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08/02/2013 5:18 PM

08/02/2013 6:19 PM

Special needs at KCI

In reading objections to the proposed new design of a single terminal, has no one remembered that many passengers would have great difficulty managing to walk the distance between gates? Such passengers as a mother with one or more small children, strollers, diaper bags and “Teddy.”

Others are elderly tourists such as the letter writer who thought the walk through Stansted Airport in London was the first leg of a jaunt in the Lake District. There are disabled passengers in wheelchairs, on crutches or using other devices.

The airport could spend the extra money it saved by not building a new terminal to buy passenger carts and the latest in wheelchairs. Hire drivers and more wheelchair attendants.

There’s an idea for you.

Nancy Cramer

Raymore Dream airport

As a business traveler with close to a million miles in the air, I think the new terminal at Detroit’s airport is the best. It is a straight-line design with a monorail that will take you from one end of the mile-long terminal to the other.

The current design proposed for Kansas City International Airport would require a lot of walking for passengers carrying luggage.

Ted Durie

Leawood Baby in trash

The baby was delivered prematurely, is that correct? (7-31, A4, “Baby in trash was premature, police say”)

What are the chances the mother was not getting proper prenatal health care? Why would that happen if there are sufficient low-cost clinics with information available for birth control or care and emotional support during pregnancy?

There is a message here, and we must listen and learn from this tragic event. Places such as Planned Parenthood provide much more than abortions and need the support of the public to prevent innocent lives from being treated like garbage.

Martha Baker

Overland Park Emmett Till, Trayvon

Emmett Till and now Trayvon Martin. What gothic bookends we baby boomers have to our lives.

Two deaths of young boys, and no justice to be had. There is a difference in these two tragedies. Trayvon did not whistle at a white woman. He just bought treats and wore a hoodie in the white man’s neighborhood.

Some difference 60 years make.

Bill Hankins

Platte City Kansas tuition jump

The so-called spending cut the Kansas Legislature passed for higher education is outrageous. Outrageous that it wasn’t much higher.

What was our esteemed university system’s response to this dramatic cut? How about even higher increases in tuition.

Evidently, math and budgeting are not offered as course curriculum at these universities. Considering tuition costs have increased more than the inflation rate over the last 12 years, how can more increases be justified?

But with professors getting salaries of more than $100,000 to have someone else teach their few classes and the presidents of KU and KSU receiving hefty raises, I can see their justification.

The message the regents just sent to students, “Let them eat cake.”

Rob Morris

Olathe Fast-food workers

This concerns “Rallies demand a living wage” (7-30, A1) about fast-food workers demanding more money.

I don’t eat fast food, so I don’t have a dog in this fight. But I had to ask myself, “I wonder how many times these people were told, ‘Don’t quit school or you will spend the rest of your life flipping burgers.’”

John Martin

Kansas City College options

The double-digit unemployment rate for recent bachelor’s degree recipients is certainly disconcerting to the high school graduates heading to college this fall. In fact, recent news stories suggest that faced with this jobless rate, young people may believe the traditional four-year degree is not worth the investment in time or money.

This simply is not true. A college education is essential to achieve career success. But a four-year degree is not the only option.

There are college alternatives for those who seek a faster path to a career. For instance, career-oriented diplomas and degree programs focus on curricula that train students for high-demand professions, such as health care, paralegal, IT or skilled trades.

These career colleges conduct short-term intensive training programs that accelerate the education process, allowing students to earn degrees or certification in a condensed time frame. Most offer scheduling on weekends, early mornings and evenings for students who hold jobs.

There is a college for everyone. High school graduates should explore their options.

Alan Clay


Everest College

Kansas City Clean out Congress

Studies have shown that, while the vast majority of Americans are fed up with Congress, the majority return the same people to Congress because they believe the problem is the legislators from other states, not theirs.

Well, folks, Kansas and Missouri legislators are the “other bad guys” in the remaining states. The truth is the only way to clean house in Washington, D.C., is for the voters to dump every senator and representative from their state.

The national message needs to be, “You perform for our interests and make sure your fellow legislators do the same, or you are gone.”

Larry Wilson

Overland Park Eavesdrop this

Let’s stop all the bellyaching over the National Security Agency’s eavesdropping program. The government and a lot of politicians have told us we need NSA eavesdropping to protect us from harm.

I agree. Can someone please send a request to the government to turn over the eavesdropping tapes from the big banks that conspired to wreck our economy through economic terrorism known as derivatives?

Also, can someone ask for the drone surveillance tapes from the BP oil spill? I would like to see exactly how many were on duty that night.

Come on, Washington. If you are going to eavesdrop, include the tapes from the large list of U.S. citizens who hid money in Swiss accounts and were basically given amnesty from criminal prosecution.

Or maybe our astute officials should realize that having the technology to eavesdrop on American citizens is not what makes us a great country. Having the restraint to not eavesdrop on our citizens makes us a great America.

Mark Lovelace

Kansas City Party photo bias

Has anyone else noticed that only young women appear in the Party Pics that the paper publishes online? More often than not, they’re wearing sexy clothing and come-hither-me expressions.

Surely, Kansas City men party, too. And, hopefully, more importantly, our Kansas City women do more than party.

Tina Aspegren

Kansas City Beyond sound bites

Most people don’t mention that none of the nonprofits investigated by the Internal Revenue Service was turned down, not even one.

I have an issue with calling these nonprofits, whether they are liberal or conservative, and you should, too.

They are mostly political, not social service, and it costs taxpayers to allow them to not pay taxes.

We need to look beyond the sound bites.

Diana Basler

Lee’s Summit Revival of kindness

We wish to thank you, the kind and caring people who stopped to help me when my heart stopped recently. Thanks to you I am alive, and I have a device to shock my heart and restart it if that should ever happen again.

Too often, the media dwell only on the sensational, violent and vulgar events of our area and beyond. It is people like you who spread the good news that there are kind and generous people who take the time to care for others.

My family and I are so very grateful and thankful for each one of you. May the blessings of God be with you and your families.

Diana and Doug Myler

Blue Springs


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