Death of infant, living wage, Congress

08/02/2013 11:24 PM

08/02/2013 11:24 PM

Death of infant

Since September 2010, there has been a concerted effort throughout the metro area to educate and inform citizens about the Safe Haven for Newborns law in Kansas and Missouri.

This law allows a parent to legally relinquish a newborn at a safe location if the parent is unable or unwilling to care for the infant.

As I read the front-page article about the baby found in a trash truck (7-30, A1, “Infant’s body found in trash”), I realized how much more work we still have to do to educate citizens about our Safe Haven laws.

It’s hard to imagine a more heart-wrenching decision than that of a mother deciding to give up a new baby. But, it’s also hard to imagine a more tragic situation than a mother who harms or unsafely abandons her new baby because she is overwhelmed by the situation or feels unable to care for it.

Hopefully, the tragic death of the newborn found in a trash truck will be an opportunity for other parents of newborns who find themselves in crisis situations to realize that there is a safe and legal alternative to abandonment.

David V. Francis

Mission Hills Protecting, serving

Why are we talking about gun control and not criminal control? For too long, lawyers and groups like the American Civil Liberties Union have convoluted our justice system so now it is apparent that crimes involving a direct victim are no longer easily punishable by anything at all.

When it comes down to thieves and prior and persistent felony offenders, what do you see? Suspended impositions of sentencing in lieu of jail, four- or five-year sentences with parole available in a few months and reduction upon reduction in prison time sought by some sleazy attorney.

Any burglary can turn into a murder when the homeowner happens to be home. Look at the two double murders around the Lake of the Ozarks. Both instances were essentially thieves looking for pills. These people were killed with knives and basically tortured, and the offenders are facing second-degree murder in both cases, all because of their intent.

Bring back public hangings, torture those who torture and prey on citizens.

If all that seems to matter in our courts is money that ultimately goes to the state, I ask our police officers to ask themselves: Just who are you protecting and serving?

Nathan Rinne

Stover, Mo. Living wage

I read the article “Rallies demand a living wage” (7-30, A1) and listened to U.S. Rep. Emanuel Cleaver calling for a $15-per-hour wage in the fast-food industry.

I wondered: What was the dollar-per-hour wage he paid his employees at the car wash?

Warren L. Martin

Kansas City Conservative credo

Eight years of Dick Cheney playing Buffalo Bob to George W. Bush’s Howdy Doody was maddening, but the constant cacophony of carping and caterwauling by conservatives is almost as bad. Plague, famine, pestilence, the heartbreak of psoriasis — all President Barack Obama’s fault.

Rabid conservatives tune into Fox News for their nightly adrenaline rush of furious outrage at Obama’s latest alleged crimes and misdemeanors. Flash a picture of the president, and lips begin to curl as conservatives around the country emit a low growl that builds into a crescendo of fury at the president for negotiating to sell the entire nation to the United Nations for $24 worth of beads and trinkets.

In 1983, 241 U.S. Marines were killed in their barracks by suicide bombers. Not one conservative blamed President Ronald Reagan even though (like Benghazi) it was a colossal intelligence and security failure.

Between 1985 and 1986, Reagan authorized the sale of anti-tank missiles to our mortal enemy, Iran. Did conservatives march on the White House demanding impeachment?

Anger, belligerence, outrage — conservatives can’t get enough. They need us liberals the way babies need mother’s milk. Here’s a freebie to get you conservatives through the day: Hillary Clinton in 2016.

Jeffrey Bushman

Kansas City Revamp Congress

Various Congress people keep saying they will “work across the aisle” for some legislation to be agreed upon. That just doesn’t happen.

The problem is this aisle is a really a line drawn in the sand not to be crossed. A simple solution would be to get rid of the aisle.

Since these people work for the people who put them in office (the voters), the voters should take over. They act like children, treat them like children.

When we were in school, we generally were assigned seats — usually alphabetically. Tell representatives that is how they will be seated from now on.

Next would be mandatory training — Constitution, emphasis on the legislative branch and duties. They will be tested before they get sworn in; 90 percent or better or they will repeat the course.

Only No. 2 pencils are allowed at test time, and escorts required for bathroom breaks.

As messed up as our Congress is, the Canadians like their system even less, and they are considering getting rid of their senators. Hmmmmm.

Carol L. Neill

Overland Park ‘Redefining’ marriage

I’m a bit confused by those who object to “redefining” marriage. When blacks were allowed to sit at the same diner counter as whites, did that “redefine” lunch?

R. Elaine Hines

Kansas City, Kan. Protecting babies

Texas is ready to restrict abortions after 20 weeks, and there is an uproar by the vocal pro-abortion supporters.

By using weeks in determining when a baby can be aborted, it doesn’t sound so drastic in the life of the baby. So let’s use five months as the time limit.

Can anyone say there is no baby in a mother’s womb after developing the baby for more than half the normal gestation period?

Sounds more real for everyone when we speak in terms that can be better put into perspective.

The fact that there are late-term limitations on abortions demonstrates people do realize there is a living baby in the womb and it deserves a chance to live.

Gene Zwolinski

Leawood Losing in Kansas

As a native, I’ve always been proud that Kansas was an antislavery state. But today, I wonder.

Consider politicians such as Reps. Mike Pompeo and Tim Huelskamp, who voted against the federal farm bill because it doesn’t cut enough billions from children’s food-stamp programs or multiple others who still think that women must be forced to follow the reproductive practices espoused by their extremist religious beliefs.

Then there’s Gov. Sam Brownback, who chose to deny thousands of lower-income Kansans Obamacare benefits they are paying for through federal, not state, taxes. Others include Secretary of State Kris Kobach, who would put up false barriers to minority voting, gay rights and in-state tuition or citizenship for the children of immigrants.

I can’t help but wonder: What would the thousands of heroes who gave their lives in the Civil War say if they could see what their descendants have become? Then again, perhaps it’s better that they can’t.

They gave their all; let them rest. It’s our fight now, and we’re losing it.

Sam Hargis

Topeka Roeland Park strength

Sorry, but Roeland Park does not want to marry Mission or any of our neighbors. The leaves in my front yard blow across the street onto my Westwood neighbors’ yards or two blocks south onto those in Fairway.

In 2003, the city of Countryside was absorbed by Mission and ceased to exist except for historic signs maintained by its residents (fewer than 300).

Roeland Park does have a tax base and will take a jolt when Wal-Mart slinks away to Mission. The store itself will not be missed as it is a magnet for problems, and you can usually find a Roeland Park police car there because of some sort of legal problem.

Westwood lost a huge part of its tax base when Sprint moved its headquarters to Overland Park. But it has survived and is doing fine.

Roeland Park will sputter for a little while but will stand strong again.

Jane Markwell

Roeland Park


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