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August 4, 2013

Obamacare, D.C. dysfunction, animal cruelty

I have a suggestion for members of the Senate and the House: If Obamacare is so wonderful and is the health panacea for all citizens, I suggest that all members of Congress forgo their current health care plan and switch to Obamacare.
Endorse Obamacare

I have a suggestion for members of the Senate and the House: If Obamacare is so wonderful and is the health panacea for all citizens, I suggest that all members of Congress forgo their current health care plan and switch to Obamacare.

This would give Rep. Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid the opportunity to be true leaders.

After all, both have had plenty of time to read the Affordable Care Act since it became law.

Bill Wood

Overland Park D.C. dysfunction

Something is critically wrong in America when it seems the majority of the people are silent rather than outraged over the corruption within this government.

Consider the lies, cover-ups, deceit, lawlessness and every “I don’t know the answer to that” coming out of department heads when questioned on all these scandals plaguing this regime.

Congress, you do have a vote. Can you impeach for Fast and Furious, Benghazi, the Internal Revenue Service overreach, the snooping on The Associated Press or the National Security Agency’s actions?

Where is the rule of law or honoring the oath Congress took?

Congress, you did take an oath, right? It was an oath to protect and serve America and her people rather than another country, right?

Something feels truly evil in what was once known as the United States of America, the land of the free, home of the brave. The only brave I see are our military men and women serving or who have served, our local law enforcement and our firefighters.

Brave most definitely does not exist in Washington, D.C.

Sharon Stathopoulos

Raymore Missouri cruelty

Thanks, Missouri, for managing to make Kansas look comparatively enlightened when it comes to animal-cruelty laws (7-31, A6, “No charges after cat is drowned”).

Apparently, in Missouri killing your own pet for whatever reason and by whatever method strikes your fancy (as long as the intent is solely to kill the animal) is just fine and dandy.

Stunningly, Missouri Cruelty to Animals Statutes, section 578.007, line 6 allows for “the killing of an animal by the owner thereof ...” without any reference to “humane methods” whatsoever.

So, you want to drown your cat in Missouri? No problem. The law’s got your back.

Hey, they’re just animals, so who cares? Apparently not Missouri.

Lew Breeding

Overland Park Real KCI woes

I cannot believe that we are being fed this hogwash about Kansas City International Airport’s multiple-terminal approach being outdated so we need to spend $1.2 billion to replace it with a single terminal.

Does anyone who travels frequently not know that there are many other airports such as those in Dallas-Fort Worth, Denver and New York that also have multiple-terminal airports.

Has anybody thought of asking them how they have solved their security problems since 9/11? Most of us have known for years what the real problem is at KCI, and that is we need a tram or some other type of people mover to help connecting-flight travelers switch terminals and not miss their flights.

It is a well-known fact that since 1973, travel agents have discounted connecting flights at KCI because of traveler “uncertainty” about making connections.

I would hazard to guess that we could build a single security-access building for each of our three terminals (for drop-offs and pickups), plus build a tram system to connect the terminals (and remote parking and car-rental lots), for much less than $1.2 billion.

Let’s solve the real problem at KCI.

Barry Sanders

Grain Valley God bless America

To anyone who doesn’t want to live in this country anymore, I am living on my Social Security, and, yes, it is sometimes difficult to make ends meet.

However, I will never live under another country’s flag.

Your money is yours to spend as you wish. I cannot in good conscience just walk away from my country. The United States, warts and all, is still the most desirable place to live on the planet.

Our servicemen and women fight for our freedom 24/7, and I refuse to turn my back on their efforts. We plan to keep our money in America and support our economy.

Enjoy your retirement, and thank the good ol’ U.S.A. for giving you the opportunity to have Social Security.

Sharon Wilson

Kansas City Cut taxes on gas

If Gov. Sam Brownback and the Kansas conservatives believe that cutting taxes will increase tax revenues, then why not cut gasoline taxes?

According to the American Petroleum Institute, taxes per gallon are 43.4 cents in Kansas and 35.7 cents in Missouri.

We observe this daily in the price discrepancies between Missouri and Kansas.

The effort in Kansas to cut income taxes is simply to give more income to higher-income earners rather than to promote economic growth.

J. Michael Cronan

Overland Park No tax on guns

Some letter writers have suggested taxing firearms as vehicles are taxed.

Firearms do not require great amounts of fuel that leave a giant carbon footprint. They don’t drive the roads and highways, causing millions of dollars in repair bills.

We already have too many laws on the books for guns. They are not enforced.

Last, you can hunt deer, boar and any other big game with a so-called assault-style rifle. An AR-15 is the same rifle as a Remington .223-caliber with a shiny wood stock. They fire the same bullet; they are just a different frame.

Please know something about the subject matter before you share your opinion.

Jack Bonanno

Pleasant Valley Military fix

There is a lot of talk nowadays about sexual problems in the military and what ought to be done about it. There is one way to solve them.

Go back to an all-male military. That will do it.

Having women in the military was done because of political correctness, and PC is anything but rational.

PC was invented to strip America of its power. I am sorry to be saying it, but I am simply expressing the truth.

Victor Sutch

Parkville Beware political pros

If you hear a politician say, “This is what the American people want,” this is a clue that you are listening to a professional politician.

Stop listening. This is true for local, state and federal candidates. Professional politicians need to be replaced, and we can do it when we vote.

The GOP is not offering us a modern product. Positive results never happen, and deals are never cut.

The GOP needs to get out of the mode of condemning people to death by driving nonsense issues into the ground. Connect with us with hope instead of false fears.

Members of Congress must stop cherry-picking data to justify their rhetoric. The biggest problems still are unemployment, stagnant wages, slow growth and widening inequality, not deficits.

We must stand behind candidates who will address what the nation needs and wants, and who don’t just serve the rich, corporate America and themselves to the exclusion of the poor, senior citizens and our children.

Vote for candidates who will return our government to the people and not sign pledges but support the vision of free public education and a democratic society.

Jerry Brown

Overland Park Obama politicking

So, President Barack Obama continues to travel the country campaigning for the 2014 elections at taxpayer expense. Meanwhile, millions are still unemployed and living on food stamps.

He allows celebrities and millionaires, some of whom he expressed bitterness toward during the campaign last year, to visit the White House while barring regular citizens from tours because of the sequester.

Is this what Obama voters wanted when they gave him another term? Hope they’re happy with their choice.

John Thomas

Overland Park

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