Horse slaughter, Brownback, TV teases

08/05/2013 5:21 PM

08/05/2013 5:22 PM

Slaughter of horses

I am never surprised by the greed, selfishness and couldn’t-care-less attitude of humans.

I am truly against the killing of beautiful horses as proposed for a plant in Gallatin.

What’s next? Our beloved dogs and cats? It would not surprise me at all.

People can be despicable.

Susanne Carpenter

Kansas City Brownback must go

We should consider the nature of what Gov. Sam Brownback and his government lackeys have brought to Kansas.

They flagrantly defy the Constitution while romancing corporations at taxpayers’ expense.

They neglect education and the arts while robbing the poor to aid the rich.

I am a lifelong Kansan, and I don’t want to watch our state regress into a medieval circus without speaking out against it.

Good government and democracy have been ill-served. I will vote against anyone in Kansas government who does not actively oppose Gov. Brownback and his team.

I never liked Mr. Brownback as a senator, and I like him less as a governor. His road map for Kansas is best described as “my way or the highway.”

Damn the Constitution, full speed ahead.

Armand Way

Topeka Teasing TV news

Newscasters and weather reporters spend more time telling us what they are going to tell us than just telling us.

And if a topic is “so important for us to know about,” why is it not reported at the time and not delayed — sometimes even a day or two?

Bruce A. Martin

Leawood Efficiency lacking

It was sad but not surprising to see how Kansas City consistently has abused taxpayer trust by having projects go over budget and well past schedule. Is it any wonder that no bistate initiative is ever likely to pass again?

Yet, Johnson County is not immune to financial mismanagement.

When one uses an online bill-paying system, one can always use the due date when timing the payment. Well, almost always. Johnson County Wastewater uses an inefficient bank. If your bill-paying system correctly delivers payment on the due date, Johnson County Wastewater hits you with a late fee because of its incompetently managed accounts-receivable department.

Invariably, when you call up after receiving a past-due notice (amazing how the computer can do that but not process a check on time), the workers there forgive the charge noting that, yes, they did receive it on time but they reserve the right to use a bad bank and not post your payment correctly.

Imagine all the time and money wasted on this exercise. These folks deserve a pay raise like Kansas City deserves bistate funding.

Thomas Stroud

Overland Park Inspirational quotes

I love to read newspapers. I think that they are very interesting.

But I have struck up a great idea for readers of The Kansas City Star. It’s called inspirational quote of the week.

Now, how I thought of this was knowing our economy is not so great. People are down and depressed about jobs, family and where they are economy-wise.

But when they pick up that newspaper and see that inspirational quote, 99 out of 100 people will be in a better mood afterward. The inspirational quote will put a smile on their faces.

That’s my goal. I want people to be happy even though life can be rough sometimes. All I want is to see people happy again.

Jack Mckean

Overland Park Manhole covers

Why are manhole covers positioned exactly where your tires go? I run over at least 20 of them every day on my commute both ways.

I have experienced this all over the Kansas City area. Why not position them in the middle of the lane so drivers can straddle them? Is there a reason why they are where they are?

Kevin Orr

Overland Park Scary gun data

The National Rifle Association and gun-rights advocates use imagined fear to promote gun ownership, saying that someone will invade the United States or our government will take our guns.

However, the testimony of William V. Begg III, M.D., at hearings on the Newtown, Conn., shootings underscore real fear:

• Homes with guns have a threefold higher risk of homicide.

• Women are five times as likely to die of gun violence from their partner if there is a gun in the home.

• People possessing a gun are more than four times more likely to be shot in an assault than those who do not.

• You are 28 times more likely to suffer an unintentional gun death if you own a gun.

• Suicides in homes with guns are 30 times more likely to be from a firearm than any other method.

After a mass shooting, Australia banned assault weapons and reduced gun deaths by more than 50 percent. Even though there has been a proliferation of guns and gun violence in the U.S., why do the NRA and Republicans tell us that the only solution to gun violence is more guns?

Just follow the money trail.

Donald Moore

Olathe Dog photo

As an avid cyclist, I object to your publishing a photo of a lady on her bike, with one dog in a basket and two others on a leash (8-2, A4, “Three happy hounds”).

It is a picture of a bad accident in the making.

First, the woman has no helmet. And her dogs could take out after another bike, or a car, or another dog. Or one could run in front of, or even between, the wheels of the bike.

Finally, there is no way her attention can fail to be distracted as she tries to hang onto the leashes.

A cute photo, but you should never have published it.

Dennis Maack

Overland Park Guns, birthday gifts

Guns are like any other tool.

If you learn what they are and how and when to use them, they will serve you well.

My dad gave me my first shotgun for my 10th birthday and the second for my 12th birthday. He did this for my little brother, also.

We have not shot anyone yet. So far, none of our guns has killed as many people as Ted Kennedy’s car.

Ray Wilson

Lenexa Control Congress

We have too many ostentatious Congress members taking advantage of their constituents.

Many are in office for selfish interests and not for the good of the majority, which they promised under the Constitution.

The congressional salary of $174,000 a year is more than enough for the members to provide for their families’ medical expenses so that we, the taxpayers, don’t have to pay for them.

Congressional pay raises should not be controlled by the members of Congress but should be voted on by the people, or we should receive free medical care just like members of Congress.

Congress also should not be bought off by lobbyists of big, greedy corporations lining members’ pockets.

Terrance R. Hawbaker

Atchison, Kan. Student loan advice

If federal student-loan money is a substantial part of university income, criteria toward cost-effective goals could be established for universities to meet before being accepted as facilities where student loans could be used.

This might curtail university presidents and coaches being paid as if they were CEOs in business.

Universities should be accountable for the cost of degrees spiraling out of reach for many students.

Students who hope to complete their education without massive debt should research and select both a major and the college providing the most affordable means to obtain this degree so no credits are lost because of transfer or change in major.

Students should use loan money only for tuition, books and fees, not for living expenses, for which a part-time job could provide money. Being frugal during your college years can translate to lower debt at graduation.

Finally, students should make sure the degrees they select have a good potential to provide jobs upon graduation with incomes high enough to comfortably pay off student loans over the next 20 years.

Georganne Edwards

Marshall, Mo.


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