could cause a lot of discomfort for most people.

I believe this should be an assumed risk of going to an amusement park. But a lot of folks expect perfection that is simply impossible.

Because our society seems to encourage frivolous lawsuits, I can imagine a few brilliant riders will get the idea to sue Worlds of Fun for negligence if the machinery malfunctions and leaves them dangling in the air.

I don’t want to see my favorite amusement park ruined by the greed of a few people.

Thomas Martin

Lenexa Assault weapons

Anyone claiming the need to own a high-capacity military-style assault weapon to counter a takeover by our central government is a combination of ignorant and arrogant.

Right or wrong, look at the outcomes of that type of thinking at Waco, Ruby Ridge and Wounded Knee.

Anyone who truly believes that is the purpose of the Second Amendment should be a member of a well-regulated militia — the National Guard, which probably was the original intent of the framers anyway.

Mike Wheeler

Kansas City Slipping in U.S.

The big question for most people today is “What’s wrong with the United States?” In case you cannot figure it out, here are a few clues:

• No full-time jobs for the underprivileged, but tax them at a higher rate than rich people.

• Making gadgets that dehumanize people while stating that technology is progress (gadgets do not pay taxes).

• Moving many factory jobs overseas so companies make higher profits.

• If you lose your job and do not have a computer, the chances are poor you’ll get another job because of technical changes.

• You cannot apply for jobs if you are not computer literate (everyone does not have a computer).

• On disciplining your children, let the TV teach them how to murder and be violent, disrespectful and cold-hearted.

• Laws let criminals do what they want and play insane to get out of doing time.

• We are allowing China to buy the United States piece by piece. Not far in the future, we will no longer be the United States.

This is what our leaders have done to cause the country to be dysfunctional. Most members of Congress should be fired with no pension and no Social Security. They have made themselves rich on our suffering.

Myles Thompson

Kansas City Weather forecasting

I have been a professional pilot for 58 years, 20 of which were flying U.S. Air Force fighters. Weather is always a large issue, and I can tell you Gary Lezak with KSHB-TV, Channel 41, is one of the best weathermen I have ever encountered.

As for the dogs, Gary dedicates a tremendous amount of time aiding homeless animals in Kansas City. The news is not built around Gary and his pets, but their presence now and then does bring smiles to those of us who listen to the news.

I can offer an excellent solution to anyone’s annoyance by Gary’s weather reporting and dog show. Change channels, and go rescue a dog or cat or one of each.

It will make life better.

Robert Hanson

USAF, Retired

Olathe Jobs, not sequester

Sequester? Austerity measures? Fiscal cliffs? Government shut-downs?

Wouldn’t it just be easier to get us some jobs?

No jobs, no money? Get back the manufacturing jobs that were outsourced in the 1990s.

We’ve left Iraq, so there’s money for small businesses. Bring back the small farmer through government subsidies and tax breaks.

That would produce more jobs. Throw in a few Roosevelt-era, New Deal-type projects that would rebuild our crumbling infrastructure, and then we’ll get a good start on rebuilding our budget and economy via jobs.

Deanna Kline

Kansas City Obamacare fine print

In the early 1900s, when automobiles became popular, a city posted the following sign at all entrances: “The speed limit for all automobiles in this city shall be secret, unpublished and subject to change at all times.”

This reminds me of Obamacare.

Dwight Borger

Lenexa Poor parenting

To the woman with four small children at the Ward Parkway theater who was on her smartphone during the movie, why were you at the bar leaving the children alone for 10 minutes with a cow bell? After I asked nicely for you to put your cellphone away, why would you still text in your purse, ruining my daughter’s night?

Why would you drink that much while in charge of four small girls? Please, next time stay home and ignore your children there.

Parents, you may want to know more about the behavior of the parent in charge before you allow another movie play date.

Teri Renner

Kansas City

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