Bible versions, presidential power, Mideast mistakes

09/13/2013 2:40 PM

09/13/2013 4:55 PM

Old, New Testaments

I wish everyone would distinguish between the Old and New Testaments by indicating in quotes, comments or sources that are being referenced.

Each has an important place, and both are part of the Bible. But they are not the same thing. Their lessons often suggest different actions, and to be credible an author should indicate the specific source.

Both the Old and New Testaments are relevant to Christians. But if there is a conflict between them and one wishes to validate one’s Christianity, the New Testament takes precedence.

It is the New Testament that represents the lessons Christ brought to us. In not a few cases, he appeared to be attempting to improve on what went before.

Kathryn Moore

Manhattan, Kan. President’s powers

So am I to understand that President Barack Obama’s blatant disregard of the law of the land is now a workaround? What happened to the mandate in Article 11 of the Constitution stating, “A president shall take care that the laws be faithfully executed”?

How can anyone in good conscience call any of the many times the president or attorney general choose to not enforce the law a workaround? What about the people who are working full time and have health insurance and, as a direct result of the Affordable Care Act, their hours are cut to part time and their health insurance taken away?

Are they going to receive the same workaround to compensate them for the health insurance they were getting?

If anyone believes it’s OK for the president to ignore the law of the land, then what about the implications for future presidents to just ignore laws they don’t like?

Obama doesn’t have that power, and people should know it. Anyone who thinks so is being less than credible.

Sean Kolega

Lenexa Unwise U.S. support

Why is the United States obsessed with war and revolutions when we always support the bad guys? Nearly every time the public gets behind some rebel group in the Middle East, we fail to realize what group we are supporting.

Egypt is a great example. Support for reform led to an Islamic group, the Muslim Brotherhood, which supports Sharia Law and violence to achieve its goals. With the current state of Egypt, minorities, such as Coptic Christians, are being persecuted for their beliefs.

By supporting the current rebel group in Syria, we are committing a similar blunder. The Syrian rebels’ most respected and well-trained soldiers could be part of al-Qaida.

When the war ends, they will undoubtedly receive positions of power and respect. We essentially will create another Iran if we continue the current method of intervention.

Rather than supporting the rebels, we should look for a third moderate party and support it. The Kurds and Christians have been the most peaceful and moderate groups in Syria.

We should think about supporting them rather than al-Qaida or its affiliates.

Jacob Karlin

Shawnee Pirated attraction

I read with interest your Sept. 8 story, “Dive reveals sunken treasure,” about the wreck of the treasure-laden pirate ship, Whydah. I’m disappointed you didn’t add a sidebar or paragraph to say that the “Real Pirates” exhibit currently at Union Station features artifacts and treasure from that very ship.

It’s a fascinating look at the history of piracy and includes some of the treasure found earlier. (Editor’s note: The “Real Pirates” exhibit opened in June and runs through Jan. 5 at Union Station.)

Marcy Nelson

Blue Springs Support the Royals

Shame on us if we can’t fill up Kauffman Stadium next week. How long has it been since we have had a reason to be interested in the Kansas City Royals, other than how good a draft pick we might get?

Build it and they will come. Well, they have built it.

Let’s show up and let them know how much we appreciate it.

Go Royals!

Butch Kueser

Parkville Ending violence

We don’t care, who your mama may be.

We don’t care, if your baby daddy flee.

We don’t care, about your cannabis habit.

We just want to stop the madness.

Stop the madness, put away the gun,

Cease fire and end this run.

Stop the madness, stop killing our sons.

Stop the madness, put away the guns.

Bang, bang another life cut short.

Why must it end, with a bullet to the heart?

With a gun in his hand, he is twice the man.

When will it end, after you killed your friend?

Please stop the madness, listen to what we say,

Put away guns and live another day.

Stop the madness, put away the guns,

Stop the madness, and stop killing our sons.

Lecil Andrews

Kansas City Covering Kansas

Lately, as a reader of The Kansas City Star from Wichita, I have been very impressed that you have given Wichita State athletics a lot more attention than in years past.

It seemed like in years past almost all sports writers were giving their attention to the University of Missouri-Columbia, the University of Kansas-Lawrence and Kansas State University in Manhattan.

That may be rightfully so because Wichita State University, another Division I school, is so far away from Kansas City.

Like many readers from Wichita, I enjoy reading about all Division I schools, especially Wichita State.

Many of us don’t think Wichita State takes a back seat to the other Division I schools in Kansas and Missouri.

We down south think our brand of athletics is exciting to watch, and we hope our fellow Kansans in the northeast become bandwagon fans at some point.

Thanks again for the great sports articles written throughout this year.

Vincent Garcia

Wichita Fair Tax push

You can replace a starter, but you cannot restart an entire industry when your government subsidizes foreign imports. The income tax can be blamed for Detroit’s failure because it gives foreign imports a price advantage over U.S. manufacturers.

American workers and producers must pay payroll taxes, corporate taxes and capital gains taxes. Additionally, U.S. producers selling in foreign markets pay a value-added tax.

Those expenses are hidden in the price of every U.S.-produced automobile. Foreign competitors pay no U.S. income or payroll tax and no foreign value-added tax, thus providing them with a tax-free trade zone at U.S. retailers.

This lack of border-adjusted tax code has a price tag of billions of dollars in exports annually, according to a study done by Jerry Hausman of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Detroit is a casualty of a tax code that is forcing industry, jobs and investment money out of this country at a catastrophic rate. Pass Fair Tax HR 25, which ends the Internal Revenue Service, taxes imports and exempts all taxes from exported domestically produced goods.

Beverly Martin

Fulton, Mo. Angels at hospital

I would like the chance to thank all the people who work at Children’s Mercy Hospital for the extra mile they go for our children. You don’t realize until your kids are there long term how wonderful the people at Children’s Mercy are.

From crafts to bingo to actors visiting, they keep our children engaged. It’s so important when they are so isolated.

Thank you from a grateful grandmother.

Vickie Strack

Pleasant Valley Starlight cheers

On a Saturday evening last month, we attended a concert at Starlight Theatre. The evening was beautiful, and the music was terrific.

What made the evening even more enjoyable was Starlight’s personnel. Everyone was friendly, helpful and courteous, from the parking attendants to the people taking tickets to the concession-stand employees to the bathroom attendants.

The Starlight staff members made an enjoyable evening even more enjoyable.

Joan Flamm

Lee’s Summit

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