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08/18/2013 5:00 PM

08/16/2013 10:57 PM

Embrace Obamacare

It is time to get over the hatred of Obamacare and start to implement the program.

I, too, distrust the program because it came from the Heritage Foundation and was used by then-Gov. Mitt Romney in Massachusetts.

After 40 failed votes in the Republican-led House of Representatives to overturn the law, it’s time to understand it’s here to stay.

Thomas Galbreath

Independence Keep KCI as is

Why would anyone want to change Kansas City International Airport, the most perfect airport in America?

It is easy to get to, easy to find flights, food and restrooms and easy to board and depart.

The only winners would be the construction companies and the politicians. The losers would be all of the people who use this airport and the taxpayers.

Wake up. Don’t let them destroy one thing that Kansas City has going for it — a good airport.

Bob and Jean Anderson

Warrensburg, Mo. Common sense lives

This is in response to Sam Wright’s Aug. 14 letter to the editor.

I applaud you for your well-written and thought-provoking letter.

I agree wholeheartedly with your assessment of traditional marriage. I wanted to stand up and applaud or at least give it a “like” as I do on Facebook.

I have copied it and put it as my status on Facebook with credit to you.

I sometimes feel there is no common sense in America any longer, and I appreciate those who stand up and proclaim truth.

Thank you for expressing yourself so eloquently. I am so thankful we still have the freedom to speak out and pray it will ever be so in America.

Barbara Sterling

Blue Springs Anti-bullying in KC

Congratulations to the Kansas City Council for taking a strong stand against bullying (8-8, Editorial, “A necessary new tool to use against bullies in KC”).

Too many lives have been lost or altered because of bullying, and that effect extends beyond the family or classroom all the way to the community and our culture.

With the anonymity of the Internet, bullying has increased in frequency and intensity while the value of empathy and compassion seems to have been cheapened.

School administrators are always in search of curricula that address this issue, and we at Heartland Men’s Chorus have delivered an engaging and timely anti-bullying concert to more than 1,400 elementary students over the past 18 months.

This move by the City Council finally calls for responsibility and consequences.

We at the chorus applaud this new ordinance.

Joseph P. Nadeau

Artistic Director

Heartland Men’s Chorus

Kansas City Hydraulic fracturing

The U.S. Department of Energy reports that the water used in hydraulic fracturing in western Pennsylvania remains locked away 8,000 feet below the surface and has not polluted the drinking water drawn from shallower sources. This is hailed as good news, and in some ways, of course, it is.

Is it a problem, however, that the fracking process consumes huge amounts of water and locks it away forever?

Will we miss it?

Should we be happy because it will mitigate the sea-level rise now under way as a consequence of global warming?

Is it somehow a non-issue and I am unreasonably anxious?

Gordon Risk

Kansas City Clown and Obama

The clown’s “obvious and offensive racial overtones” by caricature mask of our president seemed to me to be a political statement (8-13, A1, “Nothing humorous about clown rodeo skit”). It may not be appropriate at a rodeo event, but it came across to me as a free-speech comment rather than a racial one.

Beauty (or racism) is in the eye of the beholder.

I make fun of our president because of his ignorant actions and statements, not because he is black.

Gary Levin

Overland Park Satellite radio oldies

People mourning the passing of oldies music should know that those of us real oldies are left even more in a music void.

It was not until I bought a 2009 car that I found my music could be a part of my driving pleasure. Of course, it is not free. But it is worth the cost to have satellite radio.

I don’t think there is anything on the airwaves that cannot be heard with that service. It is also available for your home radio. Check it out.

Marlene Dinkmeyer

Gladstone Voter ID laws

Why is it that the voter-identification laws are supported by the conservatives yet condemned by liberals? There are only a few possibilities here:

• The liberals are winning elections by fraud. Fraud is so rampant and undetectable that elections are being stolen everywhere.

• The conservatives know that more people who would vote for Democrats would be adversely affected by the ID requirements, thus giving them a better chance to win.

Since there are few documented instances of voter fraud, and even those are divided between conservative and liberal instigators, I have to believe that elections are mostly free of fraud.

Logic also tells me that people hiding from the authorities would not register and vote.

I also refuse to believe that a patriotic conservative would feel that depriving another American the right to vote is justified.

I am left with only one conclusion.

The conservatives feel so strongly that their way is the right way that they think the only way they could lose at the ballot box is if the other side is cheating.

Their denial of reality and incongruence of their place in society are much more appealing than the idea of them wanting to win at all costs.

Don Porter

Overland Park Student loan sham

The Democrats in both houses voted to take over from banks the student-loan programs in 2007, thus taking any market competition out of the formula for shopping for the best loan deals.

Then they doubled interest rates into the future so at a later date they could run in and rescue the students from the increases they voted for.

When the government allows students to borrow more money and increases the tax deduction, every university increases tuition, so it is impossible for a student (or parents) to get ahead of this sham.

The bigger issue is: Why does tuition keep going up?

Universities are rolling in cash; where is the money going? You can now take just about all courses online.

Yet the courses cost the same as if you are in a classroom.

The universities should be investigated for collusion. They have been defrauding students and parents for years.

This is no different than selling someone a flood-damaged car and saying it’ll run for years to come.

Kenneth Langley

Kansas City Little guy overlooked

Republicans want to privatize everything from firefighters, to police officers, postal workers, public schools, prisons, Social Security and health care.

When you privatize something, it becomes a profitable corporation.

Corporations beget highly paid CEOs. Imagine a Wall Street magnate profiting from your Social Security investments.

A police company would surely protect the elite.

Give those at the bottom all the guns they desire, and that segment of society would be dictated by vigilantism.

I am surprised they have not proposed legislation to privatize the judicial system. Think of the power they would embark upon if that were to happen.

UPS and FedEx are big lobbyists clamoring to take over the postal system. Gone would be the days of mailing a letter for 44 cents.

Education? Only the wealthy will be able to afford the best schools.

Prisons? The higher the incarceration rate, the more profitable it is for private prisons.

Minimum-wage laws? Repeal this, for they are too costly for companies. They want to return to a sweatshop-type work environment.

By the way, is there any recent legislation the Republicans have proposed that would benefit the less fortunate of our society or the middle class?

Barbara Nolan


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